Live in the D: Fun games @ Winter Blast weekends

like fun and games you might also want to check out the Quicken Loans winter blast weekends underway at Campus Martius our Kyla people’s is there to share with us what her first broken-down jalopy whip was what was it my first car was a 2002 Mazda Protege it was the protege it was my black beauty I was so sad when it got destroyed and a fire on 275 I’ll tell you guys that story one day soon anyway but right now you guys about Quicken Loans winter blast weekends it’s cold out here but that’s okay because you know what we got fired our spirit and heart so we’re gonna come out here have a good time there’s so much stuff that we can do there’s music there’s games we got people playing some games right here slap shot it’s like little baby hockey y’all it’s so cute and then we also have a bigger net for the people who really want to show off their skills I’m going to show you guys my hockey skills I used to play hockey in high school Country Day 1997 field hockey whoo anyway we’re here with jasmine the forest she is with Quicken Loans right now how you doing Jason how are you happy Martin Luther King Day happy Martin Luther King Day to you too tell us a little bit about what’s going to be going on over the next couple of days here so Quicken Loans is proud to come back and the title sponsor new this year of winter blast weekends we are gonna have family-friendly activities it’s free admission so it does not cost to come to one of last weekend’s there’s gonna be live entertainment of course all of the games that you see everyone here in the background playing so it’s just going to be a great time for kids of all ages and there’s there’s games inside too we’re right in front of Cadillac Lodge and they have games in there too what kind of games now yeah so there’s Jenga there’s all sorts of fun table games there’s Scrabble there’s chess and this on the Cadillac Lodge is curated by bedrock and brought to us by our partners at bedrock there’s also going to be entrepreneurs out in these beautiful glass markets entrepreneurs from the city of Detroit and the Detroit area so we’re excited to have everyone come out and enjoy and then there’s also gonna be the bedrock comfort zones so look out for the bedrock comfort zone there’s going to be heat and family kids kids games everything it’s gonna be so much fun so there actually is heat at winter blast weekends and the bedrock comfort zone there’s heat guys and that’s okay like it’s a little cold now but there’s heating there’s heating everywhere around here but right now Jasmine just told us about what’s going on today I’m gonna tell you in a little package about what’s gonna be happening over the next three weekends for quick and loan winter blast weekends Old Man Winter is here and so are the 2019 Quicken Loans winter blast weekends now I already told you about the fun activities that happens this weekend here are the other events happening over the next three winter blast weekends the second weekend of winter blast which is January 25th through the 27th is all about hitting the slopes you can learn how to ski or snowboard right here in the D by taking a 20-minute lesson from experts at work and two of Michigan’s largest ski resorts stop there will not I repeat there will not be any winter blast the first weekend of February the inside watch the Super Bowl have some snacks winter blast resumes February 8th with the winter slide whisking you 20 miles per hour through a dark tube at a 40 degree drop and if that sounds a little bit too much for you there’s also a 30 degree drop either way you’re sliding into fun they saved the best for the final weekend take a look at the D from 34 feet in the air right before you slide down Michigan’s longest and fastest zipline so there you have it tons of fun await you at this year’s winter blast [Music] alright guys and now you see what’s going on and I’m gonna tell you guys again one more time there’s not gonna be any winter blast the first weekend in February it’s gonna resume on February 8th so let’s see if I can make this live shot real quick so closer that’s ok cuz John’s here to console me I missed it John you need to console me I bet so much money on you making it it’s alright ok I’ll try again later so this is John was right now he is the event organizer of of Quicken Loans winter blast weekend hi Jenn how you doing Kyla say a warm you know make us some slapshots stuff without question a little bit about what’s gonna be happening in the future here sure well tonight I will just say one thing just to your right we are doing a fire and ice show that ice in the dark we’re gonna light up some wood inside and it’s gonna make an amazing spectacle next weekend we will actually put live in the DD behind the scenes right now you can see our snow cannons that are gonna be making tons of snow for skiing and snowboarding next week so we are now going backstage of winter blast while cat cadillac street will turn into Boyne City slopes will have 40 ski instructors people can snowboard and ski for free you’ll see our zipline coming in the future our winter slide another weekend of free skating courtesy of Delta dentals so so many great things and our food trucks will change and it’s just gonna be something changing and fresh every weekend well it’s amazing out here right now the sky is blue and the sun is shining it’s a little cold but that’s okay guys there’s warming centers all over the place come on down Campus Martius Cadillac square it’s a good time here I’m telling you right now so come on down to the Quicken Loans winter blast weekends we’re having a good time I hope you guys talk to you Jason Jackie or having a good time too that’s easy I like that that was a good one

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