Leonard Ravenhill on the prosperity gospel.

we have never seen the agonizing death of a man on a cross immediately a man was nailed to the cross he lost all his rights and if you ever get nailed to the cross you lose all yours too Paul says don't trouble me I'm branded I've ever marks of a Slade I'm a bun slave of Jesus Christ I've no will of my own of no rights of my own but an old hymn established on that very theme let my hands perform his bidding let my feet run in his ways let my eyes see Jesus only let my lips speak for his praise all for Jesus all my being ransom powers all my thoughts and words and doings all my days and all my hours this man is no professional preacher preaching his other profession is a passion and a breach with passion preach it all there's no breath of professionalism anywhere in the Ministry of carven thank god there's no breath of commercialism either paul has no fear she not in pain I would to God some of you fellers were doing you know what he once did he said I found the knees of the Father and because he bowed the knee to the Father he never bowed the knee to anybody else now the demons are politician or kings he stood there Rico I dare in my body the marks of the Lord Jesus in a miracle alone right now we have I dare to say this but before God I believe we have hundreds of millions of gospel cassettes and we've millions of gospel books and we've hundreds of Bible schools and we've hundreds over the years we have hundreds of seminars and we have people memorizing the scriptures I'm you about 5,000 radio stations who every day give some part of a scripture and yet with all this stuff to feed on dear God where are we with all this stuff to feed on 95% of us of spiritual cripples spiritual infants spiritual babes children full of self-pity self-interest self seeking self concern me first and some people love God because he gives we've got this wretched prosperity Stern falls very clearly doesn't doesn't he say how I write in 2 Timothy that you'll come a day when people think that gain is godliness some of God's charge these things don't have a most sure to change Peter said in his day there are some will make merchandise of you that could be more true than the day in which we are living somebody said to a friend of mine recently you might be doing some dueling for Guardi said listen let me give you a word of advice don't build anything that will embarrass you in a few years that's a very good point I see God's money going in stately buildings and swimming pools and tennis courts and I want to vomit with a world starving with a mission field needing money Paul never glamorize the gospel into bringing boiling gospel it's a bloody gospel it's a sacrificial gospel I believe the Cardinal ethic of Christianity of sacrifice not subsets sacrifice the most precious thing we ever handle is the human soul there is only one way to heaven there are million ways to hell what you do to go to health nothing just do nothing that's all you're not the thumb your nose at God you don't have to blaspheme the name of Jesus you don't have to be adulterer just coast on to the greatest thing in the world is not a dose integrative single-walled it I can manage my life without God that's the greatest thing there is only one way to heaven there are million ways to hell just coast on for the greatest thing in the world another dose in the greatest in the world I can manage my life without God that's the greatest thing you say sometimes I wonder God doesn't burden me you know why because he can't trust you that's why you're not strong enough to carry the burden none of you here this money you don't need more life if this lonely make it worse for you at the judgment what you needed more obedience some of you known for years what you should do and you have hold back you remember some of those awesome words jesus said to the disciples I've many things to tell you but you cannot bear them I say Reverend the Almighty God don't say that to me the gentleman see let me stand before John Wesley and finding all the great Saints from the ages they raised me like many things to tell you you're so preoccupied with this app really I couldn't get through to you and if I could you out mature enough to handle a diamond is inside eternity I believe everyone of us will a wish that we'd sacrifice more pray more love more spending more green more rent more ninety-five percent of Christians in the nation are weak don't can't trust the lineage and he can trust them with burden you can't trust chili with jewels you can't trust them with something that needs regulator to Tim in you can't trust it with a blender you break down five minutes inside eternity I believe every one of us will have wish that we'd sacrifice more pray more love more sweaty more green more MORE

15 thoughts on “Leonard Ravenhill on the prosperity gospel.

  • Nobody knows god nobody,and it’s impossible to impress him , and when you see him you will be paralyzed with fear unless you have a glorified body and a glorified mind. God be with us all …

  • It truly hurts me deep to see and know the dis-ease
    Of the western culture church, God help us that see, to rise up from our withdrawing, to be that broken, in anguish, hungry,
    Surrendered, people of light, not fearing man but God, that your will be done..
    Is there not any in your sight that you can see, that you may use to stop this fallacy, and evil that runs rampant in the church, before she bleeds out, or have we waited to long, and you have let them have the evil that they want?
    My hope is in knowing your heart Lord let us be the tool that you use to glorify the kingdom…
    In Jesus MIGHTY Name…
    Amen 🙏

  • so heavy. wish we loved Yeshua in the church. wish the church was all the Messiah has called her to be.

  • forgive me and use me though I am a spiritual cripple and a spiritual babe. read Hebrews 11 especially the end of the chapter in regards to the prosperity preachers

  • The church has been Blessed with curses and Cursed with blessings. Because we have not been good stewart's of the Blessings of the Lord. We want more stuff. Went to s church to get someone to give gas for my car so I can go see about my husband who had open heart surgery this is what they said we don't know you. You don't go to our Sunday school! You might be some Joe blow off the street. I said yes I am. You better be thankful I know Jesus. Because I won't darken the doors of your church. What's wrong with us. Jesus bend the church break they hearts oh God. Bend us oh God!!!!

  • Wow, eye opening and so true, how God can't use 95% of Christians in America because we are spiritual infants and refuse to sacrifice more for the gospel message! Let's use this powerful message for the better to better serve Christ!

  • It's a passion. Amen!
    They spend $7, 000.00 or more just for a church sign while others need help.
    Market Place?
    You be the judge.
    We know them by the fruit they bear.

  • Amen Brother!….We glory in our sufferings for the Cross of Christ and in the blessed hope of the Gospel that saves to the UTTTERMOST!

  • I sit here shamed and humiliated….for i know there is no burden of God's i could possibly carry myself…..i barely manage my own life & do so little to sacrifice for others well being.

  • Anguish! These words, washed with blood, hot coals, searing my heart!

    I'm so sorry my Lord for all the years of neglecting the cross and crowns you would have for me to possess.

    Tear my heart in two Father
    Crush me to bring forth a fragrance for the Almighty.

    No wound, no scar?

    How can it be?
    For pierced are the feet that follow Me.
    But thine are whole
    Could he have followed far who has no wound nor scar?
    Amy Carmichael

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