Liberty University | Kairos

Time is an odd thing. First, we have Kronos, a time in one’s
life, the tick of a clock at every second,
seconds to a minute, minutes to a day, nothing but numbers
crossed over on a calendar at each sunset. Then there’s Kairos. Kairos is different.
Kairos is what we make of that time. It’s the opportune moment in someone’s
life, the moment, the instant to make a
decision. Kairos does not follow time. It is not bound by it. It does not rush nor wait. Kairos comes at you without
notice and you have to make a decision: avoid
it or face it with greatness. But don’t
get me wrong; no person is born great. We’re made great. Shaped through time, a lifetime of trial and error, victory and failures. For greatness
comes out a heavy hammer and a resilient spirit. It grows out of long days and short nights;
blood, sweat, tears. But true greatness is not achieved alone.
Man needs someone to mirror, an inspiration. Greatness is not just
knowledge, theories in a book. Greatness is
understanding in action, practice over and over. Greatness is not
the “good enough,” greatness is excellence, settling for
nothing but your best. Greatness is not landing a new trick.
It’s not a conference title, the degree you choose, or your GPA. It’s
not a piece a paper hanging on your wall. Greatness is what you do with them. It’s picking up your cross, embracing your
calling. You were not created to go with the flow; you
go with your gut. You don’t blend in; you stand out. You don’t read history; you
make it. Be bold. Be courageous. Be who you were created to be. Nothing can stop you or destroy you until your work here is done. 0

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