liberDi – The Freedom to Live with Dialysis

liberDi — a game-changing system
for people who need dialysis. Two-point-five million people worldwide
require ongoing dialysis treatment costing health care systems
billions of dollars annually. Dialysis is most commonly performed
in hospitals or dialysis centers. Patients spend hours traveling to the center where they are hooked up to a
machine for up to five hours three times a week. Dialysis is time consuming and exhausting
and imposes a dramatic lifestyle change. liberDi introduces its
Portable Peritoneal Dialysis System, P.P.D.S. , an easy-to-use, at-home solution for improved
quality of life and reduced costs. The compact, lightweight system is
easy and quick to set up and use. The entire fluid exchange runs
automatically from set-up to finish disinfecting, draining, flushing, and filling. liberDi’s technology reduces
the risk of infection. Detailed treatment data,
stored in the Cloud, is available in real time to
health care professionals. The liberDi Portable Peritoneal Dialysis System offers greater freedom and flexibility
to perform dialysis anytime, anywhere. liberDi is changing the game for
people who need dialysis.

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