Linda Pransky – Freedom of Mind

– With regard to how the mind works, if you think into a thought, if you think into an experience, it grows. Everybody knows that. Everybody knows that. You could practice it, if you wanted to. You could take an
experience, bear down on it, and it would just get bigger and bigger and bigger and bigger, it’s true. It’s a description of how
the mind works in one way. Now, whether you want to
bear down on your thinking, whether you want to
empower and put more power into your thinking, that’s
on you, it’s not on us. It’s up to you how much you want to think about things or not think about things, or bear down on God. That’s not our department. People will come up to me and say, “Well should I think about this?” I don’t know. “How much negativity
should I have in my life?” (audience laughs) No, really, “How much negative, because I don’t want to be
too much of a Pollyanna.” “How much negative thinking
should I have in my life?” Look, I don’t know, it’s up to you. “Well I love processing,
I love analyzing my mind.” No, I’ve had someone say it. Well then do it if you
want to, it’s up to you. How does that work? But then I’ll get them reflective. How’s that work for you? And then they’ll say, “Well, a lot of times it works out great, but sometimes it’s like, Oh, my God, I’m exhausted
at the end of the day.” Okay, well maybe you would
want to consider that, or not, but it’s freedom. You know, that’s to me, one
of the understandings that, oh my god, was so amazing to me that I never really appreciated because, I was kidding around at
lunch about this but, I would– You know how some people
believe everything they think? Well I was one of those people that would believe everything
other people thought. Like of course other people
are right and I’m wrong, right? Because, and I can tell you
why, I can give you why, but I’m not gonna, doesn’t matter. (audience laughs) The most freeing thing was, I
don’t really have to believe in anything I don’t wanna believe in. I don’t have to believe what you think. I don’t have to believe what I think. I’m free. I’m free. Freedom of mind, freedom of thought, oh my god that was like,
for me, Disneyland, it was like, really? I don’t have to believe
everything people tell me and I don’t have to
believe what I tell me? It was like– That was the end, punctuate. It was like, hey, I can just, in my own mind, be as free I want to be. Free to think, not think. Take thoughts seriously,
not take thoughts seriously. Take you seriously,
not take you seriously. Take me serious– You know, it’s like, I didn’t know that!

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