Let's Play Beyond Earth: RISING TIDE! North Sea Alliance: Part 1 [Pre-Release]

hey you folks quit looking here and welcome to a let's play of rising tide the expansion the sid meier's civilization beyond Earth this is a very early pre-release build a lot of things are not done yet you're gonna see some weird graphical issues and typos and missing text and that sort of thing and a lot of the features aren't necessarily complete either but it's still gonna give us a great opportunity to take a look at at some of the gameplay that you can expect out of rising tide and in particular right away you can see that the one most important critical feature of the game the new aquatic cities is obviously going to be highlighted I'm gonna be playing as the North Sea Alliance which is a new sponsor in the game that has well by the time you're watching this video has just been announced but when I was playing this game it actually hadn't been announced yet I'm playing this 2k games invited me to go to their offices in California and give the game a try there and so there was a lot of new things here that I hadn't seen before because they hadn't been announced yet which was really exciting so this is gonna be a combination of talking about some of those new features in sort of a abstract way and also me narrating some of the stuff that happens on the screen the commentary here is being done after the gameplay itself I wasn't able to record on site because I was spending a lot of time actually just chit-chatting with developers as I played so right away the new tech web here you can see there's a lot more color than they used to be finally they are properly differentiating in a really exciting way between buildings and wonders and just sort of innate bonuses and that sort of thing not only is it in color for the different text or the different sort of stuff but there's a more obvious shape between them and one of the things to note here you may notice there are no affinity symbols on any of the technologies affinities is of course your primary way of progressing through the game and the way that you develop them normally was that on leaf nodes and only on leaf nodes would you be able to see like an icon for say purity and then if you picked up that leaf node that would give you a bunch of purity affinity progression now instead that the tech symbol the symbol for texts have little circles around them and they have colored bars like if you look at computing they just lost the screen but computing had yellow and red to show that it gave you both purity and supremacy and you also know that computing was a branch node and a a lot of the affinity stuff has been moved to basically be everywhere on the tree which gives you a lot more flexibility in progressing through the tech web which i think is the entire point of the tech web I always complain sort of that and just normal beyond earth other than maybe a few key technologies here and there you were more or less forced to just search for all the leaf nodes that had the affinity that you wanted and sort of beeline right for those but now we have a lot more flexibility in how we can go through the tech web as well as we're just going to sort of incidentally pick up a lot more affinities other than our primary one which ties into the fact that now there's a bunch of support for hybrid affinities both in terms of what sort of innate bonuses you might unlock for yourself but also hybrid units that have special bonuses in combat that that that you may not get otherwise which is kind of nice and I like that so now you can you can mostly focus on progressing to the text that you're actually interested in in a tech web but also you know but being weighted a little bit by your finicky choices but not not being sort of dominated by that so that's the first big change that I was really excited at with and I think that's really gonna add a lot to the game and really improve things quite a bit but yes let's talk about this whole water nonsense so in rising tide we will be able to build cities in the in the ocean and if you start at the North Sea Alliance which again I'm recording this before the official announcement so I don't have all the background or but as I understand it it is an alliance between the countries that make up say like Scandinavia and the UK for example and if you start as them then your first city will actually start in the water everyone else has the option of building cities in the water you know later on in the game but they will start on land where as you start in the water right away which is interesting there are a couple of very significant mechanical differences in how you play aquatic cities as well as a couple not hard coded things but because of certain side effects of being in the water it will affect your play the first big mechanical difference with an aquatic city is that your boarders do not grow on their own no matter how much culture your aquatic cities produce you will never ever ever claimed a tile simply via culture for free which is pretty substantially different than then your gameplay on land now you can still spend energy to purchase tiles certainly but the biggest way that you will gain tiles for your aquatic cities is by actually moving the city these are not fixed locations they're sort of like just big giant boats basically and you can move an aquatic City after it has been built when you'll see when I go into the production screen at some point for my city it's actually the very top of the production list it will be moved city and it requires a certain amount of production to complete that move the cost scales based on how many buildings you have built in your city so it becomes more expensive but at the same time that probably means your city is bigger and probably has more production so it's sort of balances out that way as the North Sea Alliance your your particular trait is that your city's cost quite a bit less to move I think it's about half the price to move that and here actually let's interrupt that and talk about the fact that I've just discovered my very first artifact by popping that Guti Hut by popping that resource pod over there it's artifacts are a new feature in the game they're not like a massively game-changing feature but they add a little bit of interesting background as well as a couple more interesting decisions that you have to make so you find these artifacts they come in three different categories there's the like Old Earth artifacts you can see here the alien ones and the progenitor ones and any time you want you can break down the artifacts to get some sort of bonus and I think if I drag this one over I believe what it will do is it will give me some science points let's just watch there you can see here I'll get the 18.75 science currently if I were to complete that which is about five turns worth of science which is quite a bit but if I wait until I have three more Old Earth artifacts and I break them down together then I will get a special and unique bonus from having done that and what I like about this is I think there's gonna be a lot of debate as to whether you should break down artifacts instantly and get their bonuses early as possible because as we know in these games it's a snowball game the earlier you get you know you get an extra tech or the earlier you get a production bonus so you can finish a building faster that will snowball into a massive advantage later on in the game or do not burn them off right away and instead you just hold on to them until you can get the extra special bonus from getting a Treo in this case I elect to hold on to them because I want to see what the extra special bonuses for example but I like that that's an extra little thing and artifacts other than that they sort of mostly just stand on their own this is they're pretty easy to explain and yeah that's it so let's talk about our aquatic cities again so as I said you don't get your borders for free you can buy tiles or you can move them and it takes X number of turns to do that when you move your city you move it one tile over you can't move on to land and at the beginning of the game you also can't move into deep ocean you can only stay on like the sort of a moderate sort of coasts depth of stuff you can't unlock a technology later on that allows you to move into the ocean when you complete your move what happens your city moves over and you gain the tiles adjacent to the city the new tile so basically every time you move you will gain effectively three new tiles whatever tiles you had before are still part of your Empire so let's say you just did nothing but move in like a straight line well then your border your your kingdom your country would just be this like big straight line of tiles behind you so it is an interesting way to gain new tiles but it's also interesting in that it's gonna affect how you decide to place your aquatic cities because your land cities you place them based on well if I put him here eventually my borders will go out to up to three tiles away and I can work stuff that's three tiles away but now with this you're like well I'll put it here so I get this bonus now and I will be planning then I'm gonna move in this direction so I can get those tiles later on and what some of the developers were telling me is one of their favorite strategies was to continuously move their main city leaving a trail of territory behind and then pop there they're colonists they're their settler units into those existing tiles back there which would have already been improved through new cities right away start with like really good tiles which is kind of interesting I have no idea how the gameplay for this is gonna work out in the future oh here you can see me working towards the first move one thing to note any tile you move your city into it destroys anything that was on that tile so you can see here they say it says the coral will be removed so you probably don't usually want to move into a tile that has something in it I mean I probably will destroy some improvements from time to time if I happen to have built a farm where I'm gonna go I think in this game play again because I'm trying to play this relatively quickly so I can try to finish this session in the afternoon that we we had allocated to us I think I automate the workers right from the beginning just try to minimize how much time have to spend micromanaging them here so I think at some point I do end up moving the cities on top of aquatic farms and destroy them and apparently you can even do this to destroy enemy units the timing doesn't really make it particularly feasible but if there is an enemy unit where you move the city on – I think it will just destroy it which is kind of fun yeah okay I think that pretty much covers moving moving cities so really interesting because again you know obviously beyond Earth is obviously this sort of spiritual successor to Alpha Centauri right that's what they were trying to do and in office centauri you did have aquatic cities but you didn't have the ability to move them so this is a feature i did not see coming when they first started to talk about all this and i'm very interested to see exactly where it goes I use the movement a little bit in this game like once or twice and then like per city and then mostly after that I think I concentrate on buying tiles and at this point actually we should talk about the the non sort of mechanical differences between coastal cities and aquatic cities right so a mechanical difference was that the borders don't grow via culture but a non-mechanical one is the side effect that sea tiles don't really have a lot of food most of them just give you one food for example so you're gonna have it's gonna be a lot harder to grow your ocean cities to be very large on the other hand more of the ocean tiles give you a lot more energy as well as culture both you can see like the ocean tiles themselves give you one food in one and you can see it on the screen here but the and where's the coastal ones give you what one food and one production but a lot of these resources that are here give you extra culture give you extra energy a little bit of extra science which means you're gonna get slightly different advantages with your aquatic cities and versus your land ones so you might be able to progress down the culture tree a lot faster for example to make up for the fact that you don't have quite as much just a raw food there's also some really really good buildings that you can only build in aquatic cities like you know like +1 production for all of your water tiles for example that is a massive massive production boost that is gonna be really nice so you can see I'm working on my second city here I'm not escorting my my settler because I do have fairly good vision over the area I'd have to worry about that the sea dragon but I don't think he's gonna come there you didn't see here I'm gonna plop it in a place where it's actually gonna get a fair amount of food the algae and the Xena mask is the Xena mask does give you bonus food even if it's not improved right yeah yeah it does so we should get some pretty healthy food production oh you can see on the screen right now one of the graphical issues I was talking about even though I have explored was that a progenitor rune I don't remember what it was or an abandoned settlement even though I have explored it already the icon is staying on the map and it's really if I if I tooltip over that area it'll still tell me there's some ruins there to be explored or something of that nature actually it says expedition site so some of the things are not being cleaned up right now because they had to they've they're having to redo a lot of the map code because I mean in regular beyond Earth not only does the ocean look completely different and I think we can all agree the ocean in a rising tide looks beautiful really really nice effects there for the the shelf between like the sort of coasts in the deep ocean looks really good so not only do they have to redo that but their code didn't like you didn't have the ability to have stuff on oceans couldn't have cities you can honestly see that weird what's called like the brain coral just the west of the city I just settled on my previous screen here the way I'm recording it's a bit small is it like el amor or something like that so just to the west of that there's a weird purple dome thing we're gonna be talking about that later on it's part of the the new Marvel system that is pretty cool oh here you can see a different type of beast here I can't remember where this this thing is called just the north and my little ship there but those are sort of alien plants they do not move they do not attack you but they actually grow and they expand so if they're left unchecked you will have your certain sea areas just littered with this stuff and you're gonna have to go and beat it up later with some ships just to try to clear it out but it is interesting to see new types of enemies there's also there's a couple of new types of sea critters I think there's some new land critters as well in addition to that depending on what biome you're in the aliens will behave in slightly different fashions one of the biomes for example the aliens yet angry faster but they also get friendlier faster like any any relationship boost that happens to them is just multiplied to be more intense another biome apparently will spawn fewer aliens but they'll be much more powerful that sort of thing so you get a little bit more variation in your gameplay which i think is important for beyond Earth I think it needed a little bit more shaking up here I'm finally loading up the the diplomacy screen we do have to talk about political capital very soon or diplomatic capital relatively soon I will say this there one of my favorite new features in this game is the personality traits and unfortunately I don't take advantage of them early on in this game which is actually a mistake I mean one it would have made like four more interesting video and two it's actually something you want to prioritize really really early on here you can see on the fact that there are hybrid affinities available here if you have a mix of both harmony impurity or impurity and supremacy or supremacy and harmony you get like some extra little bonuses in there let's try to talk about what's on the screen here before I go back to some of the others here you can see like one screen to manage your current relationship status so you start off as sanctioned which is sort of neutral then you can go up to cooperative or allied or you can go down to war you can see here to go up to cooperative or allied status you need a certain amount of respect or fear which is a new rating over here depending on the things you do and the traits you choose you might build up more respect or you might build up more fear or you might lose some of those points with your different opponents and and that's really I really like that I like that they're shaking up diplomacy that they didn't just sort of clone the sieve 5-1 because the thing is like this if five diplomacy model has never been particularly rich but it served its purpose very well and when they just sort of used the similar sort of diplomacy model in beyond Earth but they removed like researcher agreements for example I think that really made it so that diplomacy was a lot less interesting just by not having research agreements and but now there's a lot more now we've got a system that's much better and much more interesting than the diplomacy model in Civ 5 which is really really nice to see so we have here there's a possibility of agreements that you can do and this would be interesting like national land management would give me plus to production from every strategic resource tile that I work that is a massive massive bonus holy crap that is pretty significant and if we sign that agreement that I only get that she the PA see that bonus it would be a one-sided that way but it would cost me 150 diplomatic capital to sign the agreement and I think it was gonna cost me something like 15 diplomatic capital per turn to maintain at the top of the screen you can see the diplomatic capital is that blue sort of sphere at the top of the screen I currently have 45 and I'm making five per turn so obviously I cannot afford that there is a good number of buildings that give you extra political capital for example the old earth relics and the trade Depot both gave you some of that and one of the other things to do is marae's more political capital is to actually sort of sell agreements so by virtue of the fact that every single person in game starts with a trade that's your sponsor trade like for example as the North Sea lines my personal trait is the fact that it cost me I think half as much to move my cities and my aquatic cities have an extra production bonus for example well because of that the AI could come to me and I have an agreement I actually don't know what it is the developer said something like oh I think it's something like bonus movement on roads and mag rails or something but I don't think that's accurate because I think there's another agreement that does that but let's pretend that's what it is right it's Lee so right now if they came to me they could sign some sort of treaty agreement which made that they would get better Road movement whereas they would be paying me diplomatic capital every turn depending on the cost of that particular agreement so like if I wanted to sign that one agreement with the PA see I would be giving them 15 diplomatic capital every turn which is huge so there's so not only to have your building trades but you can get three additional traits you can get a political a military and a domestic trade and you unlock those from a list they cost currently in the build I'm playing and at the speed I'm playing it would cost me 75 diplomatic capital to unlock one of those traits and these things are awesome like in the military one later on in the game I will take one that will give me a massive bonus to my combat strength outside of friendly territory because I go real aggressive nutso really good trait for that but the military ones don't all have to be fighty fighty like I think it's in the military area that you can get a trait that gives you more yield from trade routes to stations for example so you can really tune things some of the strongest ones are in the mastic tree there's one I think there that gives you like ten percent more science which is really good or another one that's ten percent more production which is massive so by unlocking that you get an innate bonus yourself which is great but it also unlocks an agreement that people can come to you and try to set up so you will sell them some sort of bonus in exchange for more political capital which will give you orb or diplomatic capital I don't remember which one they called it it just says like plus capital in the game here I think it's I think it's diplomatic capital so you can sell it to them you'll get more diplomatic capital which allow you to unlock more traits which allow you sell more so you get even more diplomatic power and not only can you just unlock the trade so once you've got them unlocked you can actually level them up to a bigger bonus so I think like the tech bonus starts at like plus 10% and you can level up to like plus 13 and then plus 15% something like that again the numbers will probably be completely different by the time the game is released but so and I don't do a very good job doing it here after when I finished this recording and I was uploading it because I was taking a very long time to upload from 2k to my personnal servers is I loaded up another game which has not been recorded and in there I started taking the traits right away and then selling them off and it was fantastic it was a really really good little engine because then you can pick and choose which traits you're going or which agreements you're gonna purchase from your opponents and you'll actually have enough political capital keep it up but there's so many different ones in this game at some point I ended picking up an agreement that makes workers free to build it just takes one turn you just spend one turn poof you've got a worker holy crap you can like rip out your army of workers and then cancel the agreement when you can't sleep greement it does upset people slightly but they get over it eventually there is another one I did with that uma actually you'll see later on which gives me plus 3 trade routes in my capital holy cow is that ever stupendously good but that'll come later when I should really would be focusing a little bit more of what's on the screen oh that's oh that thumb it was a hydra coral brain or whatever that I'm buzzing around in that will come in later for the marble system we're gonna be talking about that thing a little bit later on so just hold on again on my previous screen I can't quite read the text exactly perfectly clear there are plenty of new quests in this game in this expansion as well so again give you more variation more excitement as you play there will be the for extra sponsors at this point only two have been announced what when I was recording this and only one had been announced but I know what the second one is because that is what's it this is name what's the the North Sea Alliance Duncan Hughes that's his name is there a leader for the North Sea Alliance I don't have all of his background yet thing and that'll be released soon there's a new quest decision for the manager and at this point in the game is where I'm having to choose my affinity because the reward here is gonna lead us towards an affinity either harmony on bait vanishes or both supremacy and purity for deter managers and so reading the quest at this point I don't think it's on the screen much longer you probably want to pause if you want to be able to read all this text I suspect but in the area that I'm in there's actually a good amount of float stone just south of my capital but I think currently I'm gonna close the screen yeah and then look around here I think currently I already have access to a good amount of xeno mass and I don't tend to go harmony just because I don't tend to in my games my let's plays I haven't had much chance of like settling an area that happened to have a lot of Xena Mass it was like okay well I'll go I'll go army here yeah that's just algae but I do have the two and then here the eights you know mass so I'm gonna have lots of unit massing it to the south I think there's a stack of eight float stone but I may as well just go har me so I'm gonna focus on that plus the harmony units do look very cool sort of sleek and very organic looking I think that's pretty decent yeah you can see here the symbol for the trade depot has the symbol that you get the extra political capital there but we're gonna have to wrap up this this part right over here if you are new to the channel do make sure to subscribe so that you don't miss an episode of this let's play in the description box down below there should be a link to the playlist if I've set it up if you're just watching this today it goes up it might not be up there yet but if you're watching this a couple of days later there should be a link down there to the full playlist so you can see what all the episodes are oh that's right when you play I'm not supposed to be able to move a city into the ocean but it's sort of letting me pick that option and when you're playing pre-release copy of a game you gotta try to break it so I try to move the city in the ocean here and I think what it will do is spend two turns trying to produce that city move and then just like fail so that's what I get for trying to break a pre-release copy I know that I'm not supposed to be able to move into the ocean at this stage in the game but I tried anyway so yes that is it stay tuned the next video should have been up very very soon don't miss an episode do subscribe and of course the first episode of a series always appreciate any likes and comments and all those sorts of things and I will see you guys next time bye bye

45 thoughts on “Let's Play Beyond Earth: RISING TIDE! North Sea Alliance: Part 1 [Pre-Release]

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  • Brits/Scandinavians/Canadians and Arabs confirmed. The other two Civs need to be Germans/Central Europeans and Pirates or Aliens like Alpha Centauri.

  • To be fair the diplomacy in the original is incomplete or in an imbalanced state.

    Such as China asking me for energy when it has ten times the amount I do.

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  • @quill18 
    Due to the title being 'Let's Play' I came to this video expecting active gameplay, I have been sadly disappointed.

    Considering that you are commenting over recorded footage of your gameplay, rather than commenting while you are actually playing the game, I wouldn't call this a 'Let's Play' video, Quill. It's more of a 'Let's Look at' or an 'Early Glimpse of' video.

  • The Big thing that killed diplomacy in BE was the lack of Luxuries. As soon as I saw that diplomacy screen my eyes popped. I can't wait to play this. On a side note I hope that the North Sea Alliance isn't called the NSA in the final version. It should be obvious why.

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    Always thought it was lame to have an entire sea, but block it off by stupid mobs that you can't kill with Tier1 ships!

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