Libman Freedom 15 inch Spray Mop

Hey, this is Danny D with CleanIt TV and welcome
to the Libman Commercial 4002 Freedom Mop, Available at This is the 4002 Freedom Mop
from Libman Commercial. We have Desi Csoka from Libman Commercial
here to break it down for us. Desi, tell us what it’s all about. Thanks, Dan. This is
one of our most popular and relatively new items. It is called the Freedom Mop and the
reason why it is called the Freedom Mop, it allows you to have the freedom to use any
solution you would like, any non-disposable pad, as well as not having to use any batteries
or anything to activate that. The trigger sprayer is very easy to hold and operate.
This grip right here allows you to scrub the floor and remove any of those stubborn stains
and marks. Moving down here is the reservoir, this reservoir is removeable. You can also
fill it with any solution that you would like as long as it is a non-caustic solution – caustic
being a bleach or something similar to that. The pad itself is a microfiber pad, the pad
has three strips, it allows you to scrub easily and further remove any of those stubborn stains and
marks in the floor. The pad is actually launderable. It is a velcro based system and it can be
used up to 250 times if not longer, depending on how you wash it and dry it. The spray mechanism
is very easy to use, as mentioned, the fluid is expelled right here and with a couple of
quick bursts, it allows you to get the proper amount of solution onto the surface and clean
it very effectively without leaving the surface overly wet. So, there you go, you got the
Libman Freedom Mop. That’s 4002 Libman Freedom Mop from Libman Commercial. There you have
it, product expert, Desi Csoka at Libman. This is Danny D and you’re watching CleanIt TV.

3 thoughts on “Libman Freedom 15 inch Spray Mop

  • Do NOT waste your money. Mine is barely one year old and only got very light use in the small bathroom in our guest house. Today is the first time I actually had to refill the jug and now it won't spray at all. not clogged, just no spray.

    Also…. COUNT on breaking your back when your done moping because those pad do NOT pick UP the dirt. Just pushes it around. With practice I would start at a far corner and push all the dirt near the door, then bend down, remove the pad, use it to TRY and pick up the filth, might need paper towels as well.

    honestly, I thought this gimmicky thing was junk when I bought it. A plain old sponge mop on a handle with a built in squeezer is fine.
    Meanwhile this piece of useless junk is probably headed for a landfill very soon. I MIGHT be able to clean by just dumping some cleaning fluid on the floor. No more spray thing.
    Garbage. Simply garbage.

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