LEO | Reconciliation Situation | Love Tarot Reading | June 2019

hello leo welcome – hello Tarot today we are going to be doing a spread that is going to look into your reconciliation situation this is a general reading for Leo some moon rising and/or Venus this may or may not resonate please use your best judgment when determining if this is your message because my readings do become very specific okay also remember that the vowels can easily be reversed for looking at energies of two different people okay you may book a personal reading with me if you want the late to my website is down below in addition to the link for the extended reading if you're interested it's two dollars and fifty cents okay I'm using the radiant wise spirit to deck okay we may be interrupted I am expecting a package alright hopefully we are not interrupted but it could happen so I apologize in advance Leo messages for me oh please Mike Leo summarizing and/or Venus messages for Leo [Applause] that's just for Leo in regards to their reconciliation situation please all right yeah okay Leo first card represents where things currently stand and/or events leading up to this point and we have the ace of Pentacles okay where you currently stand in how you feel the O page of Pentacles how this person feels and where they currently stand for of Pentacles the challenge to this situation is the four of swords what you want leo 3 of Wands what this person wants is the magician the potential outcome 4 of Wands advise at the bottom of the deck is the Hierophant interesting three four cards guys three four cards okay all right sorry guys so hmm let me clarify this magician real quick all right king of Pentacles okay that's good much better all right lots of Pentacles energy coming through here also lots of energy surrounding stability okay with these four cards stability being the name of the game here all right this person I got a similar energy kind of sort of with cancer although as opposed to cancer this person is more engaged okay so I don't think that you're broken up here you're disagreeing on how to on how to invest something on how to create something together you're disagreeing on you know perhaps it's even commitment marriage that you're disagreeing on like should we get buried now or later do we even want to get married how much is it going to cause $20,000 holy shit like you know and I mean it could be a conversation surrounding making like getting married and how much that how much that shit costs okay it can be you know there's there's an opportunity here hanging in the balance right and it's an opportunity that I think both of you want and I think both of you will eventually get there okay with the four of Wands here as the outcome I do feel as though you are going to come together you are going to come together you are going to reconcile okay it's very possible however this person in particular I don't know they want things their way they're a bit bossy okay they're a bit bossy a bit headstrong a bit stuck in their ways very very very stuck in their ways and it's likely that this person has been very good at creating a life for themselves whereby they have been able to stay stuck in their ways and yet still become successful okay it's like they don't really feel the need to change and I don't think change is the question here but the two of you are disagreeing on something and this person isn't going to budge or at least not in the near future okay but I feel like it that's that's the problem here this person is not budging this person is being a pain in the ass they're being uncooperative while you are it seems open to talking about this you're open to ideas you're very curious and and open-minded it seems about you know what to do with this thing that we're talking about here right this ace of Pentacles whatever that represents to you leo okay you you are focused on it you're curious you want to nurture it you want to you want to see where this is gonna go you know you genuinely want that with this person and it seems like you want to be very careful at the same time you don't seem to be in a rush the page of Pentacles is SuperDuper slow energy so I see you easily being a very patient person but it's likely that you do have some ideas of what you want for this relationship you know and I think you want to share the those ideas with this person you may have already and they may have been like no that's not gonna work nope we're gonna do things this way we're gonna you know and it's not fair to be honest with you I don't think this person is being fair right now all right there could be some tension here between you and this person because the challenge of the four swords which is basically peace of mind recovery relaxation right that's the challenge so right now things are tense all right and I don't think you're the tense one I think this person is the one that's tense they're that they're the ones that are creating this tension because they're so damn stubborn okay so yeah they do have the four of Pentacles this person could be an earth sign a Virgo in particular but not necessarily okay so yeah they had the four of Pentacles they are the master of their own domain you know they like I said they are very stubborn they have created a life for themselves that they don't want to necessarily share with just anyone you know they could be stingy they could be bossy they could be very close-minded that's also coming through here closed-minded and unwilling to Bend you know unwilling to consider the other side of the story consider alternatives you know the four pedicles can also represent somebody who's unwilling to open up because this Pentacles right in front of his heart rate and it's like can represent this person shielding shielding their emotions their heart and perhaps making up for it with money this person could be very successful okay very successful very stuck in their ways four of swords Oh presents the challenge here so this is telling me that basically calling a truce you know a truce you know being able to put whatever this disagreement is to bed you know being able to this is Jupiter and Libra energy right which is interesting if you think about Jupiter in Libra without looking at the imagery of this card right and it's like libras who are typically very indecisive Jupiter expands on that indecisiveness and I think it allows Jupiter to feel more comfortable making decisions and perhaps making decisions that are outside of the box okay and that is the challenge here and in addition to it implying this element of tension and whether or not this is something that you can put to rest okay but there's an element here with Jupiter in Libra of being flexible of stepping outside of the box of making unconventional decisions okay which is most likely very very very foreign to this person this person seems to be very rigid very conservative okay three of Wands is what you want in here we have someone who is making long-term investments and awaiting the results right this is Sun in Aries energy you want to go to distance you want to go to distance with this person you see incredible opportunities or potential for the two of you to really build something together because this is a three cards you may want you may want to have children you may want to literally create a baby okay or if you already have a child or children you may want to you know basically have a harmonious and productive relationship with everyone included you know everyone in this relationship doing what's what what they should be doing in a way but it's also driven by passion and long-term vision okay long-term vision and while this is Sun in Aries energy which is typically in my opinion pretty impatient Sun in Aries I do feel like you are if you are especially patient so this energy is more about long-term making long-term decisions so marriage family this could in this could involve a business venture which came up for cancer you know investing in something together perhaps a home this can represent travel so you may want to actually create something or build a home somewhere completely different than where you are right now and this person being very very very very resistant that because where they are is where they want to be you know and where they are where they have been is most likely where they've been all their life okay you want to expand your horizons right where as this person is like no thank you I really I'm fine where I'm where I'm at this person has the magician clarified by the king of Pentacles so this person does want to continue to succeed this person wants to I think they want to give you what you want but they also want to maintain their level of authority if you know what I mean so I kind of feel as though this person is thinking of ways in which to make you happy while also getting what they want okay I think this person is is as brainstorming ideas on how to make this work with you okay but the main idea for him is to you know there's a catch or it's if there's something about this decision or this whatever this ace of Pentacles there's something about it that they are not going to budge on because they think that they're right and most likely they are you know they see themselves succeeding and they I do feel as though they want to be with you and they want to commit with to you but they may have trouble figuring out how to make you happy while also getting what they want and so that's why the magician is card is coming up I think I think this person wants to in a way magically make you happy while while they you know remain stuck in their ways right this person has big plans to big big big big big plans they're just not aligning with what you want and I think that eventually eventually with the four ones here as the potential outcome you will be able to sort this shit out and it's going to be pretty fucking awesome too because here we have you know setting down roots and celebrating celebrating a life that's beginning with someone you know can be celebrating an accomplishment what comes through really strong here is like homeownership buying a home marriage even as well like getting married very much so with the Hierophant here you know finally you know tying the knot after arguing and disagreeing about how and when and where it should happen okay if it should even happen right that's very much a possibility both of you wanting to commit to one another that's not the problem the problem is the minutia or the details surrounding I feel like the actual wedding the wedding planning is probably very expensive and stressful and annoying and can easily cause a rift between a couple right so that comes to mind but what also comes to mind is buying a home and disagreeing on where how much money you know but you will you will figure it out you will come together and you will both be happy together and I think this person as much as they want to stay stuck in the mud they are going to figure out that they have to open up their mind a little bit they have to be more flexible and I think that you will be very receptive to them being flexible and in response you will reinforce what it is that they want you know and therefore both of you will be happy you know because it's clear that you want something different that this person doesn't want so it's you're gonna figure it out somehow and I think it comes what comes first is this person showing some flexibility and you being like yes thank goodness alright well guess what let's and then you know let's stay here or you know whatever whatever this person is is very very stubborn about you you giving them what they want knowing that they are willing to be flexible for you okay that's beautiful and the Hierophant is your advice right which is asking you to take this seriously to you know honor the commitment that the two of you have made for one another you know this could be reinforcing the idea of you wanting to get married this could be telling you yes maybe you should get married you know this isn't a bad idea but as advice it's also asking you to maintain a certain level of integrity between you and this person you know keep it keep it adults keep it respectful what's going on keep it fair doing what's best for the collective right that's the Hierophant it was like you know taking one for the team in a way that's not what's gonna happen but in its the Hierophant has that energy of doing what's best right for everyone involved and both of you I think are going to come to that conclusion together and therefore reach this point of the four of Wands and it's going to be lovely so congratulations leo okay so yeah I'm gonna leave it there and I'm gonna start clarifying in the extended reading so if this is where we depart thank you so very very much leo for coming to visit and if you do purchase the extended reading then I'll see you over there okay bye guys

4 thoughts on “LEO | Reconciliation Situation | Love Tarot Reading | June 2019

  • Exactly!! Yes!! I’m a Leo he’s a Scorpio & it frustrates the hell out of me bc he is so stuck on stupid! So I decided to walk away I’m done trying to break myself for someone who doesn’t want to work w me so I’m left w no choice. Too bad for him bc he’s gna wake up when it’s too late.

  • Lol energies definitely shifted here tonight in this reading I'm the DF cancer with Taurus moon he's the DM Leo this is everything I want that he says he wants too but doesn't express it ,

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