Liam and Steffy do something that makes Hope angry The Bold and the Beautiful Spoilers

the bold and the beautiful spoilers tease that Liam will host a special gathering with Stephie as Independence Day approaches Liam and Steffi may feel like everyone could use a good celebration there have been so many lasses over the last few months so it had been nice for the gang to just kick back and party you however Liam will surprise Stephie as the night winds down he'll cozy up to his former flame and kiss her passionately it won't be long until things escalate so steam will be back on in the bedroom Steffie may wonder where all of this is coming from but she'll definitely want it as well they'll make love but Liam will be a bit foggy on what happened the next morning you instead Liam will assume he simply got carried away with someone he still cares a great deal for he'll revel in the sex afterglow with stuffy but his heart will still be heavy it hasn't been that long since Liam split from hope Logan Annika Noel and there's still a lot of love between them Liam will feel like he betrayed hope in some way so he'll feel the need to go to her and confess you nevertheless Thomas may get his wish the see that she has to accept the situation and move on romantically just like Liam's doing the both and the beautiful spoilers say the excitement's about to rev up will give you updates as other B&B news comes in thanks for watching please subscribe and like you

18 thoughts on “Liam and Steffy do something that makes Hope angry The Bold and the Beautiful Spoilers

  • Steffy should realize that it's quite sudden, and say NO! Liam shouldn't have moved in with her. I'm sick of Thomas manipulating people to have his way with Hope!

  • This 2 women steffy has nothing to do except having sex with the same man. They can not find any other men around California. They are following the steps of their own parents. Swapping or exchanging partners. If one has enough with him give to steffy back and if steffy finished with him hope will take it back. How lucky is Liam. He must have a good sex drive. Hahaha.

  • Should have never moved in in the first place this crazy they make both women look so weak none of this would happen in real life

  • Yeah right steffy is accidently human trafficking while Thomas kills people and drugs people and causes divorce using his kid and hurting his own kids feelings to get the human trafficking to play out smoothly. As if. No chance. It's not hard to believe steffy Thomas Taylor planned it. It was all planned. This is their plan. This is going to plan. This evil human trafficking ring has not ended because the the plan isn't fulfilled by the evil instigators. Fake friends fake Forrester family

  • they can't kick back and party everything away turns to oh poor hopy dopy like always so sick of every day same lines all about hope sick of her cry baby part hope she ends up in a nut house till Beth is 18… sick of her

  • You cannot move on if your heart don't move on with it Liam is not moving on he still in love with hope he's going to be horrified that he slept with Steffy Point Blank.

  • This is not Thomas's first dance with using pills to manipulate a situation this same friend of his delivered pills per his request to give to Brooke and make ridge think he slept with her so ridge would return to Taylor if you really think about it he's not doing it to Liam he's hurting his own sister how's she going to feel when she learns her brother used her body in his sinister plot sick!!!!

  • Hope has no one to blame but herself and evil Thomas it's all her fault he waffles back to steffy his x unfaithful wife 💞 not wanting sweetie Liam 🌷 back with manipulation of steffy 💞

  • Hope should stick to what she said taking one day at a time also "NO" to Thomas, Come On Bring The Truth out also Thomas Need's to be in Medical hospital********

  • Thomas put that pill in Hope's drink and used beth's name to hope as a hypnotic suggestion.
    Thatway he can convince hope that its not safe for her to be around beth. That's what he wanted with those pills,they wasn't for Liam,they were to control hope's thought patterns.

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