Live in the D: Local Super Bowl Commercial Scores Big

another great commercial airing during the Super Bowl that has people talking all over the place features one local very well-known individual and it was produced right here in the D check it out hey is it sir so you’re free wallet [Music] the exclusive video of Mike Morse chasing an employer Mike Morse known for you go with attorney Mike Morse actually Meister you might as well get one that can catch it hey man you dropped your wallet oh we’re drove our friend attorney Mike Morris of the Mike Moore’s law firm first of all everyone in here was laughing during that commercial and the part where your mom comes on yes this Michael it was just killed it for me you have to have mom make a cameo right have to she has to your mom is adorable so how did you come up with the concept for this at Ross Lerner at lunar advertising came to me at this one this was all his idea and I was a little skeptical at first and then once I saw it I once I saw the the mock-ups I loved it I loved going head-on to a stereotype that I’ve been hearing my entire life my dad was a personal injury attorney that were ambulance chasers and you know you’re always kind of cringe but I’m like you know what let’s let’s turn this around go right at it makes them fun and have some fun I thought this year these commercials we needed to have some fun last year a little bit more serious I had a client who lost his hand was a beautiful commercial but this year we wanted to have some fun it was fun clever and hilarious like I said we were all laughing in here what kind of response have you gotten from the community so well as the commercial was running my phone was blowing up I got hundreds of text messages Twitter was very favorable with hundreds and hundreds of responses I had lots of local DJ’s calling me this morning wanting me on their show I had deadlines Detroit put out saying was the best out of the entire night national and local so I’m I’m I’m I’m proud of it I so far so good I’m glad people are reacting and we you know we love doing things different we’re the only law firm on the Superbowl ever this is our sixth or seventh year in a row on it so the local spots you know there’s not that many of them so we need to we need to step it up well this one was so good and they you really raised the bar so watch out everybody that’s all I could say but you’ve also got many community projects from your backpacks to supporting the Humane Society why are these causes so important to you well I’m a Detroiter I support the D I support the local charities it’s it’s you know I live by a mantra the more you give the more you get and that’s all I focus on when I’m not working on my cases I’m focusing on how do I make our community better how do we give back my staff is the same way and that’s what I’m about it came from my parents my mom’s a big supporter of these activities the backpacks are so much fun book stock with your station is so much fun the Humane Society there’s so many great charities so that’s that’s what keeps me going well congrats on the win with this thank you to learn more about what the Mike Morris law firm offers and how they can help you call eight five five Mike wins or visit their website at eight five five Mike wins calm

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