Let's Play Kaiserreich Hoi4 [PSA] – Episode 1 – For Democracy

20 thoughts on “Let's Play Kaiserreich Hoi4 [PSA] – Episode 1 – For Democracy

  • 26:56 Here’s some context on those 3 men:
    Oscar Westover was the Chief of the Air Corps and responsible for the expansion of the Air Force. However he died in 1938 in otl when his plane burst into flames upon landing in California.

    Henry H Arnold was the Chief of the Air Corps after Westover and Commanding General of the Army Air Force. He learned how to fly from the Wright brothers. He’s the only Air Force General to hold a five star rank and only officer to hold a five star rank in two different military services.

    Howard Hughes is the only one who’s not a military man. He’s a business magnate, pilot and movie director (which is the theme in the PSA to have celebrities and businessmen in charge). He is known for setting multiple air race records including a round-the-world-flight (3 days, 19 hours, 17 minutes). There are many other things Hughes has done but are irrelevant to the Air Force.

  • PLEASE make Howard Hughes president if you ever get a chance. Such a genius weirdo. Airplane magnet, film producer, became richest man in the world and then locked himself in a Las Vegas hotel for years.

    Fun fact: Howard Hughes is the inspiration for Mr. House in Fallout: New Vegas if you’ve ever played it.

  • Out of the three choices, I’d say Hiram Johnson. Merriam was very anti-worker and civil rights while Johnson was much more a man of the people and anti-war. Not perfect (very anti-immigrant) but the best choice of the three. Gellatly I couldn’t find any information.

  • Choose Hiram Johnson. The west coast should be the bastion of progressivism and reform, unlike the east coast Democrats and Republicans whose neglect of Americans caused radicals like Reed and Huey to rise in the first place!

  • PSA: We are the true protectors of democracy!

    USA: No, also you're under arrest for treason

    AUS: No. YOU'RE under arrest for treason

    CSA joins the server

  • Macarthur: in the name of the united states of america, you are under arrest

    Huey Long: i am the united states of america

    Macarthur: not yet you aren’t

    Huey Long: it’s treason then.

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