Lincoln's shot: The Hope

our journey really began before Lincoln was even born there was another boy with MTM named Joshua who was born in 1995 at that time no one even knew what my Oh tubular myopathy was nobody was even looking for a cure his parents found the dog that brought all of the science together and with it a whole lot of Hope I think the hardest part for me was was when Joshua passed and it took me it took me it took me a good year to you basta that you it'll blow it out with your little low in 1997 one of our researchers sent me a video of a mouse that had one injection of gene replacement therapy and the mouse was crawling up the side of a cage and I remember I cried when I watched that video and when was the last time a mask made anybody cry but it was right then and there that a seat of hope was planted could this be a therapy for my son they pulled me back in said Allison the FDA is never going to give us the ability to move to clinical trials with just proof of concept from a mouse so I said so let's find a large animal model but little did I know that in that it's like finding an eel in a haystack but my son's dream was to find a cure for this disorder and so I am fulfilling his dream you ready super kitty okay the itsy bitsy spider climbed up the water spout down came the rain and washed the spider out out came the Sun and it dried up all the rain so the itsy bitsy spider climbed up the spout again but why does it seek lime the spout in case you are in any doubt it's cuz he spun his web up high so he can see the world so you can see the world go by we thought at one point we were gonna be okay with you we want a cure let's just go get a cure can't we just have a cure and we don't realize that these scientists most scientists go through their entire career without finding a cure for anything you know there's a long process of making sure that the science really does work and then you have to get published you know we were kept being told well it's going to be published next month next month and next month turned into next year this is recoding his DNA and what if because they don't know how it works in humans what if this is absolutely like a death thing you have to understand this is the ultimate yeah this is not a million-dollar gamble and a five million dollar gamble gambling you're priceless it's this is the gamble of a life what if he doesn't make it for some reason and now all of those extra months and years and weeks or days or whatever there would be it was just wrong because of our choice of our decision well Alison located a dog model it's a fascinating story and Alison ends up getting on a plane and heading up to Saskatoon and through an odyssey of crazy events she gets this beautiful chocolate lab by the name of nibs you know we were we established that first MTM dog colony in the world the only dog colony if it translates from like it was from the dogs to the humans oh my gosh I just thought of that takes my breath away you know what if you don't have hope then you don't need tomorrow what what good is tomorrow without hope so run run with your hope run with your dreams sometimes hope is a dream but so be it

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