LIVE WEEKLY WRAP UP with MRECK + Jordan Tower : Discussing Diddy Bodyguard, Sept 11, HIP HOP NEWS

what’s good everybody welcome to the
weekly updates this am rack right here yes / man let’s go at all so basically I is jordan tower tower
films and wreck and directv for DVD the weekly update this is everything that
was going on during the week for hip-hop and entertainment so how was your week man bye week it was it is all a blessing man
you know i’m especially especially the good way you know not definitely have a
little while so I see you drop that I that second part of the day bodyguard
this week yeah yeah definitely day definitely day
at home we’re looking at a do a big livestream
taping middle simple but it is second clip a lot of people really was picking
it you know what I see you did like don’t like 50,000 years day on that whoa i’m making if that’s what you mean
you know the numbers better than meeting bad you know is there only one extra
member you’re not happy i just i just like to keep working you know appreciate
that though no not definitely so what basically how
did you get with this guy that’s doing the duty bodyguard documentary i met him
actually like 2009 in front of Jersey Girls strip club yeah I’m jersey yeah mmmm what does not
but we recently got back a contact due to the video I’ll club okay his name’s
and Jones so might not work with filmmakers rocks likely uh sighs
available so many different people we just finished project i think it was
called building a great and almost have been a reality TV show I mean and do and
just kept in contact and on he sent me the video clip on the most local not the
most recent one the one prior to that wanted to LA the first one yeah the one he said I should like your
father did ya get I want every single viral you sent me that back July and
then you know we just really doesn’t like Puff Daddy obviously yeah you got
it in for blood of you got in because you feel like a big I guess should’ve
gotten sort of speakers watch so he’s still upset at like you know he told off
numerous times arm know these cases coming to get us no I got instead I got the world yeah
tough just didn’t listen you know so he feel like I got to get this off my part you know I’m saying you know I think
we’re clear conscience even though he told the person they’re in charge
everything don’t listen I don’t think it’s a good idea to go to la anything I
was in yeah he listened so you know this is him telling his story and also you
don’t get that stuff off and talk today you know I i understand you know a lot
of people are going to think he’s probably like hating and doing this for
profit but that’s not the case here because like it’s not that profitable
it’s just like really just wants to get this stuff off of his chest right yes it’s pretty much yeah I said you
know you just want to let the people know what would happen at night you know
and he goes instantly like really into each other really in debt to the full
documentary right here that I saw it I got it you know what you know interested in me
not to put it out to the public it was just for me to watch it so i can tell my
father would be much better not be back and help him get it out there properly exactly exactly given a platform and let
my father was my subscribers know who it’s authentic yes they want to say they like somebody
coming out the woodworks just wanted to post just talked about Oakland and
plastic knives and one of those type of things now you know no yeah I mean you know the way I took
it is like take you know tough guy who’s never been
known as the honorable guy you know we do this track record at this point and
that’s it I totally respect the man for being a
business i’m sure you do to his inspiration of course arm he’d handle
it’s called the music this so you know so he’s doing business with musicians
and he’s doing what’s best for him in his business right but the hell hole the
hole Tory’s piaggio Tupac that could have been handled a lot better we could
both Graham both sides you know this could have been nipped in the bud that’s
so out of control you know and i think that’s the point he’s kind of trying to
make like you did it work all the designs to stop this he didn’t stop him
. that’s economics and not exactly and think about he knew that we didn’t you
know we’re too young too big so it’s really perfectly personal very personal
because the setup before big died the night before that he said they had a
real personal in-depth conversation about big for our personal finances and
everything like yeah he knew exactly what was in biggest contract because pop
hadn’t read the contract to flex oh damn thats stuff that’s in the document but
how I’m coming up this closes because you know i feel like the story needs to
be told and I call it all with you know I can’t hold on to so much information
especially when you know the truth yeah it is and makes to be pretty cool
because of no II don’t sin and of course people trying to make money in and it
was bigger than biggie Tupac ya think I’m say it yeah because you got to work your labels
you know bad boy roll get you guys the parent companies you know I think at the
time it was a dressed-up did you have our deaf brother was in school and I
think all the time like was distributed and it’s cool yeah the University little so you have
these entities that come out of money any artist and these regulated moves and
a lot of people think a lot of money off of this be dex yes not just talking
people fail to realize it’s not just puffy and shook there’s a whole first
probably 50,000 people that were eating offer this problem its publication every
publication want to keep it going because all publications the magic TMZ
with no problems there’s no TMZ it will be able to do it
so the TMC at that time was making money whatever it was you know and then you
get the labels making money off your record sales and you got publications
making money off of covers the source except you know Don Vila you know X but
yeah I i was kinda like wow someone speaking out about this i mean we’ve had
a few people comfortable with this it’s always kind of an interesting story
because there’s so much mystery to that story like you know just it was crazy
because one year pop died and then the next year big daddy was like what the
hell you know like I remember being a kid and jumping you we had all their cds
we grew up on you know so it’s like I know you were kidding i’m like what the
hell is going on you don’t know what was the no joke when
big impact that I mean even home right after that you know big LOL i think it
was two days later he died your ass . again simply it’s like being in popped
out yeah like really serious you know that
ok people play for keeps distracting ok got case you and you know we can
piece it up later and i was getting killed you don’t understand Jay like it was
East Coast West Coast you know it was it was don’t beat all no blood in blood out yeah and record
labels for me either was making a lot of money off you know the whole East Coast
West Coast you understand what I’m saying I understand so so are the thing
with biggie it should have been a mystery because
what I saw the documentary yeah and what has been put out to the
public already all certain people taking no came for certain information and they
pointed out a certain position you know saying like it was supposed men do
enough you know are and why you sayin I’m saying course they’re specialists
actually showed his picture up and that’s what genius thing that could get
the name of the you know the guy be my bodyguard and she get so that’s pretty
say they showed him who died was like I’m gonna say the week before you leave
later alright yeah so they showed him a picture of him and puff standing next to
the gap oh yeah yeah yeah i saw that with with
with the home with the guys face blurred out but gene and Dave face was clearly
ya gonna say what I’m saying yeah so they have enough information in a know
who did what so you know I don’t know why is a
conspiracy but it’s because it’s like a mix the Milky Way all the facts and
details in front that’s the front of people that can make a judgment mr. even
if someone gets nabbed for it at this point it’s so deep in the conspiracy 20
years that nobody everyone’s gonna call he just took all you know that this this
is always going to be some big it’s almost like JFK getting like it there
think there’s this big conspiracy behind it you know you know but like I it’s
always interesting to see what people thought around that time you know
because we were so young you know so now we’re getting like that knowledge about
that time what was going on that’s the most interesting part about it to me
like when you see you get like totally getting off-topic like you you hear stories about like Rockefeller
during the days you know like Rockefeller was this big thing to us but
there was so much bullshit going on that you don’t even know about to later you
know when the documentaries come out and that stuff is interesting because you
look at certain certain things a certain way you know and then you get an inside
look all the sudden that’s what makes these things interesting definitely I mean there should be a
television show on that honestly you’d like just on stuff like this you know I
an in-depth look I mean hip-hop is big enough now to where you could get more
into like the nineties when you know I wouldn’t be some interest no I I’m gonna
be honest you’re not so interested in what happened melly-mel day you know all
that kind of stuff not really we’re more interested in like
not enough for you hang it up right next to whatever it’s not the big today yeah
and that’s what stuff like you’re getting real music videos million-dollar
videos you want to see what the hell’s going on behind closed doors here it’s
more interesting right well it was like I’m gonna have to admit no contract
because you can stack it was deputy aspect of course I mean you know that Grandmaster Flash all that started it
all it’s important to know that you know but
it’s really not that much right it’s important to know the history of
cars you know you getting a building cars and stuff it’s important to know
where your industry began right on the call you want to see what him before all
was it before that it was on there was it Henry Ford he implemented the the
line that what they call the manufacturing line ok that’s work right but there was
another guy for the car forget today we could get it going listen don’t worry . and i like this oh yeah that’s so so so let’s get into
the next time topic we got it you heard that Minaj freestyle on that young that
may be right yeah already do you think she was I’m gonna do you think she was coming at
somebody and I think she was coming at younger than a kind of taking a jab like
hey watch yourself you know I got the Queen no I don’t know what you might be
what I don’t have one because that’s Nicky leg to mess with those types of
chicks what you don’t like it that’s not like you can make cheat like it would be
like she just always thought to get checked with maxpreps Nicki seven years
ago right now but not not a diet or maybe fit yeah exactly need to thank you that they
got on labels to the chicks you got the AG’s that’s the gray suit oh you know doctor takes I think that’s
amazing yeah she did you do to me which is no
problem with that but it’s like I feel like I’m watching a dude rappin because
she’s so aggressive what she’s more of a gangster than like a lot a lot dude who
distributes brother now but you’re going to love this forget we have parts do you remember
that you think boss you’re not on a damaged and related to decide that stand
here and she never i think we’re probably said she was going to get
anything like that but wishes herself she definitely was like young maid back
back there I’m just so people know me as don’t actually intend that is a dope
record she came out like don’t want on I’m gonna stay like 94 microsecond she
might get my daughter over there brother HL you know a lot of people were trying
to say that she was coming from running mob but not i don’t think so you know
because they have kind of an alliance going on when she came out they reached
out to each other like she has no reason to go over any marimar hasn’t taken a
shot her a lot of people think they have said she asked what she hasn’t but I
think Nikki alone definitely is trying to protect how Babbitt ok nikki has a
huge bear based but once you get it cheap really Lord compare things you
just ate like she you know she was taking the girls
always insinuating like to get there like actually goes both ways right way remember I think she got off at school
call back on that was sick who is 20 Bobby Bobby Bobby the short
par-4 oh yeah barb sorry there yeah yeah yeahs you go ball
is to get together do and together I don’t think Carter I think the bar just
her fans just like beyhive yet but i think she put the difference is baloney because if you really did your homework
like most of our cake Nicki face they are all the cake yeah
you know say but that’s not the meeting somebody and oj because that’s not you
know what I made to you know not everybody can do that but you know yeah
I think you’re right on point in terms of whom she was coming at all that you
make me stop thinking she’s definitely not a significant I think she was just
like you know like yo hold up i’m still get all that good fast yeah they’re like Kim try to do to Nikki
but it didn’t work for a little Kim can sneak it in the washer it today but I’m
gonna be added to do I think Kim should home embrace Nicki Minaj a small be too
just like foxy did ya see if I see definitely smaller de anoche brace on
young lady coming up yeah and it would only help him years in
the game at that point at that point it’s like over 10 years it’s time to
pass the baton you know like that he’s only had five years and she wants to
hold this for a few more years you know may listen nicki minaj is good yeah like and she decide to say you’re
going alright she don’t need that money don’t you like you know she finally got
that and we can happen 1.2 I’ve noticed a lot of these guys it’s a power thing
now like look at the trouble Trump isn’t
running for president to become richer is running for president because it he’s
addicted to power yeah I agree yeah that’s not agree but
you gotta understand it but the power comes a lot of responsibility and you
except maybe he’s kinda like she’s like not war but she’s typing you look at
she’s like it the beef between me enjoy ya cash money little boy baby you know
that’s kind of the way on the tab she she’s like I’m gonna put all the latest
drama that comes with the business right you don’t look at it like I’m totally
legit don’t think it’s exactly like bitches like you know it’s started
there’s just a few months ago she was coming at you Miley Cyrus yeah but it is
not thinking probably start with just beyond where am I literally felt like
Miley Cyrus was taking direct shots at her on that interview remember she was
like Miley and job that shit about me in the practice remember that business like
what’s good in the Latino to get back my lost much it ya know that was that was
entertaining I don’t think that was a small bowl you
don’t know so either especially with that so many
big brands endorsing you exactly don’t have I don’t want to be too aggressive you know it’s not just kind of fun trust me i think that’s that’s why no
hip-hop artists don’t get too much larger ships and it was dismissed
because of all the negativity negativity surrounds a lot of dogs understand what
I’m saying because you got thing if you endorsed somebody s you know getting to
be finished in to happen on lack then that reflects on your bracket if
somebody to get a heart to say like happen Ellie speaking of pepsi
commercial anything should happen next week yeah and commercials little 24-7 Stevie
stop while we saw what pepsi did with little Wayne and tyler the creator and
they don’t even do that you know they just get it was t old thing with a
little way what was it he said something about yeah i forgot it
was but I wonder what you guys think about something controversial with the
blacklivesmatter thing some buildings and all the things that are is
interesting to take that yeah and then they topped them and then
i talked with the Creator it was something really stupid and he had
directed a whole commercial for mountain dew which is a pepsi company yeah the creator or even a thing as
crazy as he is you don’t need to help as voices need to
do voiceover he’s will not occur as a cartoon yeah you can do that no he’s not a
little oh you have you left the low home that I’m gonna tell you he’s on the
cartoon network with his own TV show already oh well I’m up the low ya little box
that but I’m Cartoon Network yeah wasn’t any show all right about animals here
i’ll tell you right now I yeah the Creator out a little bit deputy
understand effect for that later squad known as my lawyer is quite that was his
other show i heard the cutter another school yes what’s with that was on cartoon
network to thank you for the quick out here on the regular show here is what he
said it’s not his cartoons part of cartoon called the regular show okay he’s all that and then he has a new
cartoon about jellyfish called the jellies that’s coming out this guy’s
crazy ran very creative yeah definitely nope you know what you
stole oh don’t just thinking about TV it had
been catching up on your power ma’am all the way call it up I’m or you know they have all this show
turning out to be very sick especially going on what’s the guy’s a that’s just
that’s designed to carry that’s local security well oh yeah but I know you’re talking
about his security that slipped yeah it was like to fish the whole time
he was really just getting out one up on ghosts that was crazy . steady you’ve
got to that point oh man i’m a monoclonal like I said she
i’m waiting for tonight maybe it comes to love to think about as i didn’t watch
last week where I guess I goes girl you know that the DEA DEA agent who ever she
did something to him i didn’t watch that one yet so after tonight I’m gonna watch
them both tomorrow because you know i need one is not just enough for me i
need to yeah i see that’s any back-to-back got a
meeting because it’s so subtle you know I don’t spoil it for you know I don’t
tell me or put it I watched you say you saw the guy show up for dinner at goes
house always been you know I was great he was like whoa I’m gonna be in my
house it was incredibly goes directly sitting down with the kids that’s crazy
I told she was like why you didn’t tell me how to dinner guests arrive or
something to that effect my other wit yo go get the cool what they like about
those evil means it’s cool that’s it will think about the whole
show yeah anybody else lose a model for
goatee and hold it out strategy to have to carry them together and always could
come out of this right now so he finds his moment to strike yeah but look at the hole 0 Spanky
almost it below hangout so talking about this do that how do you think about so
they they came out and said the bmf thing is you know that 50 contacted big
meats are going to do a series is not going to be a movie now has to be a
series that nobody there to work it’s like an hour and a half it’s not enough man i want to do yeah yeah its series is way better gives
you it’s like up you know I 240 our movie yeah definitely you can take engrosses
you know like get a dose and you want your next you know like it’s a lot that
movie you watch it it’s over you’re non-white that’s unrealistic to think
about series there it is the benefit of the network’s people like the biggest
flash like yourself and myself like gets it now you let it catch up on it yet but
it’s called it off did you want god it’s gonna that’s
that’s that’s powerful okay that’s about it . huh was it called
again tonight off the night of it’s on netflix well i watch don’t xfinity it
should be on netflix ok i’ll check maybe is that maybe it’s on hulu i unsubscribe
to blue and netflix I’m so don’t pay not to tell me about that was that about it’s about this kid are allocated he
makes this girl you know yeah yesterday was day care which is that although the
cabinets with other people okay well it’s still the care I don’t
know you know going to all the details of why to look cool way to movie or
series is a series so you still look at em because he got invited to this party
i’m waiting for train a kid like you don’t know the college nerd and I guess
he’s doing whatever our athletes no homework or something like that so . the
athlete friends invite him to the party was going to let you know he’s a nerd
geek so he’s not really know his rocks off so like let’s take a look at my
collection company property gonna be a lot of girls so here’s to you know
because he got invite ya know you don’t like I guess that the Jackson the
athletes will have people calling inviting him to a nice the back that it
had on many Muslims too . he called his friend the friend flaked out on his
friend at the rack so I was trying to get in it is in the city
you know it takes place in new york city ok so he was dad you okay Democrat always with some other tools yeah make it also be short because in
the cat module you don’t turn off the old booby side right so we got come to
the city over Texas Pete stopping the attack and he’s like not an amp of duty
and feet when actually inherit make a long story short he always get a
conversation with you do the cops come and interpret itself the cast all these
things will get up you can i want to be i can’t get them out and then the
console or do that out now it’s a girl jumps to it he like almost doing but in
a little back and see the actual Authority sexy yeah so she’s like no I’m not going now
you know taking out of town so he takes out to make a long story short but
between that it gets a bottle bit of fog gets himself water they go to warm like
about how ready i think the hardest to get we don’t make me look that good on
bridge the water she gave him a key pill don’t say all you know something to that
effect ecstasy’s on one of them you know me so after she told her not good but he’s
look at that like oh damn it if if I thought you might not get me to relax
and look at it like maybe that’s the stormy me to get the facts and you don’t
really know what fuck it is once i’m gonna take the mat so i guess he was
like arm you know what I take the pill so they think the pedals then you know
we start feeling it will kick in so he’s dropping back to the credit they go to
create they get into it with some dogs that was walking out of blacklisting
interracial shit something you don’t know black dude whatever ya know called Gordon life you know what happening you know I’m
saying sees more solo arm he’s a Muslim to wasn’t any type to Pakistan with that
worked out but what’s the series about though no that’s what a combo and enjoy it
because it’s gone too far into it not gonna hit i basically girl he meets yeah
that’s what this cat he had sex with a yeah she wants up day oh right so because its investigation
conducted mystic this particular access what up went downstairs to the kitchen
fell asleep with his head on a camera what I guess I was later went to the
bathroom you know this you know I see you gotta get his dad the catback you
don’t say i just put a little more it’s like me for whatever he took the cat
took the cat you know it’s bad and go to the morning right sony so he thinks you see ok so the legs
to solve whatever sleep put on his clothes so right before he’s about to
leave his red nose grabbing everything is his pants me is sweat up i guess you
don’t know where there’s a whole pool but bad leg fe with let the war
splattered everywhere so here thanks oh shit like painting straight there
trying to get out the house fast you don’t say right and let’s say you know
you don’t give away all the details of his life he chose he’s trying to get
home got them all up and that’s basically
what this still going to get I’m gonna go watch it though it sounds interesting its speed but speaking about this about
taking things what about drinking rob this week what do you think about that
that’s crazy because that had to be instead job you understand what was
already turned out to be some kids actually worked at the venue still
wasn’t inside job just wasn’t inside which camp life and how does that even
happen then that’s what I’m saying like you not
think fred is a superstar yeah so he said the top that security actually that’s like you know exactly
how does that happen yeah anything like that happens wanted
that I mean they said it was three million it was 4,000 don’t have to
rewrite how do you leave four thousand dollars just sitting around like that
isn’t even real because we know these rappers for a lot of them get fake
jewelry and that’s fine because you know I wouldn’t get real too late i was a
rapper you’re already gonna think it’s real you know some rapper and I could
afford it but why get the real jewelry spend all my money and that’s gonna do
appreciate its a smart business move to get the costume jewelry that looks real
because in case it does get stolen it’s not a big deal well you know some
dudes feel like they have the money they want to we don’t have the fishing at the
authentic ones dead so you have to think about this double see what you got authentic jewelry you also get insurance
gonna say what I’m saying depending on how much of course in under
seven appreciated value for the jewelry you know so it’s like still a bad
business move right i think so i would never well let’s go get it watch and maybe something small i needed
that’s it you know but you guys go over the top part of this party in route to
be testing google those bones 41 of money somebody’s trying to get there if you
really want to get technical well it goes nope yeah yeah yeah you’re right you’re
gonna release your legs melted down and that’s okay because the dialogue was
originally supposed to be back by the goal right you know that right it’s not working that’s what Knox is all
about exactly exactly so now we get Brody and
a whole money thing a lot of people don’t know that like this is what if you
want you to sell your google yeah yes there is gonna see if you that bowl
we can be targeted by NSA by the room yeah it’s like something they coming up coming up I got that
blows out here don’t you go that’s what more money trust him the whole extra
money that that was the like first community yeah LOL thats jus let it get so I’m
question what do you think about me male countryside commenting at TMC when
they were like yeah I did you hear about drinking rod and yell he looks like i’ll
be honest with you I like male ok i like his music was a little like deer in the
headlights for the cameras like no like we would you ever get rid of which you
can do is try to smile a little bit like like you something first before you said
you ain’t 50 cent bra but you already said he said no black-on-black yeah
meeting look but that’s true okay you’re sure he’s only happy when I’m . watching
his jewelry yeah that that’s what he’s saying that’s
her Drake was lacking he wanted to have somebody specifically on the valuables I mean I’m gonna be honest with you
right on this whole music thing you talking about rapids and the rack of the
author arch you have people with position so we can get at eleven but
it’s gonna have to have somebody hold yer be down matter have somebody here
all security real security like that’s another thing i want to talk about not
going home blah yeah real security that can carry a
gun right you want to have security like legal home security like yeah you just
stop it because it happened a black thinking about that bad pitch that he
can badly it’s your life is in jeopardy get all the time to do that these foods
for the black because all the black not gonna oh shit Ruby trying to a couple better get that
experience for the first time being in like you got all these different pussy
access so you’re distracted by security guard knows he’s being paid to just to
secure strength today tired you don’t want to have to fire your homeboy right that’s why Real Talk I don’t need to get
involved with people I’ve worked with in terms of business is that the gate I’ve done that by accident before and
never turns out well they don’t i don’t go to the relationship certain way like
I had this friend right and he looks at lego you do music videos you do you know
content that’s cute right but what’s key is we’re doing six
figures on that I’m making more than him a year right but when he comes into my
world it’s a joke like he treats it like a joke she dated Jo call me this is how
it a market every month and this is how I have a nice bank account same with you it is my bread and butter
yes so it’s not a tool they come into think it’s joke because they look at or
as a desk job or that are you know working at a company when bro it’s
different now you can make mud plenty more than that way when that being home
is only going out doing stuff it’s limited on the money to me and we work
more hours than most . you know so let’s talk about I love ya yeah true true is a job doing now yeah I have to bring something up what
about Irish Marie to get that plea deal i think that’s a good move form because
he got to get ready so we made it home readers what it was the honorable thing
to do could think about its full crew got map right they’ve all had some duels is full so .
max the case though I think those are the guys that didn’t take a plate up well listen you got me an example and
looking at that like two minutes long feeling I’ve got seven is its family
would like that study exam good oppose the next six years so that I would I him
around your wrap on a bunch of other people had to take a plea deal in order they all have to take it together in
order to get if they didn’t all take it it was a known actually i think it was
an honorable thing to do plus think about it he went through and blue trial
he’s looking at 40 50 it’s like you’re life’s over at that
point at least at this point ok I got my feet that makes me stop if
you would think that the trap ok because max p you could have taken a
plea do I think and he blew trial 275 not the game a complete the other thing
home even want to take 10-15 there was like 10 years ago or something and he
said not that and you know what max b didn’t kill anybody and not in MSP on
max you have a conspiracy same thing with conspiracy to murder it not to say
that he party you know people that you but people that inverted message next
block up you know oh yeah I don’t like just just being
involved in a murder not even doing the murder just on the phone and stuff
that’s conspiracy so you get big time for that they don’t
contain joking around with that now a total x12 and he’s gonna go out sad i
make sure its business for shopping or definitely you don’t want to see my kids
I’m not out there stupid shit yes and what is that we can look into
weapons designer just started a somebody’s got a gun and traffic and you
got nap and then you know they said he had a gun charges there luckily you got everything dropped by
this this is a reality check for everybody know what the hell’s in your
car when you get into that you got in the car with designer that day and say
he didn’t have a gun so you had all that drugs right you you all get charged for
that New York you know that’s why it’s important you get car you ask people
what they have a gun because if you get pulled over in that first you don’t know
what that guy’s honorable enough when people under pressure they they they
might say it wasn’t theirs because they don’t want to go to jail and also in New
York everybody gets charged with the gun you don’t know the laws in every state
and everybody’s good yeah there’s no reason for you to be be
mr. cool in the car and you know i can ask them to cool and i’ll send your your
face and fucking trial forget on that wasn’t yours anybody gets
in my car i’m using by myself me yeah my girl all me my kids or no kids yeah I’ll be okay i’m going to trap it
looks to be don’t know we eat another one that comes first and foremost that’s
gonna cost for your old 63 ya gonna call they put that call the right anyway
they’re pulling you over in taxicabs to share undercover it this is facts so little by taxi cab
before I was like make out all guns I was like whoa what forty-second Street
anyone whenever you see that cab with the wire
then that’s a cop see how did you know that that’s a chimp oh you want a loop yeah mother got the
deputy’s step back to that that you know that you are blue and yellow so so yeah
we got in the car somebody was a real quick let’s touch on Chris Brown just
had a similar situation to the desired situation where females for I said he
integrates gonna head right and they couldn’t find a gun that’s crazy but
they found drugs now Chris Brown saying a no more unknown people at my house and
I think i agree with it it’s mostly like that one yeah you can actually signed waivers
before they become in the place yeah it was released balls that’s how I
shocking still works and justin bieber if you go hang out with them you’re
signing a waiver non-disclosure all that right way that I don’t later than that
interview would never happen of it I mean that’s embarrassing and like
Chris Brown yeah we he has anger issues will know that but come on man the guys
trying to stay away from all that running all the money lost in that
Rihanna thing think all the money he lost at least 50 million dollars and
endorsements it because that’s why Chris was like climates did he had Wrigley’s
he had milk milk pail cap MLK the got milk at what you’re
doing got milk ads you’re on like super pop
level thank you you’re getting eight million
dollar endorsement deals at that point I mean he might have been an endorsement
for Nike or something after that 30 million dollar deal and he lost you
blew it because you know i mean you know hey that’s not what I hang the guy for
his past but you know it’s awful and designer because I don’t believe in
people trying to pick one of the bus for comps understand what I’m saying right
was that exactly think about like I think what it was still why it was a
road-rage thing woman probably racially looked at me and I’ve been really kind
of racist looked at designing black oh he must have a kind and took a picture
and call the cops right and and he got pulled over and the contracts in this
car right so you know we know all the designers on drugs i mean all these
young guys now they’re influenced by the future and everything they’re doing
drugs it’s part of what about hip-hop style
anyways you got enough for the drug that the one baby baby baby to a big babies it’s a shame and that that’s cool now
but you know is I got a little joy it ain’t never cool just in a pool but they
think it’s cool it’s cool isn’t it it was never cool for you to claim that
yet but all all your pots tip work that was like the most embarrassing things
and now it’s cool to say relax a little crack i smoke don’t snip toe and never
be honest codeine is a four-member i could think it’s like crack right there I mean it’s just a black man that’s it why would you want to be strung out
something at lots of your body fucks up here thinking I just don’t want your
hole chemical balance you know I’m saying home molecular structure like it
just fucks you all about like why would you even a number that you might be
strung out of a dog or something below and yeah you you disrespect me up
because you felt like whoa you know yeah yeah but speaking about broke i
have you have you been up on that narcos not the little ones and while the phone
because that narcos that plot less khabar whoa did you tell me about it
i’ve got a deputy own it’s like the wire with Pablo I swear like a real situation
like you’re getting the cops perspective on a and the United States perspective
going into Columbia trying to shut down cocaine coming into the United States
right and and I’m trying to nab pablo escobar and how how much of a piece of
shit i mean we respect problems for having organized and fire and everything
that I was a crap he would kill anybody like people need your mind that like
that that was like that when that’s the business public already was killing
innocent people broke he was just to make a point to the government because
the government tried to capture he would blow up a city block and kill the people
that he was giving back to like you know how he gave back to a lot of poor people
fill stadiums and everything for them and build schools he would blow up bombs
and kill those same people just to make a point to the government like don’t
mess with me or I will cause terror yeah I don’t agree with the taxi study
definitely you what when you all drug kingpin of the X daddy’s yeah it’s the
flow you like anybody coming you get in a plug like you try to open all it was
the truck open morning you’re gonna stay out of tech it’s like you know what
whatever you say um and and husband are no llego only a hundred families here
here that was talking about like I do like Pablo you pick it up saying I even
know that we know that was the case every Ross yeah you know but Pablo was
drunk overloading it was supplying different blocks is true understanding
soul he had he got live a whole different type of lettuce
that was no game plan team apart unless it so he had to be ruthless you have any
hot ones you have to be told no and I could make an excuse for what he gave
but that equality look at that level of instruction pretty sad like that you did
you see that guy raho arm distinguish from quan yeah I see them I sing a
couple of interviews can you imagine it like you do reverse
for retirement quan your pants and then he takes to walk your percentage that
happens to people yeah maybe artist play dirty that’s why you really gotta protect your
fat house you got a dedicated right you don’t ya gotta have lawyers watching
lord is this is a wicked business you want truly yeah Rick rich homie quan beyond expand
its funny wasn’t any trouble yeah Rollins Herman laughs like a real
type like he really got in the streets out here for sure yeah I know that for a fact from talking
to people and he decided to get into rap because he said while he was in jail he
was hearing everybody talk about the things he did but he knew they didn’t do
it so he said I’m with you that’s the same story will show to know how he got
future energy yea and all that look like they’re
talking about a guitar about got got you yeah let’s take mr. Lowe extremely low
look that I’m feeling that that’s the next to me like right like ride-along
type of deal yeah that’s real dope out he’s like it’s
giving out i told him i said hey man you know we’re not doing anything different
than TMZ or anything in these rappers oh hey TMZ so you should be able to talk about it’s
like it’s just barbershop talk in the car man you know it’s like you which about this
event you’re not like this netbook exactly now I like that little man enjoy
it a lot you know it ate it you know we gotta hear it here
prospective run yes you got a nice respectable you know I like you look I don’t bother
you know the way you you bring it out of you know you can check out but what you
he’s comfortable you know yeah yeah what actually like you don’t
just want a person that I could say I’m actually like friends with industry
because you know he’ll call me on somebody i doing that not asking for a
video or anything you know and that’s like that means a lot when someone calls
you about it and you actually doing like you know RIT his father just passed you
know and I call him every day and see if you’re good everything good you know
cause I know that’s hard losing it not appreciate my parents you know so yeah
exactly thats did it definitely helped me you know i mean you know all too yeah well this is the short-term loan
his father and all I’m your host family no one would even know what do you think
my little Wayne quitting I mean he just dropped a smoking break
the window but yeah I guess he was like you know I think it . you know there’s a
point Birdman playing games you know what she is saying he wants to work it
out because it’s gonna work it out and he backs out of the deal I’m sure little Wayne’s upset I mean
Western little we just wanna see that little better get a long time but he
still want to meet you still want to do with money storms and what if you could
be probably still does he just doesn’t have the freedom to drop our right yeah
Nick you could drop a mixtape but doesn’t have the same impact as an album
exactly its ahead just a little bit of those feels like somebody standing and
it definitely talking up as one you know I how do you feel you work fucking hard you work yeah and somebody else taking a poll but
you don’t want to go take him not only the matters not telling you from
releasing your your Carter five-album I mean exactly he’s going to have a lonely people for
about it now 23 but it’s still a lot one time we get stuck thinking we
collectively came up for 34 years ago four years ago it so you since in on it for five days it and then
i’m here at it you know anything right imagine call it 30 to fall yet oh he didn’t immediately first thing I
know I just 33 not for all you see is something crazy and cool to look at that
moment when he did some crazy as close maybe but it fit yeah it was a big it
was big big number plane where is one of its ok he’s probably one of the hardest
working people in the music industry that’s a fact that you can get that gap
between out like that because you don’t think it will change back instead of
looking at the business stick to drop an album you think they called a flat
father’s going to do it for infertility yeah now look like exactly when my
mother told me you know and it is good in even though he didn’t lose anything
you just lose that momentum your fans and maybe they’re only ya face pic yeah
that’s it now there’s a difference between a fair
and the cool follow having your father know Koko following rather gonna say you
got some people grab a cold follow me no matter when he dropped like
shot ok that’s this outside Iraq don’t need to take a look 10 years drop
tomorrow and go back yes everything huh you know so yeah
that’s what is about you can actually break he started getting cold follow us
down on him no problem he has he has their here like
even if he drops off dropping out five years he’s still gonna sell at least 2
or 300,000 albums i would say like in a position with all that’s what he would
kill himself similar he’s having to settle everything
like Wayne Wayne built up it’s not like he just dropped in did a
million way okay Mike five hours to get selling a million the first week and
that’s what with Drake you know you are he proved himself but just like a weight
has work lot i didn’t i didn’t mess away in the beginning I’m gonna be honest
like 99 have always known I was cool when we started driving on out it was
our everything club happens that’s when ya know the car and car to it okay in the car three alright cool i’ll
be asked you to put a tool that’s what I have no wings coming but I did not hear
back to each his neck better every alloy it was like damn this guy like he’s not
just he’s like working at you know he’s trying to get that he’s always a little
shape is coming for blood and powerful that phone yeah dude sticks Wayne it ain’t at the
top of the list when it comes to deliver steps like he is finally got a working
with dipset like that because he knew they were really good at it and it
challenged here like be better because you whole thing is you want to surround
yourself with people that are better than you and they were better than him
at the time we just passed the people that are better than you have to hang
out with them learn that practice yet but we’re overlooking doesn’t go along
which faction you know it’s like if you think around nine people that’s rich they say could be the tip 1 ya know I
like that I like that not at desk that’s like a comment saying no so we’ll see
then i will take credit for the thanks yeah haha so it’s probably get a little
class sorry about your West egocentric john i’m using a tiger signing to come
yeah yeah yeah okay let’s get to the last topic Tyga is signed to Kanye and
me go sign of any management now what do you think Tiger set the guy gay Kardashian favor yeah I was just about to go to even to
the first of my mouth I can’t tell through that strip club to
actually like you know I think Tigers dough but he’s got he’s got Stephanie a
favor that’s out of the blue like you don’t
miss teen titans gotta hang up let’s say don’t say you don’t see them
you know no company executive producers last out oh yeah I mean oh wow I haven’t already
and you’re well yeah I think that’s it was a kid can talk to actually in a
challenge in defeating yeah like it’s like a my sister’s gonna go broke down
this guy out with all these current he’s over he’s living way behind me that’s
that’s obvious I mean with all the repos are going to
come on i mean it’s obvious he doesn’t even know why I’m going to put you onto
something he doesn’t even own the last kings brand mali malta that moms on Love
& hip-hop but he’s like a big record producer alright yeah and again hehe Rack City
was recorded he has a big compound Drake recorded take care of their everything
everybody message remember we’re gonna drink wine meet a
grandmother mon the crippled yeah so then the Mego scientific kinase
management now I think community is attempting to be the next roc nation has
come on Jay Z that work this year his earnings report said it was 57 million
forms and a lot of that was due to the Roc Nation management yeah everybody to twenty percent of
people make 1010 million dollars a year you taking that from like 20-30 people yeah but they go buddy jay-z you know
what’s gonna have people people in place to actually do the hands-on management well he’s looking at all and they can
make any deal will do yeah but it it’s a great it’s a great planning and obviously JC
of strategic we saw how he took over Rockefeller and analyst masters back on
the user that was a strategy that was David actual cycle basically he’s been
said like these bitches he’s ruthless just like the popular
let’s cut it and its business other people who’s next yeah I was wrong that you would run back
home like it better be because you know what guys looking out for other people
you got kinda like look out for yourself and pretend you’re looking out on your
you have decided by the people here guys I just pop music business don’t get into Mystic Krewe business if
your friends in this you will have very few if you do is people who been saying
that you been to yeah I got it was coming up at the same
time and always protect each other have respect for each other other than that if you try to help
somebody they’re gonna turn on you didn’t want to watch position strong as
anybody you so you know it is what it is no you’re looking to learn I i learned i
still love the double dose of what I’ve been all the people I help you know it
in stamping my back I still love the business because that’s a particular
cutting people off it now I looked at him like we’re here I’m yeah which are doing that you know
I’m saying because they could get it’s hard to get the business and i’m still
no check i think it’s a little bat and I’m calling people with sufficient
making positions without anything breaking so you better get back here for
the world is for your ipod should so you know i will reach the hour . I’m the
weekly wrapup we will be doing this once a week in Iraq teaming up on this you
catch it on my channel and yes sir john travel it impacting you know that it was
good we record let’s talk next week I join me I don’t look thanks

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