Live in the D: Music Monday – Gwen & Charles Scales

for our guests for music Monday today have been performing together for years this duo has to toured the world with their song but make each break their home you can see them this Friday and Saturday at the Dirty Dog Jazz Cafe in Grosse Pointe Park here are Gwen and Charles Gail [Music] Oh but adapting [Music] oi [Music] like a child bad lady [Music] doors are closing that was a very poor [Music] filled with members ha and Rudy [Music] it is closed [Music] we’re Maurice [Music] the days of wine and roses warning Oh not only did we did we at although talk about the ponies used to be someone who cared about me [Music] date night night night late date night talking about that day [Music] day after day yeah day after day [Music] why and roses [Music] hello hello I feel like I’m not even qualified to stand just next to somebody so cool so tell us about your upcoming show well we’ll be at the Dirty Dog on Friday and Saturday the 18th and 19th and told it’s gonna be a little cold but we’re gonna keep you warm music warm the soul that’s right cool there you go so I’m curious now my wife and I met on the job we sat next to each other work the same hours and did the same show for years so it means we got on each other’s nerves a little no I mean we we love working together I mean we have our occasional creative differences but I think it always comes to it ends up in a good place at all times yes no I said be sharp Nikki but good work but but but I sometimes we were the way we write I might come up with the melody and then I give it to him and then he does but and then we do lyrics together or I’ll start with the lyric I’ve written a lot of songs driving down 8 Mile Road someone cuts me off it okay that’s a write a song so what do you like about performing in Detroit well I love the people of Detroit and we’ve had opportunities to spread our well you know I always this is home this is my family’s are here and I love Detroit real quick introduce there are two backing myself I’m sure well we have mr. gene Dunlap on the drums and over in sac we have mr. Nix stone all right yeah thank you all for being here today

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