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if you're among the wealthiest point zero two percent of Americans you can afford to contribute millions each election cycle two candidates and super PACs to ensure that every bit of legislation in this country benefits you but if you're like me and the other ninety-nine point nine eight percent of Americans your vote has near zero effect on what our government actually does that's why we need to fix this corrupt system first I want to run for president with a single purpose to pass the law that would give us our democracy back and after that I would step down because only if this were my only purpose would my election tell Congress it must listen to us we Democrats can be very proud of the candidates in this race any one of them would make a great president but only if they actually had a government that worked I'm running as a Democrat because I am a Democrat my vice president will be a Democrat as well one who will be chosen by my supporters and the party so a vote for me is not a vote against Bernie or Hillary or anyone else a vote for me is a vote for a government that works again so that the next great Democratic president has a government that she can actually lead if you believe as I do that we must fix this democracy first because it cannot wait any longer that I'm asking you to go to Lessig 2016 us and pledge your support if we can meet our funding target then I will have a shot at being in the debates and if I'm in those debates no one will miss how central this issue is and when we give America a clear way to fix this corruption they will rally to fix this democracy first

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  • Please embrace this petition. I have a plan and a petition. https://www.change.org/p/elizabeth-warren-barack-obama-michelle-obama-bernie-sanders-hillary-clinton-richard-blumenthal-the-election-process-reform-initiative-in-one-election-cycle Please look at it. GOOD LUCK my friend we need you now.

  • Lessig needs to support Bernie Sanders on this. Then we can get this done. We can not support TWO candidate for President at the same time. I've supported Lessig for a long time on all of the organizations he has started, but now it seem his ego is telling him that he is the only one that is going to get this done. Not True! Lessig, you've over thought this one now! Your Complicating this to an unrealistic challenge! KEEP IT SIMPLE! SUPPORT BERNIE SANDERS AND BE A TOP CAMPAIGN ADVISOR ON THIS ISSUE, AND WE WILL GET THIS DONE AND BERNIE ELECTED!

  • "has a government that she can actually lead"

    As a conservative fed up with the Republican party, I was actually interested in this guy… clearly he's not (or doesn't seem like the normal politician). However he completely lost me when he said "she can actually lead"… is he implying that Hillary Clinton should be the President after him? Because if so, then I guess I don't like Lessig very much afterall.

  • sorry but this guy is deranged. I mean it, he is nuts. I don't mean sorta, I mean he is nuts.

    First, run on a SINGLE issue? What about wars coming up? No big deal to this idiot, he is about money in politics

    Yes, lets get money out of politics. But Bernie is already pushing that. Did this clown not hear?

    And — he should run for some other office — Congress maybe, state rep. He is really stupid, I mean this, STUPID or wacky to do this. Don;t go for fools or stupid people. I don't give a ship if he is some kind of professor, he is stupid.

  • I'm pro Bernie but this guy is pretty convincing. I hope he runs. He could definatly whip the party into life and take hillary down another peg

  • "..that SHE can actually lead.." Freudian slip? I think Lessig wants Warren as his VP (Eventual P). I still got to go with Bernie. Bernie all the way!

  • Professor I support and agree with you and I really want you to run but me and a friend that I've known for years and currently attends Harvard discuss politics and we've both came to the conclusion you weren't serious for Harvard being a great school why didn't you reach out to the marketing majors to market your campaign. I've watched the donations rise and I've told many people about you. But still it's a shame that there's about 300k to go maybe you set the bar too high for the little effort you put in… Plus no offense to majority of Americans however it's sad this is true but most Americans are brain dead sheeps especially my generation the millennials and it really sucks that most of them vote against their interest. But this thing I dissagree with you professor is that it's pretty hiprocrital of us to target the rich had we been Rich we would be doing what they're currently doing giving the masses too much power breeds laziness because they're going to try and milk money out of the rich through tax laws I just know it. There should be a fixed tax rate for everyone. Also the 2 party system should be changed because what ever side wins usually the opposition is poorly supported ex if democrats win 50.01% and republicans lose 49.99% that 49.99% won't have proper representation for 4 years!

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