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What does listening mean to each of you? I think for us listening is about active participation. I feel, in a way, honored that they actually want me to listen to them. What does it feel like when you’re really engaged in listening to someone or yourself? It’s that feeling of acceptance and that you have some common ground with people that you don’t even know. Really listen to what someone has to say and something in there could encourage you>to go help someone else or chase your dream, whatever it is. It’s those times that we actually show our truer selves and someone listens that we really develop a true connection and relationship. And don’t you feel closer to somebody when you can tell they’re being sincere? I find that you really like people more. It’s like you give people the benefit of the doubt. You know, everyone’s better when they’re not strangers anymore. My mom was always that person who was really great about listening to me, and even more than that, just making sure that she instilled in me the fact that I should listen to myself. What you feel in your heart, just doing it, and not second-guessing yourself. Like believing in that voice that’s really inside of you.

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  • And one LOUSY call center. Not working in the best interest of its clients and customers. Third word could care less attitudes. You've been warned.

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