Liberty Counsel Chairman Slams ‘Despicable’ Planned Parenthood’s Historic $45M Donation

As tensions rise in the midst of the 2020
presidential election season, Planned Parenthood this week launched the largest electoral campaign
in its history, with plans to spend $45 million on pro-choice candidates. It is no surprise that Planned Parenthood
is funding pro-abortion politicians, the vast majority of whom are Democrats. In a July 2019 interview with CBS News, Planned
Parenthood’s president and CEO, Alexis McGill Johnson, said that because of new laws restricting
abortion, the organization has been forced to become a health care provider and an advocacy
group. “We are primarily a health care provider,”
Johnson said. “We provide access to sexual and reproductive
health, in some cases primary care. We’re not political by nature but we’ve
been politicized, and that fight has actually been our focus — to ensure that our health
centers stay open.” But pro-life advocates take issue with Planned
Parenthood, which is funded in part by taxpayers, spending millions to elect pro-abortion candidates. Mat Staver, the founder and chairman of Liberty
Counsel, a nonprofit law firm that defends pro-life values, told The Western Journal
that Planned Parenthood receives about half a billion dollars in state and federal funds
each year. “They’re obviously using some of that
money, directly or indirectly, to engage in political intervention, and they’re supporting
the Democratic platform which is a very pro-abortion platform,” Staver said in an interview. “Their own resource and their own statements
clearly indicate that they’re all about getting money through blood, through the shedding
of innocent children’s blood, and they use that then to engage in politics.” Planned Parenthood “is a despicable organization,”
he said. The Western Journal asked Staver how he thought
Planned Parenthood’s campaign would impact voters going into the 2020 elections. “It’s not going to impact voters that
are informed, it’s going to no doubt impact their radical voters that can only view the
world through the lens of death,” he replied. Planned Parenthood plans to use the $45 million
to advocate for the pro-abortion platform at the local, state and national level, according
to the Washington Examiner. CBS News reported that Planned Parenthood
is planning on targeting nine battleground states that President Donald Trump won in
2016: Arizona, Colorado, Florida, Michigan, Minnesota, New Hampshire, North Carolina,
Pennsylvania and Wisconsin. The organization says it hopes to reach five
million voters through television and radio ads, canvassing and mail. “The stakes have never been higher,” Jenny
Lawson, executive director of Planned Parenthood Votes, told CBS, adding that the Trump administration
“has managed to undo so much over the last 3 years.” “The fact that this summer the Supreme Court
might gut Roe v. Wade is an indicator of their intention and they’ve never been so bold.” Lawson said Planned Parenthood is pleased
with each of the major 2020 Democratic presidential candidates. “The Democratic candidates collectively
have the boldest reproductive rights policies we’ve ever seen,” she said. “Every major candidate in the 2020 elections,
except for Donald Trump, has spoken out against dangerous abortion bans and many of them have
actually introduced real plans to protect the reproductive rights in this country.” While Planned Parenthood is attempting to
persuade people to vote for pro-choice candidates, pro-life advocates are preparing for the 2020
elections as well. The Susan B. Anthony List, a pro-life group,
published a news release in June titled, “Pro-Life Activists Will Work to Re-elect President
Trump, Expose Democrats’ Extreme Support for Abortion on Demand Through Birth and Even
Infanticide.” The release said the group is planning to
spend $41 million to “aggressively challenge, erode, and finally, overturn Roe v. Wade.”

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