Live in the D: Food & fun @ Winter Blast weekends

quickenloans winter blast weekends are underway and our resident foodie michelle oliver is also there that’s right hey Michelle what’s for lunch girl oh we got a ton of stuff for lunch today they have quite a few few trucks here so that after you get done playing the games ice skating you can enjoy some delicious things to nosh on I don’t know I’m really trying to make this this name pun work we’re at the nosh pit this is the food truck that’s out here today they are so kind to open up a little early for us and show us some of their food this is the owner Karen how are you I’m fine good and so tell me what did kind of food you guys serve and I’ll let you guys look at the footwork we do vegan and vegetarian food a restaurant in Hamtramck it’s all vegan but our truck goes vegetarian we try to do unique creative sandwiches using veggies to get people to eat more veggies do a little bit more green eating sustainable eating nowadays this is our third year here at the Quicken Loans winter blast so what makes you keep coming back we absolutely love it here every year we get new people who have seen us who come and try we get to convince people here try our mac and cheese there’s no cheese in it but it’s still really good okay so I can so guys I’m lactose intolerant I have a hard time eating mac and cheese but I can eat that mac and cheese okay is there a fork okay I’m gonna definitely be eating that in a little bit because that’s really exciting to me so tell me now I heard that you guys had to give back a little bit in order to get your spot here talk to me about the the very charitable nature of this food wonderful well that’s part of our our goal as a food truck is to actually be giving back to the community be doing something good for the work with the world the earth as much as we can and so it was a double bonus when Jon told us about the program this year where we’re donating five hundred dollars towards Kroger for their feeding the hungry and homeless program we’re very happy to be doing that each truck paid five hundred dollars – I believe forgotten harvest in Kroger yes kind of a combination of the two to get the spot here so they’re feeding that only the people of winter blast but the people of Detroit as well the hungry absolutely absolutely we started arts pista needs this year where we donated food and it was such a rewarding feeling so we’re happy to be doing at it awesome okay so I’m gonna have a bite of this oh wait I got my fork guys look at this stuff it’s really cheesy and I’m gonna eat and walk at the same time cuz we’re going over to Hyrum villain there’s no cheese on this tachi I think it has some nutritional yeast this is very good so my name is rich when we’re here or a villain we’re coming out to the winter blast excuse me quickenloans winter blast will be here this weekend and then we’ll be here the first weekend of second weekend of February so yeah so what kind of food do you guys have I loved the name hero or villain so what is a hero what is a villain I mean obviously super so hero villain is all about sandwiches and we do gourmet sandwiches that have a character spin to them so we always try to match the character with the sandwich that we put out let’s have some sandwiches for you today unfortunately we don’t but some of our best sellers are gonna be like our Deathstroke that’s I’d like a Philly cheesesteak our kingpins with chicken and mozzarella spinach and a pesto aioli that we make in-house so I’m all about that pesto garlic basil YUM so you guys I mean it’s okay that you don’t have any now because the food trucks open at 12:00 along with the rest of winter blast and they go until 8:00 tonight correct correct awesome so why do you like being here at winter blast I love being at wonder blast I love being in this area in general we do a lot of business at Campus Martius those tend to be some of our loyal customers so this it really gets us a chance to come out when people are with their families and they’re off the work hours and have fun and experience all that with us awesome so there’s a ton of great food here you can try out coming up next kyla will be here she’s gonna be throwing snowballs hopefully not at me but cuz I already got hit once today no more Kyla she’s behind the camera so no more but back to you guys at studio take it over here on the shelf from Kobo here’s what I would like I don’t know if Michelle can still hear me but I want a death stroke okay a death stroke from hero or villain if he’ll I’m tearing it up in one day jestro sandwich yes I’ll reimburse you

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