Living in a Tiny House Heated with FREE Solar Power in Canada

>>GABRIEL: It’s my house, it’s not in a mortgage
to a bank that if I lose my job I have to give it back. It’s paid. So that’s one of the things I like most. [Music Playing] I’ve lived in my tiny house for about a year
and a half I decided to live in a tiny house really to
prove a point that it was doable. In Quebec. In northern climates. One of the winters I lived in it was the 2014/2015 It was one of the coldest winters we had since
like 100 years or so. It was really cold. And it only cost me $100 bucks to heat up
the whole place all winter. My temperatures were between 17 and 25 degrees
Celsius all the time. Really it was my solar heating that was giving
me a lot of free energy and I only had to heat up at night with a
small electric heater. So it was pretty much like $20 bucks per month
of heating. [Music Playing] The first thing we have here is the dining
area. We have a lot of storage underneath it. We also have the table right here. So we just put it there with the naval foot. It transforms into a table and a bed. Up here we have a bed in the mezzanine. We have another mezzanine at the other side
which is more for storage. Here we have my desk, my computer, my monitor. You have some storage under here. We’re already in the kitchen, it’s not a big
house. Here the more interesting thing that you can
see is the fridge which runs on solar. Completely off-grid. For the water it runs with a solar pump. A 12-Volt pump. You have also…this here gives a little more
space for chopping the vegetables or that kind of thing. Here we took in the wall to do some storage. These are shelves not steps. So it’s really in the wall. And lastly we have the toilet and shower. It’s a compost toilet. And a small shower. And all the interior is in pine and cedar. And it was covered in oil. It’s a mix of natural oil. I park it in my family’s backyard. It’s really quiet. We have the river nearby and good neighbours. So yeah, pretty much there since the beginning. We constructed it here. I had some fears: Could I live in such a small
space? Will I have enough heat for the winter? Will everything work out? Will the house crash on the road? Yeah, a lot of doubts. But overall it did really well. I can live in a small space. I’m never too cramped. There’s a lot of space. I don’t know if you’ll be able to see it on
video but in real life it’s really…it’s spacious. We have to manage resources better. Like energy, water, it’s really that sort
of thing that is challenging. My monthly income is low but the things I
have to pay are low also. So I don’t have to work that much. Well, I work a lot I work too much but I wouldn’t have to, like if I had a normal
job. I would have to work like 10-15 hours to pay
my bills. So my bills are really low. So yeah, it’s a really great lifestyle for
people who want to live better lives, work a little less. It’s really great. [Water Running] This here is a vertical garden system. It’s made of pouches from recycled plastic
and it’s really great, you just put in your soil, your plants, and when you water it, it really contains…there’s
no leakage. So it’s a really good solution for small space. And for the air quality in the house it’s
really great. This here is a box containing all the electrical
systems for the solar. I have about 750 Watts of power on the roof. And it powers my fridge, my lights (it’s all
on LED), USB powered things, my solar heating (the fan inside of it), and we also have an inverter that transforms
the 12-Volt into 120-Volts. My water pump also. My main heating solution is called e-Solar. It’s a wall heating solar panel that you can see on the side of my house. Most of my heat comes from that. So it’s really just, it’s attached to the
second mezzanine and you just take it out and there you go. Some stairs are like, really inclinated, like
this and I don’t feel safe on those. This one is really great. It was made with fence posts. Cedar and fence posts. So it’s light, durable. My company is called MicroEvolution. We do mostly assistance to the auto-constructor [DIY] so I do workshops, I do construction plans, I sell a specialized trailer. So really I am there to help people build
their small houses for mostly cheap, not a lot of money. 50% of a house total [cost] is labour so when I help people auto-construct their
house it’s mostly cheaper. A lot cheaper. And I like it. Really, it’s cool to assist and meet super
nice people that want to live that kind of life. It’s a really great sentiment. It’s really positive. [Music Playing]

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  • I've watched a lot of these tiny house videos, and yours is one of the nicest that I've seen. It's kinda plain on the outside, but the interior layout is awesome. Very nice job!

  • Hello I need to say this house is realy cool! but I need to ask how much amps batterys you use for 750watt solarpanel and is there a way for a e-solar at a mobile home?

  • I have sold all my my positions and became a truck driver, I'm a paid tourist and I'm free .
    As the grate Buddha said any attachment may lead to suffering. Free yourself from modern slavery . I have grate admiration for people like you.

  • Love the entire concept but, Bylaw will not allow it here in B.C. You can rent a RV lot for 600-1500 a month but, that makes it expensive. Are the laws different there?

  • I have three beds and my own couch. I don't think I could live in that tiny house. I'm a Boston Terrier. Is this some kind of Agenda 21 Krrrap?

  • It's nice to see one of these tiny houses built in a cold climate…. most of the time the people live in the southern U.S. with no consideration for northern climate people….congratulations on a great job…

  • Thank you! Thank you! Thank you for the subtitles! Really.
    Due to (forever lasting) double earinfections my hearing is really poor and with most of the videos on YT I can barely hear what's being said (often to realize it's not that important, haha) but very pleasant to read along and being able to understand the conversation. Great video…as always!

  • I really like the design of this one. Most of them seem haphazardly put together, or too much, or too little, or too uncomfortable. This one was very goldilocks for me. 🙂

  • You will make a great business in our place if you come and do this because our place is cold and without a heating system!

  • Wow ! Dommage que tu sois au Québec… J'aimerais bien avoir un gars comme toi dans le coin où j'habite en France ! Et oui, je suis une expatriée…

  • I don't know that's why I'm asking , okay!
    First, solar panel look small, house can it's give enough electric for all the house, all needing? Second, in winter season, when it's mor loudly, snow or raining then where the electric?
    Third, where he get…water? If someone have no land (I mean home add so where they can have water? Cause they're hard to buy water from public who sales what're for moveable house.
    And last, where all dirty things toilet go? I know it's go to toilet. I mean it's different than regular toilet in the house, the oilet in this house is small so it can full really fast. Where he remove it??? I'm curious cause no body talking about it.

  • Very nice design. Functionable.
    I did not see a cook stove though and wondered what he cooked on? Propane ?
    Solar is great
    How much does a trailer like that cost complete?

  • Hello I was really inspired by the tiny home movement and was very moved by your story.I wanted to lnow if you could send me some infornation on how to get started and how much money would I need to seriously start this project and also where I could live off grid.I saw some people have just ask farmers can they buy or rent land to place their tiny house and go from there.How does that work or is there a better way especially when you dont have thousands of dollars to just jump in but I CAN BE very creative and open to ideas.So if and when you have time I would appreciate any help to steer me in the right direction.I would need 2-3 br.Great video and thanks for sharing.

  • Mat and Danielle…Thanks so much for featuring Gabriel….what an inspiration he is! (Yes, I also watched your video featuring this most promising of solar heaters…and hoping it goes well so many more of us can enjoy its benefits!) Just so appreciate you guys providing such wonderfully helpful and informative resources…(and lots of helpful links! YAY!)

  • I could see living in one of these much ? can't be any worse than paying $1000 american, a month on Mortgage & utilities

  • How many watts does your full sized fridge take? I love that you can heat your house, run the water, and have such a big appliance all using solar energy! I really want a tiny house with off-grid capabilities so I really like your ideas here, especially the panel that keeps your house warm, I've never seen that used before!

  • Later I hope to see small communities/ neighbourhoods of tiny homes, like subdivisions that are small and eco friendly, e.g. a small area of properties, around 15 or 30 houses all running off one solar panel.

  • This is exactly what I'd like. With the solar equipment and appliances is it very expensive to build? I would so much love to have one if I could. Do you help people in the states?

  • thank god I came across your video. my family lives in a big house but living your life style is honestly is the best because of the simplicity. my goal in the future to livee a similar lifestyle as yours so I could focus on my spiritual life. all these needs and wants in life is increasing. your video is a reminder that we could live simple. thanks for sharing this video and information.

  • Beautiful home. It's rare that I see a tiny home with so much personality AND heart. This home is full of heart and it was wonderful to hear about the homeowner's passion. It seems as though he's genuinely living a purpose-driven life and that is so great to learn about. Thanks for sharing this – really enjoyed it. Wish it was longer!

  • I was worried that solar panels may not be enough but if he can heat up his house in Quebec I'm sure they are enough for Australia

  • Which type of solar kit do you use for the tiny house?? and what type of trailer do you use to construct the tiny house??

  • Love this tiny home video. It touched on many of my questions seeing as I live in Northern Ontario with similar climate. I especially liked the info on the solar systems and have researched the suppliers and have them on my list. The stair ladder was great, do you have or can you possibly share the plans for it? Again thanks for sharing.

  • I love seeing the tiny houses being built in Quebec. I’m from there and it’s nice to see the movement develop there where life is so expensive. Beautiful home you have!

  • Very nice! I just got a piece of property in the Muskoka in Ontario. Looking into what I can do on it. Thanks for sharing!

  • My Bull#$%^ meter is going off, no way are his solar panels providing any worthwhile power in winter. If anyone watching this thinks those solar panels are providing his power…..well ask him about the extension cord hooked up to his families house. I think people watching this shouldn't be fooled, solar in winter in quebec is next to worthless.

  • I just got land and will begin building in the spring. I was diagnosed with a brain tumor and had to sell my homes in order to be seen by specialist at Duke. I feel very blessed as it's been 8yrs this yr n I was given 12mths to live. I am losing some vision and I've decided to go ahead with my dream of building a tiny home. I'm not a carpenter but I've watched hundreds of videos and I'm researching my heating and cooling options Thankyou for the informative information. I plan on videoing my personal journey to help others and give them hope. Lord knows if I can build a tiny home Anyone can lol. God bless you!

  • excellent video and also a beautiful tiny home; we live in northern Ontario and my husband and I are ready to downsize in a few years. Thinking seriously about this alternative to save money and sell the big house and downsize. Would love to contact you; can you send me info ?

  • Thank you so much for sharing your home and experience. I also live in a northern climate and was concerned about heating, so this is very encouraging. I have been looking for eco and environmentally friendly heating solutions and this is the first time I'm seeing the solar wall idea! Very cool. I would like to be completely off grid, so thank you for sharing your solar set up. I would love to see more videos on details of solar set ups and environmentally friendly solutions to plumbing, heating, and electricity in the home. Thank you so much for this video exploring alternatives team.

  • 17-25C is a bit cold for me, but hey, that's a lot of savings! I too have a tiny home, but I live in the tropics where cooling is much more needed. But keeping the house cold on really hot and humid summer days, costs about the same as his, and I am hooked up to a grid still.

  • Not certain about the points made but ,if anyone else wants to learn about solar energy for my home try Ewans Energy Roadmap (Have a quick look on google cant remember the place now ) ? Ive heard some pretty good things about it and my cousin got amazing results with it.

  • Love the tiny house, and your presentation is well done : marvelous savings going solar – gives a lot of us much inspiration to do the same!

  • I really like how you have used alternative energy in your home. Can you provide more information or a link for the Solar Heat panel?

    Thank you.

  • You are amazing man! Thanks for ispiration! And for the channel owner too 😉 You cannot imagine how you motivated me at these night hours!

  • I agree on the stairs: Those stairs that are too inclined seem not too safe, accidents may happen. The ones you have are really great.

  • You cannot heat a tiny house with a solar furnace when you only get roughly SIX HOURS OF SUNLIGHT DURING THE DAY. At best you might knock off 25% of your heating bill. Also solar furnaces mounted vertically on a wall do not work very well.

  • Glad it worked out well for u & at least if it was to cold or u couldnt manage ur family are only feet away so that must be a comfort to u. Xxx

  • Excellent way to live but…does your house have to be….tan? You have a lovely, red roof and the tan house undermines it. Anyway it would look sharp if you painted your front door the same color as your roof – right?

  • It's a good idea I think maybe a more permanent structure somewhere where you could use concrete and thermal Mass to hold the heat that you produced in the daytime to get you through the cold winter nights would be probably more efficient and it most definitely would work better further south like in the middle of the United States I really like the idea of the tiny house I mean I lived small before I had a micro apartment for like 4 years with my late girlfriend that was about the size of most people's living rooms it was 11 ft 6 in wide by 25 ft deep but I've really been looking into earthship homes I'm more permanent structure but also self-sustaining I mean even with a tiny house you have to put it somewhere you can rent a place but then you're still just renting you can buy a plot of land well if you're going to do that you might as well go with an earthship

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