Live in the D: Music Monday – Tomorrow the World performs at Quicken Loans Winter Blast Weekends

loans winter blasts and weekends returning this weekend in Campus Martius part of the family fun is the live entertainment so inside the tent downtown you can see several musical acts perform and it’s all for free Wow our guests today are performing this Friday night at 6 p.m. here is tomorrow for the world tomorrow the world I’m sorry I never you go this [Music] he’ll lose it I never knew you’d get so you’d hurt yourself to stay with me I know you’ll never know what a nightmare you’ve become you know you know you know you get me [Music] bro [Music] my chest gets tight my knees get away yes [Music] they cut saudi you lose control so desperately you use my love she’ll betray me [Music] I know you’ll never know what a nightmare you become you know you know you know you kept me [Music] pretending you’re ending your life to make me come onto your side [Music] [Music] [Music] thank you a haunting tune that’s gonna get all the times gonna get you a thousand likes here will you introduce the boys yeah this is Ryan he normally plays bass but today he’s playing guitar for us and this is Alex he’s one of our other guitar players typically like I said Alex plays bass because we’re more of a rock band but today we’re doing an unplugged acoustic report what we’re can somebody find you on social media the best way to find us is our Facebook is just slash tomorrow the world official and we’re also joined by Stephanie McIntyre with quickenloans winter blast thank you for being here any well that was an amazing performance when are we gonna see you Friday night right yes we’re gonna be on stage Friday night at Quicken Loans winter blast and we’re gonna be taking the stage at 6 p.m. p.m. all right Stephanie music is just one of the straws down to Campus Martius this weekend for the winter blast what else is gonna be going on well we have something exciting I think we all remember the cold weather that we’ve endured for the past couple weekends so yeah we were so lucky that Delta Dental in the downtown Detroit partnership is offering another weekend of the free ice skating so that’s a bonus that we’re doing this weekend and then we’re bringing back the winter slide so we have the two options the 30-foot one that goes up to 20 miles an hour and then we have something maybe if you’re a little nervous it’s not quite as fast but still really fun oh you have anything like hot toddies or hot chocolate or adult beverages so the free ice skating will be happy mm-hmm slides are coming back we are done with the polar vortex retainers crossed we’re done right right here assuming the mantle of meteorology and saying we’re done with polar 14 where can people get more information about everything happening over the weekend winter blast calm winter blast calm that’s easy and tomorrow the world official Facebook all right so if you like what you heard hit them up on social media that’s right

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