Liberian Truth & Reconciliation Commission Testimonies – Mr. Ali Sylla 2008

so when I changed my name to Ellis form oh it was an easy way out to kind of cope with some of the some of the target so I changed mine either Alex Ramon so at that really actually allowed me to kind of succeed him in my flight to Sara Leone so after bad we're walking the jungle went to a town called Beluga so boom Booga I think his tea is the low father ever between bombing and keep Moore County if I'm not mistaken so we crossed the river but those who are crossing the river where the rebels so pretty much we you can't really look at the rebels in our eyes you really can't look at them so we're tormented in every shape of form so after we cross the river we went to actually rabbit's foot was on this side so we try to come up to the main street because robbers spot is on the left side you know I will walk ahead of the group of my siblings and when I walk ahead I'll make sure there are no no rebel ahead of us then I will come back and then I walk alone my synonyms so every time I would do that you know every maybe like a mile or a mile and a half I would walked and then walk back and make sure for the element safety so I continued to do that at one point I kind of walk ahead and then when I came back my siblings were in there my siblings were in there thank you yeah when I walk back my siblings were in there so as I stay at the area but I slept in the jungle and so I slept at night because at 6 o clock you really can't walk because of the curfew in the area so I stay there and then the next day I kind of I was just confused I said well let me just go ahead because I really can't go back but you give you know you give another you already give a fake identity so you really can go back if you go back you're most likely to be charged with either somebody I crown spa there was a technology that the new we can't say yeah yeah absolutely and that same you know pretty much if you get called for that terminology you don't so I didn't go back so I just continuous I'll continue I went I went to see any that's another big time you know a tne I was there this guy came up it's a rebel guy that asked me for my name I mean this name is just it was just a made-up name you know so I was really not used to the name very well once I reached there I would kind of mentally prepare myself to give that name so at this area I think I was a little bit tired and confused and and stressed out from stress so I can't when he asked me for my name I kind of it was a delayed pattern between giving up money and the question so it took me a while so after I catch up then I said oh it's free month so by the time I said Alex for my people have gone to me he trial killed me because the first thing he said oh I'm I think me I don't know my name and so on and so forth but it was bunch of people that were there some Good Samaritan kind of you know talk him out of it or if he says his name is now his name is Matt Alex FEMA that's what he is he's not my dingo I think the thing that really made me to succeed there because of my you know because I could speak a little bit better so that was my advantage if I couldn't speak no English I was you know done so when he put a gun to me and everybody came to my plea so he little on the talking the talking pretty much talked him out of it so I went to both boys there's a big time between Kip moon and Sarah Lyon so I went to Beau they were doing some investigation and interrogation in the there's a Hoss will you go in there you most likely not to come out so I say I'm not gonna take that change I mean I just had those thoughts I'm not going to what I'm gonna do is I'm gonna sit here and wait for the group that come up and they didn't ask for single file the group that come out into a single file then I could probably try to sneak my way through there and then once you in a single file you really don't have to go back to the interrogation so I tried to do that the first time and then people were looking so I went back so I tried a second time people are looking I went back to the third time when I tried no one was looking so I joined a single father so that's how I cross the Sarah Lou

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  • This guy is a fake. He's not even a Liberian. The way he talks clearly indicates that he is faking. He doesn't even sound like a Liberian. Why is he doing it? He is looking for legitimacy to claim asylum.

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