LES PAUL vs STRATOCASTER – Which Guitar is Right for You?

hey guys welcome back to the channel I hope you guys are having a fantastic day today we’re going to finally get around to doing a proper comparison between two the best guitars ever built the Stratocaster versus the Les Paul’s let’s get started [Music] so today’s comparison is going to be geared towards the person who has just sort of maybe doing some research and trying to decide which guitar would fit best with them so we’re going to go through some of the features they’re very different instruments they have different pickups so they sound very different they have different features that will go through and yeah they feel very different to play on so in addition to the American made instruments which we’re going to compare we’re also going to throw in a squier stratocaster and an Epiphone Les Paul – simply because I know not everybody can afford an american-made instrument I mean when I was learning in high school I can only dream about having an american-made Les Paul or Stratocaster my first guitar my dad traded some random dude for old tires for this youth guitar it was unbranded the strings were like this high off the paperboard just a total piece of crap but it ignited in me a passion for music and so you know I can appreciate all these lower end instruments and some of them are you know really well made and now the Stratocaster was designed by Leo fender in 1954 and has been produced continuously every year since then so there are so many straps out there guys like Jimi Hendrix Stevie Ray Vaughan Dave Gilmour Eric Clapton but guy so many guys I you know you can’t lift them all so many people play the strat so if you’re into sort of like low gain blues classic rock kind of stuff this could be a perfect fit for you it’s a really pragmatic design so it’s very simple it’s a bolt on neck all most of them are older body is really easy to shape easy on machinery you know originally it’s done by hand made it really easy to produce it’s got a tram where the Les Paul doesn’t so you can change the pitch with your whammy bar so if you are the kind of player that likes to use that scraps the way to go and in terms of feel it’s extremely well balanced it feels great to play on yeah light and really ergonomic now the Gibson Les Paul was designed in 1952 by Ted McCarty originally it had p90 pickups and the Goldtop in 1957 they introduced humbucking pickups which we know and love today which is why on lots of traditionals they come with 57 classic pickups it’s kind of a throwback or nod to when the Les Paul first goddess humbuckers now the construction of Les Paul is very different than Stratocaster so it’s got fixed tail piece here and a two pneumatic bridge yes so no changing the pitch by a whammy bar on a Les Paul it’s got humbucking pickups which of course you love they’re very quiet so you can use this guitar with much higher gain than than a traditional Stratocaster it’s got a glutton neck here so not as easy to just swap out your neck if you are having problems so it needs to be treated with with care and attention for sure you’ll tell me cut on the back it weighs more no shaved portion of the upper body for your strumming hand so not quite as a ergonomic as a strat but yeah if you love bands like Joe Bonamassa of course Led Zeppelin Guns & Roses and a ton of other players this guitar can cover jazz it can cover blues it can cover a high gain metal really versatile instrument so let’s take a listen to these guitars in action we’re going to do a few riffs for you guys and then we’re going to do some soloing enjoy [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] Oh [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] to the man yeah [Music] yeah [Music] [Music] [Music] me haha [Music] you [Music] so I hope hearing these guitars played back-to-back is helpful for you guys I know when you’re picking a new instrument it can be a stressful and you want to get the one that’s right for you so hopefully looking at the features and hearing this guitars will help you guys in your decision so if you guys enjoyed videos like this you can subscribe to the channel by clicking right here I’ve got a tab door with like lesson plans and worksheets for guitarists you can find right here and if you feel like watching a few more videos here’s a couple we’ll see you guys next week take care [Music]

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