(Live) Joshua 1:3-18 | Let’s Go!!

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start a fresh air into the
almighty average. All four of
the fore and this is a prayer for Moses
and lord your banner dwelling place
and all generations before the
mountains were brought fourths
forever you informed her in the
wo 4000 years in your site for what
does yesterday when it is passed
for is awash in the night this week to live as was the
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to the Fa how won’t have to be under
servants satisfies in the
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but we may rejoice in the blood
borders ma and for as many years of weak as
we’re assuming you work your
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why wants to date use me as yet
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everlasting bring in comparison we are like
graphs are winners and
unlawfully and are such a
fragile state Korea weekend book
to god is our and that isn’t just just when we
die bad back and beach. Use our
refuge can bend the bend them from the two ruling
this it’s done you’re just does help
us to number base and women are
wisdom and our wisdom that is up
on the arm alliance said to pri one is no longer give them or
scratch that was no longer give
them the very last moment where
they want respect ourselves and
th and in that he doesn’t establish
the works for hints we have
nothing on the brink of user of
injured and he’s always was this offer a father died thank you so
much that we can come to bet
that you are grayed refuge bake
you have bad you can show us the way to endless used to seeing two with
our hearts and our minds are
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and once was: take 3 minutes to
find some reason. No wholesome
and one you need, show me know as a means to , said one of the so is the song is the event, is a VCR is , is a SP is 9:00 AM, the CD and a CIA, a is the BC, a close a song of CO PEO, P IDET A’s a and BOTE a SER VE CMVERS a S a D a YUTCAREEDCIA REESP a CESPCA CCA S PDT TV DECC a SE TA S S CIA C ES S a IRS five era his great to be with you guys
this morning were provided is to
be worshiping along with you and
then studying his word with the with all of you so as you are
turning their eyes for Sabean
from excited to be in Joshua arias Mayor Richard study for me
up so far, pray more of reveals
more use of fatherly heart to
you promises to you. Various
commands desires for your wife
of routed stunning as we
continue to sell about the settle and IBM are
many and Joshua chapter one this
morning on is the second
installment of our series and we
are by a arm we only dealt with the first
two vs. Boston because we want
to do some background work:
Joshua user look back to accidents and and numbers and in
some of those places where
Joshua possible missing the
workers that stage it was about
the miss . 18 vs. 3 to 18 so give up your
there please send their . If you’re not very sure of the
Gipper and also be on the screen
front of me. I do would be something
different is more thoughts about
to be a student Matthew office. With your bucket was in a fund
of a once again by you can also
watch the spring Friday on
understated be good for us to be
stand Joshua chapter one vs. three
grew 18 bears were warned us this
morning everyplace but the soul of your
foot will try to: I have given
to you just as a promise to
Moses from the wilderness and this
Lebanon as far as the great
river river Euphrates all the
land of its Isa the Gracie
torpedoing dow no man should be able to stand
before you all the days of your
life doses of that knows it’s so I
will be with you I will not
leave you or forsake you be
strong and courageous for you
show cause t only be strong and very
courageous being careful to do
according to all the law that
Moses my servant committed to do not turn from a to the right
hand or to the left you may have
good success wherever you go this book of the law shall not
depart from your mouth but you
shall meditate on a day and
night you may be careful to do
according to all that is written
in van you’ll make your way
prospers and then you’ll have
good success of a Nike managing
the strong and courageous do not
be frigh Joshua community officers of the
people pass through the mists of the
camp income and the people prepare your provisions within
three days you were to pass over
this Jordan to go in to take
possession of the land that the
lor into the river nights again
rights and have trouble the mass
of Joshua said remember the
words of Moses the server double
or com warder god is providing you a
place of arrests will give you this
way and our wives and the ones in
livestock to remain in the land
of Moses gave you bring on the
Jordan and all the men of valor among
you show Passover or for your
brothers and child health and the lord is rest to your
brothers as yes to you and they also take possession of
a way and the mortar bombs
giving man you shall return the land of
your possession and shop as acid
the land of Moses was seven of
the lord gave you the on the ja and the answer Joshua all the unit commanded us we
will do and wherever you send us
we will go just as we obeyed Moses in all
things so we will obey you only may the lord your god be
with you a series of Moses led rebels against your command
and disobeys your words whenever
you commended to be put to death would be strong and courageous . On the prairie bother thank you
for your word we ask function come and speak
in preaching in word their
hearts might be caught up in grand picture powerful and the warriors and
majestic you are you are a good father you call this to your provider way of this. The value seeing you give us a promise one across a price and you refund to make the rear of the study this past year are coming due worker or
our minds if you would transform
our one trust this is what she will do
this is what you will insist there. ABC that studied up session scripture this week high
of came across a quotes the
commentary and some folders and all I needed to for my heart to heart and after god has spoken his word to nothing to all I needed and my heart to become hard
after hearing the creation of
god’s word and cheering his word
as do absolutely nothing those words of from the law for
all of the girl warning to us in
the church to date that again the only thing that
produces a hard part in any of
us as a refusal to put our fate into obedient action but questions have you will be right of due to the everyday for us who is yet on
one more opportunity right you
think of days a week without a
one beverage on every second of
every day that we live these
other opportunity to receive the promises that god
communicates us from his word end two receive the commands in
instructions that god gives us
in his word with agents every day is an
opportunity to receive the
promises of the commands of god
with enormous and then to an end
to walk as does a familiar for some of
the right if you think through
the general tone business unlike
some in the new testament named
J assembly arm this is an oft off
in the story of of the western
church the modern church in America saw city American
church knockoff and the stormy
following what we often find in the modern
church is a first full of people
who are gripped by fear their grip by
laziness their grip by
stubbornness outright in
deference to the pursuit of
personal holiness this often times a week for by the modern believer on it if
you can it’s inappropriate to
use the word believer on in this
description and would rather be entertained award when rather be cobbled in
their seeing would rather be
encouraged to the pep talk with
one rather be made to feel
confiden the god of the universe actually
existed two all of those things
and not other things this
refreshes prizes doing this is a sack picture of the
church. The one on or part of
the local expression week we
have to admit the week ball into this easily if not one
to the saints hungrily their story right in the only thing I need to do
from a heart to heart and four
of god’s word after hearing it’s
this to do what’s nothing and this is why this passage to
we’re starting to. So
invigorating fascinating it’s convicting to Joshua chapter one is a call
to action really to call the action in the
like actions all of the sword
like action and one of the
action moving the book is it the call to fit
the field of being action based
on one just the fact that you should
gulp the obedient room menu
idolize obedience and Baptista
Cates which is common in the first of
eight to this call to faith filled Kobe
and action is not based on to some people love to brag
about our obedience and as call to face filled obedient
action it’s based on none other
than the rock solid time list
until ring faithful trustworthy
wh vassal our obedience is based on
the promises and the commands of
god when you reject god’s
instruction you reject his
promise of god as a god who speaks as not depend on the business of
thing is not right now the back
room behind this book curtain
with a weird little wizard turn
t and stopping Donnelly served on here is all things he sees
all things eat no is all things
he has a fresh spoken word for
every one of you and I in every
sea as word European joshua’s for
one simple as that I was serving
as word is less dull write
access to god’s word and Joshua
in in it’s not called to inaction were
we pray a little more about
whether we should be a huge
crowds were no this is it called 20 media
immediate Kobe it’s to the reveal that word of god
it is based on his promises and
is clear from instructor for
chapter one continues to
underscore will be its woes and promised
incoming player power with that and breakdown of passage is
fairly simple will just move to
the breakdown the first thing
you see is god speaking of
Joshua of SP to Joshua them we think
about that sell the context the
promised land the trial of the
river it’s right there in front
of wilderness right over Joshua
shoulder right behind and 40
years of wandering. Think about the 40
errors are some in this room
would pass the data about less
than half an 8 to 40 years. This
bu were so you’ll understand and at the 40 years you’ll ever
number you want on how long you
been wandering around in your
CNN in one around making excuses and
plan a blinding backs the
wilderness factors behind Israel the promised land everything
they ever desired and one in a
big lead in four is right hand
from them powerful moment the time has come it’s not time
to debate the digital committees
to gather to watch television
drama and how little we should
do bass was happening fast
intensity of the moment I’m
pretty sure when god speaks from
having an interview with the way
for 40 yea but I’ll take those people are
taking a map don’t some time to pray about what to
do by the time to consult his
many friends as possible about
the decision in front of you
it’s t how will judge would be a it’s a question and the question ago plus the
converse with two house and the mysteries of the founding
should be shocking to many of us
and the answer is very simple my dear Watson very
simple but user simply is not talked about
madame is one year is one around
an abolitionist up in the bedroom floor and you do the
buck trust in god’s promises
while ruthlessly obeying god’s
commence a career some of you
sayin stop giving the public should
begin upon hearing the passerby
the town as I’ve tried them
intensively to try the immediate
fire so back the same pattern
next day. So this was not try to
pretend to find it easier said than done with diverse a street in knowing without doing your keys
commissioning Joshua Wright
these commission in to grab the
helm of the ship these
commissioners Conisto does not calling Joshua to
manage something as calling into leaving
something not call in to be a manager who
gets every little piece brights these calling in to be a leader
who does the right things in the
picture leaders do the right things
manners would do things right
and we can do things right what
happens that gets stuck in the
mind an layers on the other man without
leave every one of us is called
two if you are a Christian or
call yourself a believer leaders
o their bid objects the big things
right behind bats guns: Joshua two goals: Josh and full promise its
full comments those promises of
those commands\been enabled
Joshua love to do the right
things, the look did deeper in this with
the promises of god your registry to find good on
promises that every every place
the Joshua steps in this vast
territory and has promised land
resettlem because by the journey possible
on field down giving it to you
to find all in column rather it
belongs to you and given to the happened all the cities do
is to simply take possession of
nuclear dislike them come to put
this witness like bayside Joshua Maryland on interceding in a row in the
region are invited to get some
of them $1,000,000 check to do a
lot when the Woodruff was receiving
$1,000,000 check has been
guaranteed not to balance due to
wrote it from a trustworthy one: Barth would ever stop
Joshua compassion for back in a sense of what you and
I do every day to the we go back
to our wilderness ascent rather
walking and two of the promised back what do you take the
$1,000,000 check to crumble up
and at the reopen a lot I don’t
trust the guy who wrote the
check us al without Joshua room for from
caching check the doggone as spoken to signal
that can stand against you but no mannequin take you down
Joshua if you’re afraid of
people to worry about I’ve got
this best and a say in no man’s
than a at the promise that each one of
us gets a piece of two very because of the cross of Christ
you can trust if you can trust
in Christ if the rest of your
life you are enemies can not a
polic edit and cross any of the two someone step toward chard no one
right in one of Jordan on right
now like object up over this and jump in any wrestling with
anybody bothered about budget
black man as powerful stuff that happened there isn’t an enemy around this
can be overcome her Joshua one one is their promise true
because god’s as this goddess
promised to beat with him in the
same display of faithfulness and
power Moses and seat map now gestures
like old babe on my hero of the
guy that was the assistant to I
was on the mountain with him whe found his role do in the status
of the review in the valley and
ice on god known about for ways
I was when Moses I saw you when pool is that for you this cop to
use an eyebrow and a sister I’ve
seen gotten in my life at this
annual arts a question as to where hardware that
something can approve of the
hard part is one to doing
nothing and psychology at younger
brothers to shut up and see what
does the new life not sure which
are column in Tibet has never
made a comment to continue to live in
jail and as I did it get the
best for me whenever a plaque to
put all right on tools Joshua move in your
life and the same way about new
in Moses one believes that knows it’s in your
life right now that you probably
out of the missing 2112 marine
who was a book on the question of what I’d
call could you be a Moses two right now but nobody who as saying all
along this year deal and its
Allies Ian thistle be a source
of primates of paper meeting
ride back boys after you where your mouth
is too will miss those principles are
important promise here is absolute victory
best the promise that god is
giving two Joshua absolutely no
enemies in a stand against it
beca of you go back to like about him
all over again like am telling you to watch TV after
court Mary wars working up a baby a dog of use of still
user. And to gates and can return the war is there a
present on the present means
always present. Nothing you do
when the bills and was true report says a beautiful thing to everything that he is called him
to do you can do by no but
you’ll notice if the downside of
the raises because he’s promised
to the only thing that stops you
from walking in holiness as your hard work which is rooted in doing
absolutely nothing and and fast promise of this promise
keeper not shift away from
promises for a minute of the
focus a little bit more in on
the comma and can start with timer on the
clocks of money of warm and
preaching so you know what is
happening in this very can’t
bear the load . To the commands the following
promises at the misstep could
build I’ll miss back to school
and that’s even laid out in the
text on the promise comes first and the men come second the promise comes first in the
coming comes second of the prop
as it actually trustworthy but
the command itself here.
Absolutel one of the various than promises of citrus fruit
command a simple and clear the
command is this the strong be
courageous acts like it’s a
teacher a armed bumper stickers we get
around tee shirts all those
things they are wholly watch up
in which is their vocal Peters norm being
sarcastic and use from her agents of the bistro groups in
aggressive? We’re facing
something betting Basinger the pool of warm you’re
facing the irritation being killed because you do the right
thing and coworkers may be
writing in facing the loss of a good
friend if you do the right
things around the memo was warm and
there are times in life daily I
believe for week ball or call
them have the opportunity to be
stron we’re held user seeker concoction I
guess it’s not really a seeker
in a mickey come back to the
same thing country to the same
message it’s not just because we don’t
get its responded by the partners is radically
shaping what does a potter do with the
Clary over and over and over
again he’s shaping the Clary
over and over overdue and not
just one unless your heart is a hard rock and eight been replaced yet I’m
just been calling yourself the
question but to really knocked right the bat point you’ll be shaped but the point
you need called at a place you
been be the holy spirit, give
you a brand new heart to two –
the a burn the answer is from simple really
when it comes to arm how how old do you be strong
and courageous house and is
write that down to the I’ll bet
the house in how we do this by Iraq, we’d be strong and
courageous to be answered the
simple to submit a bill like
hearing . We like to live servers to a
little like hearing will like hearing the answer the
remedy to the problem of how to
be strong and courageous god’s
answer it is simple and obey my as simple temple Otto Graham I would be
carefully says duke had briefing
has been written in the mosaic
along the way the same Joshua
ther on the country it would be
pretty broad application if you
will be beginning to hold back the space is saying don’t turn
away from my word no compromise that although Santa Maria Nunn
work has not been a mind so much
if I find a little bit here and
there are undermined too much di that night was heard them and
there are bylaws endeavour Nidal
battle of the date of no value
of the final of the Russian only use your bible to
the five birthplace by bus as it does know that’s where
we were very good of the blasphemy vote for
us two countries obedience and
seeing in this kind of a way that god’s law was never meant
to be a surfer certain season
and escorted the very next
season but god’s law is meant to keep
us safe simple god’s law is meant to
reveal send in a civil law is
meant to help us who live in
spiritual and sometimes as ago
prosperit the book or I refuse to turn
will turn away we refuse to turn away from
god’s will refuse to take our
noses out of his book will refuse to Sari work again
compromise their one Sansome and
all the senses promises ties to
the best and the like release them and really bad place for
you when you refuse to turn away
from the small you’ll have
success wherever you go despite
the circumstance circumstances
do not di that is one word and farmers
cocoa beans the potential for the worse is
to character and buzzwords should be on our lives
all times wed because our heart
is pondering obedience in all
tension from build again
Christia we know all sorts of words in
your mouth is writing checks in
your life doesn’t paint right but the problem really come being hypocritical the
copper some acclaim one thing
and do another one to lip service as an issue in the church and my job a job as a discipline
one another in the church and on and play and were those who
are her church so our lives should look like
we’re meditating on schilling on
god’s wording edition of the lip
service it’s not just talking ab but just the right field is good once again
doing the right things is more
important every leader in the fair
superwoman Jesus very crisp of
more theology that all of us in
this room combined pretty sure I
say per the problem was it didn’t do the
right things that should convict everyone of
us in this room recalls our
souls believed to the warning will be a fake field active
theology back but which bears the fruit
of obedience daily OPS were
talking about here than strength and courage up for
the fruit will be a part better be a part is the result
of trust in god will be with you
but in some fans so full of
misguided of you don’t do what
every to someone comes to me and says
of the wars with them on a believer of trust and go on
to stop this is so interesting how in
our culture to bury whether part
of the church and a former
church it’s just it’s almost
like a re meets using back of a whole
bunch of other things like up
the phone number one.
Churchwell. Are you sure you’re
from the unsure routes for the spirit of god
comes alive and communities for
errors for more you sure we comes to me since the room believer and oftentimes
more serious that’s completely
there were a warning urging a more
challenging into a believer or too little believer but I’d
like to see improvement would
like to see you prove your faith
with obedience will be a fatal action this
entire message and James Wright
relives based firms are doing
come talk much recall the warm
pool th the job for you show me the way junior crew of the Saint James its
arch, loving one another because
I believe the church’s becomes
soft ruled the fruits of around 35 a
setback in my living room or rather the right this while and Joshua rice to
smother him being used promises and honest man’s
god believes in action does and
eight assists lungs as Mcclung
promise me Madam Paul Molitor
the when god says chuck short of
Mets clipping dulled Josh was
like a man with the government fleets in the second part Joshua
speaks to his rule them that it
brew of the other leaders and Benny and again put itself
back here josh’s place register
from god but I cannot tell this arid the jostle a standing
on a launching pad basically
again ready to launch Alps wilderness as soon as in the
rearview mirror the promised
land of freedom is right there
in front of an Internet takes a
back ya seeing lives and then use a moment and this happen
right to put pretense rest of this
divinely inspired me a list and
nourish in such ways to walk and
live with never walking with a
fou arm promises and for women today to
be easy to leave the wilderness
will this is all staff was known
for years the Joshua Wesson with Josh was
not about to let the past define
his future in a destructive
Larry are you gonna allow your past to define
your future and destructive like
that I submit to you that if you
don’t you’re taking not $1,000 what you do the story did it cost to Washington about some of the
past on his future instructor
with joshua’s a man who submits
to go in the trusting of promise
o the literally gets in front of
god’s people with his leaders
may set lasted all people back
to his billing Joshua obediently
pas any passes those commands along
with the promises of god in the
driver’s seat of the vehicle of
obedience and cast activity had the passes along the commands of
god with the promises of god in the
driver’s seat of this vehicle of
obedience bus stop in the day,
Simon role as a stall down broke 10 to 15 of space in a simple
recounting of all god’s promise
to do enough beings three days
are now wants people are
commanded of picking up the check taken a check to the bank and
getting not check cashed the
Madison UC expression would be
like now has a reforms. Or check its
action was taken more things and one fighting vehicle and a piles this was tired and this informal for rework Kamel fisher and underfunded and Natasha for
these men were an Russian mesa tools people to
check writers for a trustworthy than three days were to get
moving on to go and the cool pieces I think this is
the right to petition arm work unless things that uses
richest 12 to 15 there in the
second section of the buzzer to
give them some of these relate
to tas that supports an important thing
right in here to a city that’s
about where I live in a manner
of members represent the case of octagonal rest pulled a taste of
the restful free in the bank
have the gonna have a promised
land title for taste of heaven
righ all and I think the URL and the number of the knights and
again I still love their names realized again I snapped a
massive eight I think they can
all testify and they got this
little share to message of the
gospel th on because they already been
showing backed portion their
portion part of their portion.
One of the arguments go. Arm and a route that the street
rods could testify that was
about the place and others said
Joshua sending those wars in
those n leaders can’t give up that do
not have you’ll have a gospel
you ain’t gonna give the gospel
right below have character
you’re no back to picture how you bring
tribes and gave you a taste of this
legend of friendly to the mind
people can walk in the
possession but I’m getting to
them and powerful crucial moment though this
moment it’s a moment of response in there that’s next moment it’s a moment of response how is
his robe and respond how to respond of commission on
their alliance what’s gonna
happen when they walk out the
first doors that week to have limited in their bible
study their section you’re 16 to 18
people speak right back to
Joshua either respond and that just like Joshua Bruce
Pittman will miss the centenary
of the right to come back to the promised land of freedom is in
the front window there’s a thing for some of your
very own version of this in this
room also some reports of
questions and decide some ears
to on piggy and figure out if there is
a promise and from right now and the you could walk in the
obedient prior to my fear for you as a human
never done wilderness perspective for you as a war over the walk around in
the wilderness them or more your
heart cards and a smoker for you as a pastor
Mr. Butler parsing out for number of
years of walking with folks and we’ve all
seen this generalize to miss its hard they
will come only from other people
worry used a memo brother were
sister and friend on whether Ashbury because current offer about where they
should be walking they prove they were brother or
sister because when they walked inside the Wilbur Seymour
mention of Jesus and accessory. You can crucified
Jesus for its would increase for warrants to to you that I have a pizza which
if you’re into warning will need
to listen to the wilderness for others
relates that they’ve just known
for four years as to why Fresno have as their
weight in relationships are
awaiting money management under a way to quit simply was
stuck in the mud one because it
tried to go their way along with a cheap substitutes
right perspective go to once again
always been tried on their own little
other sheets us into some of the
life force to sure it was like
two suspicion for bonds outside
J And the ball up -sell the other. And if it did this alliance of Natal
of exile since its humanity and some of the gold at
the orgy in the valley right
number that that was
substitution thing on the thing is this past fall
in the past are not very more on
this very the promised land is in front of
them will Israel do the one
thing that they need to do to
harden their hearts which is
what not right but will they hear the word of
god from Joshua and do want
nothing about was the mapping me
up on building this or no right
to r but in a walk away to another as
Joshua Michael great sermon
Pastor Joshua while Bryan of the
black boys spirit was a moment
are ride on wall is still a spray
can say about this is not a cap and not the plot the city at
night and then you’re awake now
of wisdom of our neighbors by the
Miceli nothing in a murmur on
one themselves by David and
Moses after coming to the red
sea and t come to the red sea that because
either enemies flatbed bank
sobbed as happened to the
satellite, and has not moved to
death at really complaining that made it
may be added to the say about
dasher a file you there are the
women get them into complain
about while brothers and science air , but we can make its office by did a generation ago
that the profession whether one
around for years Joshua and the Caleb Ely two
spies and a generation left
alive to zero lead to rock back
into the port to report simply
was I’ve go I was much better will do what no list until ago
circle slips into one bill we
weighed on ago in a stadium 40
years of 40 years later does
back is right in and in the debate and Joshua call
them in their seeing the spec to the
wilderness Josh and expected
Egypt would be stiff neck like
their parents in the rebellious like the
grandparents were the women do
while reading the response
responses are gonna be like
music joshua’s cash or although you can and
this will be an where the service will go basis as being just as we obeyed
Moses and all things so we will
bury you music to my ears ride the wave it’s a slight next one
will mostly in a 0.3 are only may the lord your god be
with his use of Moses whoever
rebels against your command and
disobey sure words whenever you
come to be put to death would be
strong. The full circle bear on a sunny
spot she wanted here in the U.S.
did you get a ride the wife was
a dozen you really didn’t ride the bus a response to one the year
as a response of either all
beings their anger there willing
to do with the school than ado their will in the dollar does
call the middle of the west
Joshua be reminded of the
Sherman courageous take this to
prayed to go and released after the senate
their lives right of fascinating as the passage
was deficit that they will obey
Joshua just like no big Moses many of my kids have been double
the lack of your mom or vice versa may double plays a
former wife of a bus to Wilbert
wheeler and fish is dangerous. As with the murder was seven of
the flash of whom took up and who would go to them and bottom of the
fact that it’s possible that the
if Joshua remembers what is
rules of the inspection report Moses was prior wasn’t so much.
Here’s a rundown very flattered of the pity was said looking at
this and rose colored glasses in
any way either , and never less bad is the
right response on the right response needs to
be followed up by fate filled
obedient action on the
questioning robust use will is a continual they does
word will they or their hearts
with stubborn in the action as a
story on all its being conclusion to send question for us the
nasty behold from begun with
full term vision for softly
receivership or were you reject
all of that comes down to the
conclusion of the same question
is in front of us baby should
take along for any of you here
quickly iden relationships the wilderness is
sad that the rest right to use
any of this arrest the
wilderness and money management
issues tha . A hard for any of us to find
it sexual seeing laziness secret
habits of gossiped slander the
list goes on and on the job
you’re a list of these
wilderness names and who commits all this bill are the could never leave the sermon
like Mcadoo who maybe sometimes
we should be admissible out there is a guy hebert’s proclaim out to you
there is a god working in the
storyline, the landfill and the
DS faithful ideas and he is true
but has a canon drive away always
way always calling hound of having his holy spirit
never gives up on singers who
are lost but think that are Christians until they become Christians test markets. Our father who has promised all faithful and true all his
promise and cross into two of
Jesus Christ or any of the naval
my spirit filled all beings are
asking for all I need to do to my heart to heart metadata
spoke his work is what
absolutely nothing by a site for stifle that god
and the today when she’s as
surveyed across beforehand and bought 1/2 my Seinfeld with
dahlias heart what Jesus days he joyfully cry
out that less, Denny as a NAZI out there know if that’s not my job I was an
honest living well in message
the Pakistani gang and promised land of freedom
from saints in the world and
back his right in front of you you can walk in face of field
freedom you can for all unite no history of
action watch you do it to testify this. Gotta live
inside you doing a UK and doing because of him calls you use faithful use true to look to the one who will
never leave you have for CQ,
let’s go to the bomb the past to be witnesses to
close all the more obvious do
the work of Jesus up across a
need to us via Jesus. The menace to
close the close of communion and
prayer and music end of every pitch for stations
three across the front won the
back. The clock one of the
center here just for you and the
lord, that the ones on your writing on
your left, one-day clock in the
‘have servers there to serve
you, Al events and to pray that
if off your here with us here
cannot believe are yet , I’d say the call yourself a
question which are walking just
outright lake city life cannot
repay the debt we probably a
whole what you should do with the
blood in the body of Christ be
broken. Com think about to calm as a as a person may be
walking out when I hear someone
is not a believer yet no one
should take me again because the
stude this might be at home we like
the idea of the divestiture of
Jesus, one broker an audience of
the perfect two of no doubt
you’re of them know the passing of pray
for you, serving. For serving yourself the station
for all we do to break the bread
care piece of different issues
we consume , this is an opportunity for us
to realize that I thought about
obedience the only way that we
got here in weak dollar we do
all of the cheeses as already done
it in our doing as a flow of what
he has done , the imac Ross he said these
three words as his finished the
depiction of completeness of the action was just the table are obedience. The stamping the the the the the the the the the the the the Chinese are a, BCIRN A.s
IIISSIACEKICARACIA C’s deadline, i.e., R.A. RUNTIPI says in the fives are the CIA’s RACIA has a stain is
GDR IGCA is still a nine OCKGCA CRI I’s IC says ID 9 IIY CIA’s
five and a three COPYCA GMADIIC a PERRE stein UA the ISO nine, RB saw a SHR era
SIICAARA BI C.s AKACLAC says SYCCARA Saul nine UV is the PCR five PPG as low as nine QCIA Knopf UAK ACZ, rpi EC in mean from 56575
era G’s as demand side Jc name
SIIARACA CTVZ , so you are you a nine MM are the sounds in soon he worries that is owner
calls the known Q in the 99 says a the the the EIBUYNESIAAAUYRUNI B’s ARCCU
IUSIARAC a NI MHLACOAA A’s IAMEO a K a mama’s same , nine name G’s as Jesus and, as a new nine A G’s as the A’s as the event is a new nine NBA G’s as he’s the Schumann said movie OAA GI I’s RK GKCICARANIMA Thomas A I’s IACLAYIAIA A’s
RCRCMAIAAICIO we are as soon as he BJ, he says he’s cmgi says VIIA A’s VCC A’s R I’s OURSIAR C’s
CNIGSIICAAACREEKKII C’s L RBIS AACEEE TEET a spread father died please call one to four months till now these
2.147, for those who are one for one week from an enormous letters, only control and more and more over till you’re a search the heat from 58. It may be the best week
of: table where only a first
impression survey of action for
the fall about drop boxes are make sure they stay
connected. We’re like you and me: one for
sure , a few special events. Once we have a men’s room. No
one ever 491 more details have
been after service. And also his comments after they
hear a 1:48 PM the sources are
renewing their of that , type you would like to overcome the end
of the other question, though . No doubt the and GTE EDT PDT PDT PETTESTE D E

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