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throwing it back so near back a throwing it back Sona back Hey yeah it's all set up a Brits like my chair the most nervous would be oh my god I think yeah this is us on was sitting like a regional really a radio tool and we were singing I feel pretty and Jesse was getting so cheesed off with us I think you have tell us do you agile I don't know if we're great or just give you two for a tenner to four tenets before I go yeah absolutely beautiful and they shed know anything that sells the most oh my god this was us all attempting what's wrong with me you see what frosty oh yeah we were reading like Germany or some other yeah I guess we were bored we get this is problem I really Taylor get to leave yes and you'll be greener anthem of the Opera yeah this is what we prank yes this suffers shout out but this is one of my favorite performances since I became at this single we thought I've got shivers thinking about it we just felt incredible the whole atmosphere I was sick the choreo was saying yeah the vibe when everyone to the t-shirts off and something yeah they're all circus loved it all I found we were in the orders yes I'm sorry lucky outfit yeah me too took this pan yeah oh my god the state of me I was back when I'd wear like double the size broad immunity yes and I've stopped care remember this is salute to her Lucy after think I've seen me look at those fluffy Jon Snow Claire what on earth why do we look like were on the wall no got in the wall and just came down from the sky layer god oh my the game of throwing my weight but not so much on the outfits also we used to do our own Gollum but then yes this was an emotional sense this is so good it was like it was just such no but everybody was happy in everyone therefore a good thing and yeah it was a great everybody yeah yeah but then we just wanted to lift the spirits that we might and that's probably the more cycle it really yeah yeah yeah yeah yes so amazing thanks Ari that was amazing Ariana well [Applause] you

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