Live PD: It’s the Battery, Ya Dummy (Season 3) | A&E

– We just pulled up on a,
uh, disabled motor vehicle in the roadway from the owner. Apparently, it’s
not holding any oil. So now he needs a jump start. – Now I’ve got two
dead batteries. – Oh, jeez. – Oh, my god. – Eddie, what’s going on? Now this car is shut off. – Shut off? – It’s not starting. What happened? – I don’t know. Let me see– All right, try it now. [engine starting] – Ha ha!
– Juiced up. – Got a line, yeah. Right. – It’s got some juice in there. – Well, we got one going. – Why– why– why– why– What? – I wasn’t having any
trouble with his car, Eddie. Why did it die like that? – Did you have the lights on? – I was driving towards you. It’s dark. It’s at night, Eddie. You’re supposed to
have the lights on. – All right, let me–
let me try starting this. [engine starting] – Nope. [police radio chatter] Now the other battery died. [music playing] – What happened? What’s going on with this car? – It died? – This never happened
to me before. It just died. The battery, it’s gone. It’s dead. She needs to come over here
and give me a jump, Eddie. – Yeah, but– the battery, miss. – You’re gonna have to
get your truck towed. – Wait– what– what’s
going on with this engine? – I just said that. You’re going to have to
get your truck towed. – I know, but it just died.
It went off? – No, Eddie. – You– maybe it’s
the alternator. – No, maybe it’s the [bleep]—-
just the battery, Eddie. You dummy. [music playing] – Started again.
– There you go. – [laughter] – That’ll get him
out of the road. [engine starting] Doesn’t look like
this is going to work. Oh, my god! Ma’am, it’s already started. The car is started. He just had it started. Oh, my god. Oh, I need a vacation. – You all set? – Can you help these out? – Yeah, I heard you got stuck.
– Yeah. – And I think you
guys needed it. – This one keeps dying. This one is dying. – What is this, “Live PD”?
– Yeah, – Get in your truck now. Hurry up!
I hope it– – This car. And the car starts, right? And all of a sudden,
she loses the lights. And now, and now– – I lose the lights. And now, and now– – She got the– she
got the lights on. Now the car stalled out. Would you do a
voltage test on this? – Yeah, I can check
it out for you. – Eddie, don’t
bother these people. – No, I’m going to do a voltage
and see what the problem is. – The officer said we
could go home, Eddie. – Ma’am, the car’s
not even running. – No, he can jump me right now. – The car’s not running. – Go ahead.
– Eddie– – Go ahead. Start it. There you go. [police radio chatter] – That’s all right. That’s all right. [music playing]

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