LIBERTY? Freedom of Religion is a lie?

the Jews the Pharisees Rome the Roman Empire 2,000 years ago and freedom of religion now just stick with me here for a second because I mean it may not come back to me the way it did but it came through like a brainstorm and I was like oh boy that's amazing to realize this they had freedom of religion 2,000 years ago if you remember Pilate found no fault in Jesus one to let him go under Roman law he found no fault with him but did you said no crucify him under your you know put in Pilate said if he bothered your law try him under your law so the Jews were under Roman rule practicing their religion and their law with no interference from Rome so they were allowed to that means they had freedom of religion under the Roman rule and I bet some other people had freedom of religion during that time too didn't they you know like I don't worship verse to think that freedom of religion is something granted to you by your government is nonsense because I realized they had freedom of religion way back then – it was allowed you try him under your law try him under Jewish law Pilate said did he not something to that effect hmm so under Roman rule and they wanted up he's the interim we only want to serve the emperor but they're allowed to practice their law and their religion yeah they were allowed to won't they hmm yeah Wow just a point of fact realization revelation whatever you call it they had freedom of religion back then – they had Liberty they call it now they had Liberty you you know in the end none of this is gonna be remembered that doesn't mean I can go out start killing thousands of people say hey alright I can finally do these guys in you know they got it coming they deserve death when we're all turn to dust anyway and whores is going it's like I'm thinking more about heaven and the new heaven new earth the future as in back to the future instead of looking to the past and finding out what was lied about and so forth just be discerning and you'll see it for yourself as it says this truth is in the details and truth the self-evident you just gotta take a little time to look at it for a little bit that includes everything and that's why we're so geared up to be wound up that's why we got to have six cups of coffee when we wake up most of us I was never called for drink I never needed coffee I never cared for call and coffees actually bitter and much and you got to put a lot of sugar and cream in it just to swallow it yeah but people love it we love our coffee Godspeed my Lords grace be upon all of you he paid the price for us all it's a free gift take it accept it it's the truth there's nothing you can do about it it's better than burning up with everything because more likely that's what will happen you're gonna burn up with everything so I'm just gonna melt this world right out of my hair the power of death has you the power of Satan has you you're born in it and with it and there's only way to get out and get to get it like an umbilical a connection to God to be rescued I mean it's like being rescued being saved is like being rescued I'm sorry for the bitter bad attitude and everything this world sucks it's headed for you no judgment condemnation turbine heat you know melting and disappearing in some way I get joy out of that I get comfort and knowing that it's like peace of mind it's like the ultimate peace of mind when you know like the end game you don't need to play the chess game anymore the black-and-white checkerboard god speed you

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  • faith is a belief, and they cannot chain that.suppress it.or remove it… but by delusion.deception.wisdom of words etc.
    How can there be Chinese Christians? Soviets?Turks? Iranian Christians?
    Seems many Iranians have freedom of faith too…it in the mind and heart where your faith lies,no man can see that actually.

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