Life After Downsizing – Maria Storgaard

Hi I am Maria I want to give you a tour of our apartment And show you what we downsized from And how we live now This is the kitchen it is a spacious kitchen We share it with a tenant and it is no problem
at all In here is our old bedroom Believe it or not we actually used to have whole room dedicated to one bed and a big
closet Now it fits a whole living room
in here And the next one used to be my sewing room I had all of my sewing machines And my ironing boards, all my fabrics I had a lot fo fabrics and I had I think we even had Mortens guitars and stuff So basically like a hobby room And it’s not a big room but its fine Yeah it’s a nice bright room for a bedroom It’s a bedroom now and it used to be the hobby
room I want to show you what we downsized these
two rooms into Because we actually fit everything into one
room basically Ok so since this is a big kitchen I figured I dont need that much space to sow So right now I use this big table to cut my
fabrics I even have some sewing projects out right
now down there So this is my main big work space And then in here This is our living room it hasn’t changed
in the process Not very much we decluttered it a lot Got rid of some books and everything But it is basically the same as before So the big changes has been happening in here Now this is where I sew It is usually our office space But when I have a sewing project I get out my sewing machines And then I sew here and I cut in the kitchen And it works out just fine It’s a little tight for us but it’s fine. And when I take these away we have a nice
office space If we dont it to take up any room we can fold
this one down And it only takes up like one foot of space
from the wall out We can also fold it out completely And it becomes a double length of what it
is now So it will be like this and We can use it as a dining room table It’s not the ideal table as a dining room
table But I am working on a solution for that Everything takes time When I pack everything away I put it in this
one closet So i used to have a whole room Filled with all my sewing stuff and hobby
things And now I have one closet So this is what it looks like I have all my patterns and stuff down in the
bottom And then I have my fabrics This is where the sewing machine goes These are all like the techical scissors And small utensils I need And then up here we just have threads These are our finance books For when I do finances for our business So I try to downsize all of it Our bedroom got moved as well And it is now a Murphy bed So I built it up high a little bit So we have storage under here It fits two guitars and two small ironing
boards And two stacking chairs and they fit perfectly
under there It is very easy to get to it Up here we have the Murphy bed I am just going to show you really quick The bed is on pistons so it’s not very heavy We just click everything in We have extra storage behind here And in here this is where we store anything Like seasonal clothing, old memories From when we were young and jackets Our suitcases goes in there as well So it pretty reasonable amount of extra storage And we also have lights and everything So our bedroom is now this And we can fit it in our dining room We used to have in our bedroom two big closets That would be same amount as this whole wall I think almost, and it was stuffed with clothes And towels and linens and everything But now we downsized it a lot So this is our entire wardrobe now This is Mortens side, his jackets and shirts And this is my side and then down here we
have drawers This is my drawer, Morten has a bit more because His clothes is heavier and bigger So he has the bottom two But other than that extra linens and pillows And stuff for guests coming over So Maria we are on the terrace here What’s the reason for downsizing why do
all this I think for us it started because we had a
big company and everything was so complicated The finances were complicated And it was very time consuming There were a lot fo rules we have to figure
out How to do this and how to do that And we had a lot of employees I think we wanted something to be simple And this was an area that I personally could
start in So I just started going through all of our
crap And getting rid of stuff Trying to get to the core I think Of what is important to me I think that was where it started That combined with my fascination Of the small house movement I love optimizing I love space saving I love trying to fit a lot into a space In the smartest way possible I am very fascinated by that so I think It was those two things combined Fascination of small spaces and optimizing With the lack of simplicity in a huge area
of our lives Otherwise so thats the main thing The two main foundations for why I started
downsizing And when we started doing it as a couple I think that was when the finance part of
it became A bigger issue, I dont know, we got fed up With being in debt and we counted up our acounts And we had so much debt I think we had like A hundred thousand dollars in debt all together Maybe more probably more so we just started Looking at what do we want to do with our
lives? How do we want to spend our time? How do we want the rest of our lives to be? And then just really putting down priorities And figuring out okay this is our top 3 or
top 5 And everything we are going to have to be
OK sacrificing So getting out of debt was a big part of that And one of our biggest priorities after getting
out of debt Was to be able to travel and see the world And we wanted to try to avoid being strapped Down to only being here just because of our
debt So we decided downsizing was apartment Would be a great, because that way we could Rent out a room or two and the money that
we make Or save each month on rent Is almost the same amount we save up every
month So having a tenant makes it possible for us To save up every month So that way we can still travel So I think it was those three things Wanting to simplify, getting out of debt And fascination of small spaces Thank you so you already talked a little bit About this but what do you do with the new
time You have on your hands, and the resources You get from downsizing? OK what do we do with our time? We get up in the morning as anyone else And mainly Morten now is working on clients I think we work 20 hours or 30 sometimes a
week But that is still very little compared to
before So we have a huge amount of extra time And that time can be spend with ehhm We take a lot of long walks together It might sound like a stupid little thing But we spend so much time together And it is quality time because We take walks maybe once Maybe three times pr day And when we walk we talk about different topics And it helps us get in tune with each other So it has really made us closer in a lot of
ways And Morten is in a band I’ve been doing a lot of projects I am learning French with Fluence Yeah Got to push that in there, I love that program I am doing a project where I am trying to Make all of my clothe Like 80% of my clothes myself within a 2 year
span So thats a challenge and right now I am doing a project where I am remodeling
a camper So ripping everything out and rebuilding it And I am also doing finances and stuff For the business and everything But we are taking a lot of bike rides together We have an exercise bike in our bedroom And that way we dont have to spend time Going to the gym, we can just sit there And we have a big screen in the office Then we plug it in and we just sit there Taking turns sitting on the bike Those are the day to day things But with extra of that we are also able to
travel more So i think that is the main thing A big plus is also that it is easy for us Working online to bring our work with us When we travel so we just work From the morning and until maybe 2 And then when we are off we can to Explore a new area so thats a big bonus That is all wrapped up That is our key point of why we are doing

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