LOCKED & LOADED special Live Edition! We open 2 padlocked rifle cases LIVE!

Oh ladies and gentlemen boys and girls
pirates of all ages it’s me your captain speaking
what’s up Sunday I hope y’all just copped that hails of a live show with my
good friends what the Hales and you got to see some of the stuff they’re dealing
with right now in a storage /youtube land kind of crazy something all of us
youtubers who do storage units deal with people tend to give us grief for filming
I don’t know what the problem is they sell units they shouldn’t hide from the
fact they sell units we all know do you sell units like well I try to keep us
from Cameron and then to top that off they won’t even fill me and gave them
such grief I hope y’all got to check that out I want you to help support that
share the video and restore your love would be much appreciated
um we got here we got Anna what’s up from New Zealand we got Benji look at
you’re in the House already utterly swamp picker 30 says Victoria and
Juliana holy smokes we got 242 people in here I
hear from what the Hales let’s go pirate what’s that Marcia um hi everyone
exciting day we get to see what’s inside all Benji’s been waiting bends you’ve
been waiting patiently hello beautiful people what’s up Kimberley Lilian
Fernandez says hey with the heart much love Lilian what’s up beautiful people
people love it Pierre Perry what’s up Judi
Amy Holmes how you doing who let the pirate who let the pirate out argh are
that how you do that fat me in the flipper I don’t know I don’t feel like
pirates really say argh I think that’s just like a misconception because I’m a
pirate and I say things like I love you hello beautiful family what’s up ah just
so you guys know in this live we will be opening these rifle cases up right here
locked and not to mention we found a third case inside of the garbage can
very exciting show we’re gonna have here tonight very exciting show been a hell
of a long is that my salt Prince that says hello y’all do I don’t know if you
guys remember the salt princess she used to make videos on YouTube that one’s for
you baby girl had to slip that in there Michael Juliana what’s up Linda hello
Pat Terry hello Pam from Ohio what’s up in Ohio got 364 people and your good
lordy that’s a whole lot of people Jen Gilbert Nancy Adams Edie Foster says
what’s up Floyd Butler Debbie Vaughn what’s up
Sandra Carter poor people racing cannot wait to hear what the pirate has to say
about the situation stand with the hail I got lots to say about it it bugs me
you know what I mean like I can understand if Jeremy was filming cuz yes
Jeremy is known to film I’ve seen in person he’s taught me a lot to film and
open because he’s very unsure there’s no mistake about that my hat has too much
it won’t take the head off there’s no mistaken about it the man loves to film
and he’s taught me a lot on how to film in a places where I would normally be
uncomfortable so we all know the man films but he wasn’t filming and so for
the storage facility to cause such ruckus when he wasn’t filming this is
what I think this is my personal opinion as soon as he asked me opinion the first
thing I thought was okay so we have here there’s a bitter woman she’s not happy
with her life she obviously doesn’t love herself enough to smile on a regular
basis and she knows that the Hales have a successful channel so she’s like cool
too Hales showed up and I know how to mess with them i’ma tell them they can’t
film will it backfire because Jeremy wasn’t even filming and yet she got mad
very simple that is my take on the unit on that I hate well that’s what I call
hashtag fun suckers I hate fun suckers I’m sorry I love them but I hate them
you got it I don’t want to explain it but anybody
trying to suck the fun out of your day it sucks and that’s what I might take
art is this woman was having a bad day she thought she was gonna rain on
Jeremy’s parade and she opened up a can of worms that uh was not right you know
it’s not like we like I don’t know how to explain it but yeah that’s my take on
everything and I said I’m for what he him fighting against this because it
affects all of us who do YouTube all you subscribers love watching these videos
of what we do you love watching a storage unit you love watching how the
process is you want to learn how to do it yourself and then there’s fun suckers
like now storage facilities they kind of get
a little weird about filming sometimes and like I said the fact is you sell
units so why are you trying to hide from it you’re trying to cover yourself in a
lawsuit you’re doing everything legal you shouldn’t be worried about a lawsuit
selling somebody’s unit if you did everything right
you should be all good I’m trying it back to comments these are going so fast
Mike what’s up with storage your love what’s up LaDonna
what is up party people in the house William Carlton hey pirate your awesome
love you bitch thank you I love you Kristen Michael from escondido evening
from Manitoba what’s up curious bear I had a long
night last night I was up all night going through comments we have a little
section called in review it’s where nasty comments go we make little things
called block words and anything that has negative context automatically goes
through there and we must go through individually and decide whether that was
a good comment that was a bad comment and do the normal things like delete and
hide users which a lot of negative people don’t realize you’re once you
piss off somebody and your negative comment we hit a little button and for
the rest of our lives we will never see it but you will be there typing with
your hate and your spam and no one will ever be the wiser because we just hid
you for life that’s why I encourage everybody show nothing but love you want
to be participating in this comment section and so forth the chances are
better that you show love or you will not get a chance to be heard it’s very
simple it’s like the Care Bear stare we block out hey I was gonna show y’all
couple of nights one of my things I was gonna do trying to find a comments I still make
videos all princess says she makes me what’s up locking us I didn’t see you
there buddy shout out to you once again man had
20,000 subscribers we ain’t got an iPhone 11 upgraded his whole system put
on a great little uh he did a great little video we showed you side by side
he’s definitely so because I wasn’t sure if I was gonna go upgrade again and now
I got him what’s up mother one Gordy Knowlton high pirate Suzanne Carlton
Richard Sanchez we want salty we want salty
salty – she doesn’t like to be on lives of me hi Mary hope you’re doing good
hello storage pirate new your Channel what’s up MJ unboxing and scratch of fun
it was great it was great we like new what’s up Irene I hope you enjoyed your
Cowboys game today as much as one can enjoy a cowboy game then huh
Lilly hi so princess headed for gym from here from Jeremy Thank You Markus I love
the Hales so I say to people to come watch once again we will see this
shortly I’m gonna show you all good little look here look at that have you
ever seen live in firearm cases okay but see now be open up cases live with
firearms in them I’m quite I’m 99.9% sure we’re gonna see firearms cuz I
could tell when I pick some up as heavy as soon as I moved them hopefully
they’re not live and I didn’t do something wrong like the last time I was
up Grimes and he almost blew my head off waving around shotguns that he didn’t
know we’re live Misha pink mohawk I’m sorry LaDonna sometimes in life you do
things to better yourself and to prove something to somebody else so to speak
you do what it takes to try to obtain what you want sometimes it doesn’t work
sometimes it does it’s just how life goes been a long week for me uh I
learned a valuable lesson this week in why nice guys finish last it was not a
very good one but nonetheless um very well learned lesson storage option pyro
good morning from UK what’s up Elizabeth everyone hit this button if you don’t
want to you can hit this button it’s fine it all creates activity and I will
love you still the same just same Grimes find you’re absolutely right
what’s up Gary Hughes love you pirate uh your videos are pretty awesome pirate I
like your hair thank you I was gonna let me put this on the tripod here cuz I
want to show you all some of my beautiful comments I got this week
Michigan Mohawk high mj’s what’s up pirate kind of missed the pink mohawk
I’m growing the meat pump the Mohawk back I was wanting to go with silver I
like I always taught everybody the reason why the pink Mohawk is my dear
friend passed away of cancer and I went with pink because I thought it meant all
cancer before I realized it was more of Kent breast cancer awareness but my my
best friend died of brain cancer and I’ve been wanting to go silver and
tribute to him and I didn’t get a chance to and then I messed up my hair and well
the fact is I’m growing it back and I’m gonna go with the silver Mohawk soon
shut the heck up that was you nutjob and that was not me I didn’t know I couldn’t
put my head above the gun because it was loaded I did not know that and I now
know whatever Grimes has a weapon is and it might be loaded and I must watch my
head we enjoy our 49er game storage often part yes we did yes we did I joy
every 49 you know if they even they lose that’s the beauty of love and your team
three in home bro you guys played a college football team to a Grimes you
guys played a college football team the Miami Dolphins is not a good bragging
rights Cal Berkeley could have beat the Dolphins shoutout to you baby Jesus
still love you don’t know anyone that wouldn’t love your videos you’re always
so upbeat happy I have my moments ocean wave it takes a lot sometimes for me to
be happy I got a lot going on in my life I’m a type of person who has too much
going on his heart in his mind a lot of pressure against me a lot of odds if
y’all been watching my channel this has been a rough year for me I have went
from doing well to drag him myself in the dirt I had 3 bucks in my name and I
had to start over I had to go from nothing which what I thought was
brilliant the reason why I did that I want to show the whole world how you
could buy store units with nothing I had three dollars to my name the first
thing I did was I went through my house and I liquidated everything that I was
material to me everything that I didn’t need I accumulated as much money as I
could and I started hitting the auctions I started buying $1.00 units I started
buying $5 units I worked my way up I started getting free estates from my
friend who would sell stuff and he had nothing but garbage I did everything I
can do to make more money body unit doubled it went again and if you really
watch my videos in the last five months you can literally see how to start a
storage business from nothing and it’s paid off things have gotten really well
adventures with the Hudsons we can’t wait to see what’s in the gun case I
can’t either but we’re gonna have to wait a little bit
we can’t just boom go right into gun cases it’s kind of like you know they
call it the money it usually comes at the end of the video
kind of so to speak God be careful kind of reference you use at the money shot
right you are gorgeous without your MOA thank you very I appreciate that you’re
gorgeous – hello aunt Patricia love the pink it’s my business color somebody
says they like my shirt check this out that’s Mickey one of my favorites Bob
from Ohio hi Kimmy or on teeny phone so can’t see
peeps you love your positivity thank you did your 7000 do it Dora you know how
much did you make Jillian thank you for reminding me Grimes if you could share
the link right now we have the second and final auction going right now I
believe it ends tomorrow or the next day I’m not positive but hopefully Grimes
can spam that link a few times for anybody who wants to bid and get a
chance to be part of the Pirate’s Booty auction
when that ends I promise you I will release to a tee everything that
happened I’m not scared I’m not type person wants to hide money if you all
know my best find ever was twenty six thousand cash I didn’t hesitate that to
put that on the youtube because I don’t fear anything
I’m fear free so I promised y’all I’m gonna show it I’ve just been waiting for
the moment cuz that’s the way we do things we’re gonna do things right okay
let’s see what comments are flying like a mofo right now I can’t keep up with
them what is the hails is coming on the Hales
are before us Dale cries fine oh I’m teasing you cause the the Pirates too
busy god bless you pirate Saints well I want to show you guys
something I’m gonna do I want to show you guys what I spent my evening doing
is it cracks me up so let’s take a look what we’re here this is what it’s like
this is the life of a youtuber right here see this this is when everybody
asked me on second everybody asks me always all the time what does it take to
be a youtuber was it take to do this and this is what I’ve come to conclusion the
number one thing it takes to be a youtuber thick skin it takes thick skin
and a little bit of courage see when you do stuff like this you put your whole
self out there you expose yourself you become vulnerable you have to have a
thick level of skin to take the negative energy I don’t care I don’t care who you
are mother Teresa could be doing a YouTube channel and I could promise
she’s gonna get hate comments you know why because there’s too many haters in
the world there’s too many people that don’t believe in the good or whatever it
is you’re doing and the number one thing in my opinion you need to have to be a
youtuber is courage thick skin the ability to say you know
what you don’t like me read between the lines I won’t put the middle finger up
but there’s three fingers you read between the lines that’s the what it is
and here’s a good example of what it’s like being a youtuber we all know I made
a video recently I put a thermometer in my mouth everybody thinks it’s a rectal
thermometer irregardless whatever let’s see here I’m I’m not going to call you
stupid but major ignorance comes to mind or you are one hell of an actor man you
need someone from the south on your six for sure
yeah okay here we go another one yeah drag the bird’s-eye maple speakers
around on the cement idiot well this is what we do with negative comments I’m
going to show you guys little examples see right here you hit the button
hide user from channel right there I will never see that guy’s negative
energy again it’s gone it’s done forever he will now comment negative energy and
it’ll just go into the world like that and it’ll disappear that’s simple that’s
what I love about YouTube you’re a fricking idiot right here you’re a
freaking idiot those bats are just models great I’m a freaking idiot you
are banned very simple and it’s that process this is what you have to know
you don’t know who Patty Hearst is those are things they’d known about I read the
thing I don’t know what made him think I didn’t it’s just this goes on and on
here’s somebody talking about my daughter cuz she’s screaming over a
spider tell the lady to please STFU screaming over stupid my daughter can
scream any day of the week she wants god-given right boom done never see you
again basically that’s the way it works right
there boom you just keep going on all this negative karma case I’m gonna show
you right here 699 comments of negativity right you just go like this
you take a button you go like that and you go BAM it’s
gone forever it will refresh itself in a minute boom
no more comments they are all gone isn’t that beautiful
and that beautiful hi just collect this get that dust off your shoulders I
freaking love it thank you YouTube and uh Thank You universe that is the number
one thing it takes to be a youtuber and that is exactly how you deal with all
that energy God now let’s see what kind of comments we missed here we got some
good comments I know we do I’m a huge fan huge kiss to you pirate Thank You
marina $2 mmm ah I love kisses I’m gonna grab your kiss right here like that just
like that what do we got here we’re gonna miss so many comments we got 657
people on and I think it’s cuz they want to see these gun cases really that’s
what I think never start with nothing when you have hope friends and hard work
Victoria mg I’m gonna take that to another level really all you need in
this world is yourself I teach that to my daughter and my son all the time it’s
nice to have somebody in your corner trust and believe I feel alone a lot of
times and that’s my because I I select myself but they’re really the only thing
you really need in this world is confidence you just need to understand
that you were great like I said I learned a valuable lesson today and the
fact that uh nice guys finish last and I’m in struggling all day like you I’m
gonna continue to be a nice guy I see all these idiots and jerks they seem to
get what they want and it’s been a struggle my brain do I want to be a nice
guy and keep being last so to speak and the answer is hells yeah hells yeah I
want to be a nice guy cuz you know why it’s the only thing I know how to be I
don’t want to be one of those people filled of hate people that piss people
off people that hurt people etc etc I want to be that one person that might
stand alone that person who opens the door from somebody that person who sees
a kid not smiling he wants to put a smile on his face that person who sees a
broken heart and wants to mend it I want to be that person whether it causes me
all the pain in the world so be it I set out to be that person I’m a finished
way I saw you guys say about that help support a channel by hitting a super
chat Thank You Kim for that what the Hales you doing here the Hales are
always here’s my best buds lots of ways to get free Android we look where and
how to look amen Colts are doing well this year and they have that opportunity
sometimes with the Hales in the house yes hard work is always worth it I’m
trying to keep up in the comments I’m sorry about never this things are flying
tonight I think this is the record I don’t think I’ve ever had 660 people on
my life before Gayle says go Mickey amen to that
Michael of your videos Grimes almost a 600 yes we were at 660 as a matter of
fact somebody said something out the San Diego charger I didn’t know they were
still football team I love to make fun of other teams that are tonight as far
as I’m concerned every team that ain’t the Niners is they’re not real football
teams that’s just my take on everything it’s the camaraderie of talking crap
about sports don’t take a personal rule number three
don’t take it personal I pirate if you all missed the Hales live you need to go
back and watch it they discuss the updates from this little storage
facility trying to cause grief and not letting them film and you know that
whole story it’s a great video a pulling up yesterday the actual video of the
auction and talking to people show them support share that video restore your
love help us out because it doesn’t just affect them and affects office it
affects Grimes it affects locker nuts it affects storage Stalker affects treasure
hunting with Jebus it affects treasure hussars it affects Renee at bargain
hunters thrift it affects who am I forgetting
I always forget somebody when I say all these people all of our friends it
affects all of them Grimes I don’t know if I’m forgetting anybody I do this
every time I say all of our names I forget somebody go dog go says Mike
Draper the dollar ninety-nine super chat show the love because I trust him leave
it does affect all of us and it will affect these videos coming out and I
believe in freedom of speech that’s the most important
that bothers me about this whole thing I didn’t even touch on that yet freedom of
speech amendment number one the most important
in my opinion amendment law a bill of whatever the heck that is we have is
freedom of speech as an American citizen the ability to to speak your mind
express yourself oh I haven’t got that super chat yet where’s that am did I
miss it I got a scroll up daddy warbucks for
nine percent super chat yo talked to last week of stopping I was buying a
couple years ago I need a mentor to to do it successfully as a side gig you can
always hit me up talked to me tomorrow I’ll be in Stockton tomorrow refresh my
memory if you need a vice whatever whatever I’m always down for that I have
I’m anybody who knows me you know if you hit me up on snapchat you hit me up on
Instagram you hit me up on Facebook I’m a very responsive individual I try to
take the time to talk to everybody it might not be as much as you like but I
do my best I am a busy man full-time storage buyer youtuber which takes like
literally all my life full-time father I do my best to reach out to everybody
I’ll hook you up and give you as any knowledge I can how can anybody hate you
are so sweet I wish I live now from by and give you up Tina thank you I could
use a Trustin believe today of all days I could use a hug I could use a hug
right now Benji don’t hug me Sal Rico don’t take
anything personal Joey Fleetwood you’re the best I’ll settle for uh that a
winner will always be able to rebuild from nothing that’s the beauty estin
that is the 1% mentality right there I talk about us all the time conky a dummy
1% of the rich people have all the money for one reason they could lose every
dollar today and tomorrow get it all back because they believe it is possible
now does the problem is sets 99% of people aside because if they lose a
hundred bucks life’s over if they don’t have a thousand life’s over
and that crippling mentality of can’t won’t
shouldn’t wouldn’t isn’t gonna has already
you fail when you believe 100% that you don’t need nothing started from the
bottom now we here that’s all you need that is all you need
brilliant how much do you make on that $7000 unit we’re gonna release that soon
Brian I don’t know if it’ll be next Sunday’s live or not or the Sunday after
that but we will be releasing that soon got bragging rights for foreigners
overcame turnovers and beat my Steelers awesome I love it it’s California
one-party consent state to video I believe it is I believe I heard Jeremy
say that cuz he knows my laws better than I do
I believe it is the first ma’am only protects us from the government shutting
us down though I don’t know to say about that it should protect us to speak our
mind as long as we’re not being hateful not we’re not being racist and I’m not
being discriminatory as long as we are freedom Lee speaking love and positive
energy or an I mean I shouldn’t want to advocate the things I said you should
have but freedom of speech is freedom of speech you know that’s the way I feel I
picked up the Dramamine today Crocker’s okay better get some sleep moving my
entire residence hugs from Mike from Patti via vengi do it to Nora super chat
Paddy’s wants a hug from you Benjy sending you a virtual hug we all need um
I hit the button there’s six hundred seven people watching Lee fifty seven
likes that is a there’s a 357 likes on my camera I don’t know if I’m tripping Melinda Perry left the comment that got
deleted I don’t know why what she said was it bad Benji I can’t I’d love to see
the mean comments I don’t know why I loved cuz they don’t bother me I promise
you I’m one person who negative comments don’t bother him you could call me ugly
you can call me fat you can call me gay you called me single white people trying
to make them examines all sort of things people call me and the fact is uh not if
it bothers me cuz I know who I am I look in the mirror
that’s all demands I like the negative comments just because of that but
the fact is after I read them they got to be deleted because we won’t let that
stay that negative energy starts to trickle down on other people we all
finish last sometimes we need to do this move forward and let it make you hard
you need sometimes failure create success amides without failure you’ll
never understand what to do better where mistakes transpire you will have a
little bit of arrogant attitude that nothing can stop you and the fact is
things can’t stop you because the universe when you’re too cocky will be
like right here to your face trust and believe when your arrogance is too high
the universe will step in so you there’s a fine line there life storage has all
over the country so its effects I don’t know if we have a life storage here
unless they’re under a different name I should check into that but I know I have
never physically been to a life storage I’m dying to see what’s in the gun cases
we’re getting there Gary there’s three of them that’s the special thing is we
found a little handgun case two in the bottom of a garbage can
very overlook that I didn’t get a chance to film it and we are doing this live
here and well you’re gonna get the chance to see everything is in the rifle
cases I could promise you there’s something that are very heavy
what would be in a rifle case is heavy I mean I don’t think it’s a sledgehammer
if you put a sledgehammer in your locked case I got to get there you are correct
if it comes hi MJ I just sub resale the love restore love share amen Clemson or
four and zero pirate love from across the bay Patricia I don’t know where you
are across the bay but love if you’re in a Bay Bay love okay gotta go get some
okay anybody have any good questions and you got any like great storage questions
anything you want to ask hit it hit it up right here and I will uh feel free to
answer them I’m not a person to hold it back on much anything really it’s hard
if you need to make a series about finding your soul mate Michael ID I
don’t want to talk about my love life tonight uh I’m very adamant saying for
the longest time there’s a hashtag love for all eyes for one it’s no surprise
that there is a sticker person called a unicorn that has had my heart for some
time I may not have her heart but she’s definitely had mine that’s been
something I’ve been trying to overcome for a while or at least maybe
we’re in our heart but that’s my battle I sent you a great big teddy bear hug
you are one of the greatest dads ever your kids are a blessed to have each
other try come into my daughter that thanks for bringing Grimes back to
YouTube Astrid you don’t gotta thank me Kimberly thank him for coming back um a
man I don’t care about the guns just love to watch my favorite pirate Thank
You Jo Jo Jo Jo bear eighty-three hugs to all oh one picked up the wells Kay
mine must be slow what do you do with the marijuana you find in lockers well
Brian it is legal here I take a guess chances are you right and I ain’t
selling it so popular speech does not need protection 675 watchin 300 likes
benji give a pirate a hug for me Ben she’s not gonna hug me guys put love out
get love back wave at me Mike I love you what’s up Irene even stores I’ll compare
your laughs is I happen it’s not priceless all your comments and you see
the Dramamine what eyeballs Melinda Perry said eyeballs it’s off my
eyeballs I miss you in the stock are doing units together uh I’m sorry to
hear that Kevin I’m sorry to hear that have to send you a video my first
storage win please do you also do a video of the wife’s and the guys by
lockers and lose by supper I don’t have a wife Rita so this could be kind of
hard for me to be in that competition beautiful eligible bachelor Thank You
Giuliana you’re the man you’re awesome Benjy hug them I can’t reach him I’m
pretty sure in California have two-party consent I don’t know the answer to that
I try to follow laws bounty Minh Omo give you given you will receive amen you
have to give to receive and you have to receive to get if you can’t receive it’s
impossible to give wrap that around you anybody could say give and you to give
love but often people don’t realize you also have to be willing to receive
something it’s universe energy you can’t give you can’t receive and vice-versa
period doesn’t even apply to just love it’s everything positive negative it
kind of like balances other out michael says smoke it if you gotta love it
that’s uncle Michael’s favorite saying oh don’t hide it divide it uncle
Michaels other favorite saying where is Uncle Mike I hope it’s a Smith & Wesson
5 906 in the blue case what is a the 5 906 I don’t I don’t know much about guns
that’s why I have my gun enthusiast with me today um because I don’t want to do
something like find something full of you want to wave to yourself oh I got a
hug they can’t see you that’s not a hug I almost got a hug guys I almost got a
pen the bat I’ll take it who’s room okay let me see what a question his new
subscribe love yo with the Hales Thank You Angela shoutout to the whole squad
by a pirate have a good night okay you’re gonna miss this opening coming up
soon we will be doing this soon I must have missed it were you where are you
still I am at do I want to tell him where I’m hat
I’m with Benjy we’re in a garage we’re at Benji’s house infamous George my gun
enthusiast slash gun safety analyst the last time I was in front of a case or a
gun that came out of a storage unit it was loaded Grimes was waving it around
like a magic wand my head got near it and I don’t want that problem to happen
again I am NOT type of person who knows how to do the little gun things you do
and take the bullets out I’m not that a technical savvy with guns you want to
ask me how to upload a YouTube video I got you you want to ask me how to buy a
storage unit I got you when I asked me to make ebay I gosh you want to ask me
how to unload a gun DISA mouschi so that’s where we are um okay just lost where I was at again
this is a I never had so make seven hundred and eight people on oh my
goodness can I get a screenshot of that I’m just sorry I got a screenshot that
guys I just like that from my own personal sake it’s a good memory thanks
Carlton who got a a pirate uh a unicorn of Mo she loved unicorns what’s the most
that you lost $5,600 I bought a unit sold 111 rented
it for four months let it go it got reaction I lost 5,600 doshu injectors
Benji don’t laugh he’s seen them most useless item in the world old was like a
big piece of cardboard and you went in the air completely useless about a 40
foot a container of him do you miss your ring no Mary long story short it was uh
I had a point to prove I was showing my openness to be something and I do know I
don’t make I only have one regret in my whole entire life to be honest with you
I told somebody no once and I shouldn’t have and that was the only regret I have
in my entire life whether now I always do everything with the complete
willingness of risking it all for success or failure only we’re good I
have in this entire life is when I told somebody no and that’s all I’m gonna say
about that I Benji I never left a message or nasty comment we didn’t say
you did I just saw some a deleted you I think they mistook what you were saying
I want to buy storage units and sale but my health won’t let me right now it’s
possible Owen faith only makes you stronger amen got more needles than
anything out of the life storage units this week nice well how does a resale on
those Crocker’s lockers buyer left how positive are thank you and it’s the only
thing you can do MJ trusted me before I came to Bendis house I was sitting in my
car and I told Mike look man Johnny won’t go live tonight I feel like my
heart was just broken darn near I don’t have the positive energy and he told me
I don’t got a choice and that’s that simple I don’t have a choice but to be
anything but positive and here we are have you peeked
I don’t even know what that means must be Li lead bars in the cases you’re
gonna find out Terry and if you think you’re gonna be disappointed probably
are because you thought that that’s the beauty of thought process if you think
you’re gonna be disappointed I agree if you if you believe you’re gonna be
fulfilled then I believe you is that simple wrapped around your head
cardboard pistol case can be good money this isn’t a cardboard pistol case this
is a blue plastic case that I don’t know if it’s right I don’t know if ooh this
is not cardboard see this right here this is not cardboard what I want to
open it yet Benjy soon hopes up for you in the gun cases thank you what do you
do with the guns Alex just gave the one he found away the police uh I don’t know
what to say about that anybody buying storage units who’s gonna call the cops
that’s not the way you really want to handle a gun you buy used to make money
right so the fact is when you let’s show the people we’re gonna do we have the
paper I’m gonna show you what we’re gonna do let’s discuss the paper guys
very important this is what we’re gonna do if we find a gun in here this is the
report of operation of law or intra-familial firearm transaction Benjy
is gonna help me out here he’s going to take this all down cuz he is a licensed
gun owner and we are gonna fill this all out we are gonna put where we acquired
it from which was a storage unit we’re gonna discuss she’s gonna have the
receipt we’re gonna fill this all out we got all these laws and stuff right here
penal codes which I’m probably not really the best to be interpreting all
this but just showing you and then there’s this paper here which has all
the things that you want to make sure you put on the firearm and everything in
the thing how you obtained it serial number make model caliber and then some
more laws and basically what are we gonna do Benjy we’re gonna take this to
the FFL that’s the process we do yes we’re gonna submit him and we’re gonna
make them legal make sure they are legal is that is the most important part of a
finding gun is the fact that they could be used in a crime they could
be not legally owned they could have been stolen there is a several things
that can happen with with a firearm so that’s why you need to make sure that
everything is done legal Brenda with the $2 superbitch at California the
two-party consent okay I’m not quite sure what that even means
that’s why I don’t even I’m not a good law person I just feel like we do
everything right you don’t have to worry about loss because you’re just kind of
doing the right thing I could use the kale in the battle the sex is very good
point did I’ve got anything here you might
want to say something Mike what’s that the reason you want to also go through
the legal process is you don’t want these things to go on the street yeah
there is a black market out there I I know that some people are hesitant to do
this but this is the proper way you wanted to go into good citizens you
don’t want to go to some criminal out there is gonna do some bad things it’s
just a bad way of doing things you want to do it the legal way if you
lose the item because it comes back stolen because of the serial numbers
then just lose the item it’s more important to do the legal way these were
after after I go through the process of filling out the paperwork and everything
clears and we go to probably one of the gun stores to be a consignment and let
them do background checks and everything on that brilliant I like to see us
follow the laws very simple somebody was asked about my rings this is my new
necklace right here I got all my rings I’ve been finding lately gold I keep on
my necklace now Mary Harris wants you to know you’re cute Benji just say $2 super
chat D suitum thank you all the storage vamper teach him everyday
infamous George did Jeremy and I meet Benji you didn’t get a chance to meet
them did you Jeremy and George no you have not got a chance to meet him but
that doesn’t mean you can’t someday the Jebus family met him he came out to
assess some gold for me when I was stay with them God cares to meet them um if
you guys come back out I’ll introduce you guys
how about that how about y’all come back out and hang out the pirate and then I
will introduce you to Benji Benji is a great guy he’s one of my oldest
customers and I don’t mean that by age because I have much older customers than
him I mean that in the fact that he’s been buying more stuff off me since I
started doing this than the average person he has a very high level of
rewards programming which basically means I evaluate customers by how much
money they spend with me some people are like in the paper rewards program some
people in the water program some people got up to bronze Benji is somewhere
between silver and gold hasn’t quite made it to the Platinum status yet but
he’s getting there that’s a good one I always say that my rewards program he
said penal I did not say penal did I you are prepared yes MJ unboxing a scratch
that is the most important thing you want to be in this world is prepared and
thanks to Benji I’m prepared because he knows all these things that I didn’t
know cause like I said I’m not I’m not the sharpest knife in the drawer looks
like a nine million I would like to get to the point where I
keep guns I am NOT a super gun savvy I would like to take a course in them so
I’m feel adequate to do things like pulled a bullet out I don’t know how to
do the motion you just watch TV that’s what they do you know I mean like I
don’t know how to handle guns which it makes me nervous which is why I don’t
even know why I bought a unit with gun cases in the first place for $4,200 but
I’m a pirate and I just do whatever comes natural as the beauty of being a
pirate what you do is you do what feels comfortable and you live by your own
rules so I just said do it what’s by it and here we are Mike so many people love
you so many it’s awesome I get at Mary Harris the problem is I want one
person’s attention my bad but I love you too and I love all you out there you
guys who make me it easier for me to a code day-to-day and understand that I am
worth it that I am special and that I deserve the best it’s all y’all out
there and your support in your love that has taught me if you guys saw I put a
post on that earlier on my community page Grimes says let’s get to 800
let’s because we’re gonna open these up here
next few minutes and it’d be nice if we were at at least 800 we do so so if you
could hit the like button share button that’d be great
guns in California you sure you want to do that like why not it’s legal don’t be
scared don’t be scurred hey what’s Melissa saying again scared something
scared money don’t make money oh my god who says that oh yeah I do
me and a pit bull the law is the law say the beauty of following law as long as
you follow the law you’re all good I like this is where I wear these hats
America is that I’m unaware what that means okay oh my god which Grimes which friend
Grimes finds come to Texas I’ll teach you all right so who’s ready to see
what’s inside these cases like who is really ready maybe a AR and I’ve never
even seen like a a are really in person I don’t think I think I’m a whole life
I’ve never seen an AR what things let’s shown things we want to see film it
anyway what are we gonna show Mary let’s show Mary some Oh My look at that
Mary you’re gonna make Mary hairs a little nervous is this stuff Benjie
dad’s right here yeah he shops the thrift stores I’ve been trying to get
I’ve been trying to get Benjy to make a channel on thrifting showing you guys
his way he he gets things look at all that jewelry adds up Wow 796 people on
let’s keep going we’re almost there this is the one that did sorted out I don’t
have time to go to the flea market please do a gun and safety course if for
no other reason to become full enough to handle and safety I agree
yeah safety is important look at all of this stuff yeah Jesus I just keep on
look at all these things that Benji has that he me this is bump off from me none
of this if you guys remember I did a video of all the gold and silver Benji
is bar off of me Benji is organized George says you don’t even know George
if you missed if you missed the video or I showed all the gold silver YZ bought
off me Alex Scott cetera et cetera you would see organization we just pissed
747 we totally drop down on people I also collect art that guy oh yeah he
loves art dang we did just must have froze up or something cuz it just
dropped heck of people when I moved in lagged big-time oh man your video froze
up what happened to everybody we shoulda moved
we shouldn’t have moved okay I said we I have to cancel this live we can’t do
this there’s no 800 people we can’t open them up I’m just kidding I wouldn’t do
that to you guys I wouldn’t do that to you guys but I do think it’s time I said
I said about this time he’s gonna do it so let’s set this up and let’s get ready
to see what we got which one do you guys want to see first one two three comment
below which one you want to see first small case you were 8:05 we got a lot of
ones and twos and we got a lot of ones in threes I guess let me sneak over to before we get too far I want to say this
a lot of people think that I’m just a pirate and I’m not very smart I overlook
things that I’m always in a hurry and the fact is there’s only so much things
you could show on a camera during the length of a video I open up the jewelry
box I found keys I’m thinking to myself okay we got keys
we have padlocks so I started to look at the keys carefully and they all had
numbers they all had these nice little fancy numbers look at that see how they
have numbers right so I got to thinking okay let’s look at the padlock well it
says 53 then you look right here and I was like whoa or w3 and then I think
there is a 53 here to see 53 imagine that not only do we find them but we
found you’re a hard worker positive vibes Thank You Chad so let’s see what
we got here to live Ben do you have any idea who who which one we should do
first like I think it’s like it’s just a basic for some reason for like every
wants to do three that makes me want to do that last just to tease them all cuz
you know I’m a big we’re going up number one we’re letting Benji choose and now I
have a new padlock for da he’s gonna be my new good luck locks of the option I have to beat it okay wasn’t w3
something that was let’s see take a man to get the keys lined up because that
one said another lock for the auctions boom now we’re gonna come over here I
got six units to buy this week now because I have six new locks that’s the
way I look at it boom three locks who’s ready who’s ready
right now dd-don’t rush us almost 800 again all
right we’re gonna count to 7 million Benji you’re gonna be like good what are
you gonna do oh he’s gonna be like Grimes he wants to be like Grimes Grimes
he could tell he watches your videos because he knows what you do winchester
model 94 3030 I kind of want to show the camera but which should we make sure
it’s a little cutie just a little bit on gun safety here before we do anything so
I know I’m not there okay right now I’m just looking at all
the pitting this has been stored so whatever guns you always want to point
it away from my human being away from yourself away from anyone right with
lever guns you just bring down the liver have enough strength here okay does that
mean there’s nothing in it so if you were didn’t even ever you would never
want to have I don’t think I see they want to move like that okay I mean one time I did a gun range
and his people were sweeping I went with mail one time and people are sweeping
guns around and then like everybody got a big connection and then all of a
sudden the guy hit the button and they got the bullet they hit the ground and
flew everywhere so I just information um so this is yeah this is what they call
it 3030 that’s the caliber it’s it’s a model 94 Winchester this is good for
hunting 3030 yeah I will say four deer be good what bears no only used my four
foot for under there all right I told you guys that that felt they had wasn’t
a sledge hammer but that’s what which automatically what lowers the value
unfortunate now let’s look at the quick 842 people
in oh my god Becky I do like the color of I’m clueless when it come we got a
two hour super chat from dawn it’s a caliber gun I don’t have okay look at
guys guns and Cloney took care of yes he did could anybody out there look up a
over/under usin a lever gun ninety four thirty thirty loved my nice I would take
awesome nice as my son would say that’s Bank right there my son would be like
could I use that in fortnight – guns are smaller pirates don’t use the ladies
swords don’t they Grimes suggests that the surface rust
could come off Cindy says a Winchester 30-30 model 94 value can range from a
hundred bucks into the thousandth depends on the model and condition a
run-of-the-mill 94 in decent shape would be in the 350 450 right awesome put a
scope on it’s a deer gun I don’t I’ve never even been hunting a few times in
my life I have went to arrange back in the day when I was with my ex-girlfriend
Mel she took me the range I fired some shotguns with my children and a 22 I
think but that is like really the extent of my gun experience in life still come
buy them new for 9.50 we’re up to 860 what if we you know be great guys you
know make my day you know what make my day right now is if we hit 1,000 people
on this life I’ve never been to a thousand people on a live you guys would
make my day if you can get this live to a thousand if you guys could like share
anything you could don’t let him play with guns Grimes the guy who waves
around loaded guns at pirates head says don’t play of guns pirate I’m never
gonna let him live that down I have never in my life gonna let him live that
down loaded no it was not loaded we’re gonna count to like 36,000 on this one okay Louis I think I had a super Jedi
mist here da no deal says two dollars that doesn’t say words I’ve got my
popcorn infamous sure says hog gun I missed it will you be able to keep her
Saudis yes Susan let’s and he is going to help me do this cuz he’s a licensed
gun owner and we have the paperwork here we’re gonna fill out we’re gonna take it
to the place we’re gonna have them process to be legal and then we’re gonna
put them in a gun store right ideally yes ideally I did not get that but Benji just said
it Jebus knows his guns yes he does okay so we’re gonna go with case number
two if you’re ready to hit see this right now type a heart emoji I want to
see a heart emoji how many people ready to see this 36,000 yeah whatever just in
860 huh come on let’s go glad you have him help you
Benji come on I mean Grimes you saw you know I’m not ready okay everybody start
counting on one get the 36 where she was John Wick’s but this is a common shotgun
which John wit shotgun although he’s a Benelli yeah last time I saw one of
these sites but what’s came flying out of it yeah I don’t think they could see
you right now yeah the other angle a little bit so
they could see you you’re kind of blocking the camera go on the other side
to me there you go because I I don’t want to
touch it again this has been stored someone answered a 12 gauge or 10 gauge
a 12 gauge someone said seven plus one capacity is that true nice we go shoot
some everyone does good after you rack a
shotgun the bad guy runs away that true I went skeet shooting to this once I get
told you up or what skeet shoot I know that uh viewers someone said 320 bucks
someone said 1400 I’m excited okay who wants to see the last case right now who
wants to see the last case we have one more should we save this for next week
you guys know I love Tizen should we save this for next week or should we
open this now type in next week or now Benji has a faint voice it’s kind of
weird because the iPhone usually has such a hot voice no do it do it me now
now no oh all right fine 63 57 Linda said next week thank you this is a model 62 and a half well to show that 9-millimeter all right let’s
show them the 9-millimeter let’s get the camera a little bit this time I’ll let
you do it a BB gun let me click baton Oh what is that let you touch this cuz I
am nervous you got it you got a kind of turned a snub it’s a I’ll work the
camera I’ll work the camera it’s a threesome these things are a little bit tricky if
you don’t know we sold their guns the way to check it is you got pushes
forward and the cylinder just goes on the side and this is unloaded as you can
see oh gosh Mike what like I don’t I don’t know what you what’s your oh gosh
you know I’m clueless when it comes to these oh gosh smoking well my favorite George says here comes the police item yeah I mean you got talk yeah nice graces pengie wants it this is and then
see this is so easy to conceal you know and so reliable I mean the better ones
are the hammer I prefer those more but this is
old-school even though it’s a little shorty you know I like the long size
does not always matter watch Dirty Harry I have my daddy select that movie yeah
this thing will sound like thunder and it will make you hand vibrate after you
fire um Wow everybody’s like you can have it for a fifteen hundred to two
thousand dollars and then John said I think Benji just called dibs you got to buy her jewelry to make up
for it I got some beefs over some you sell her a diamond ring all right
look at this Oh Benji is sweating I’m sweating I’m sweating bullets no pun
intended that was a good one oh so yeah nice now
we have three items that we need to take and once again and I’ll show you the
paperwork let me get this over here we’ll do this one more time
so y’all could see this is what you do when you find a gun in a storage unit
you take and you print these out on the Internet and Department of Justice page
104 and this is all the things to report of operation of law or intra-familial
firearm transaction and this is the most important it’s gonna be on your other
and you can put storage unit and you can need the receipt of the storage unit you
obtained okay I got that because I pay taxes and I save my receipts paid 4200
exactly I guess I they will oh yeah I’m sure they will we you’re gonna when this is all done I
will show you what happened I will do an update on everything and transpire from
this because that’s what we have to do and that is the beauty of having a
friend who knows what to do when you fire you find a firearm and you want to
do things legal this is what you do know this is a bad thing to do
what show me this stuff oh sure you want them no I just want one but see
I don’t expect to spend money like this because it’s a bad thing
I was saving money Benjy there start buttering up your wife who comment below
if y’all thought we was gonna find real guns like right now just comment yes if
you thought I was know if you thought I didn’t don’t commit to to anyone until
you have it checked out yeah well Benjy he’s gonna be the one to help me do this
so he understands the process he is a legal gun owner knows what he’s doing
and I need help with things like this numbers check that my cop friends and
then it comes stolen I mean why would I want to keep it I mean the only other
place to do with it is to sell on the black market
why would I want to sell out the black market so some kid out there kills
another kid I don’t know I do the bigger way the car is stolen property go back
to the owner if it was for some reason the cops want to obtain it for whatever
reason is let them have it you don’t want it on the streets time to
let it go the jewelry banjee to get the gun you want that might be a true
statement there some of my ebay i did post on me it’s dirty an eBay even
though I’m a slacker to the max I did put some up there it’s still Joe Russo
you mean you don’t have to give them away the police no you don’t give him
with it let’s not talk about storage stalker uh I don’t like my friends being
talked about very simple I don’t do that so Joe Russo if you liked if you watch
the beginning this video I just hide and bad news
and delete comments if you have nothing but negative shaded throw so if you like
to continue commenting on my page keep it real
yeah top of that since Mike actually reports what he makes he can actually
take this item and value it and take it as a loss due to the police confiscated
it so this is a win-win so if you’re out there you searching the YouTube you just
always units please do it illegal way you don’t want these things to hit the
streets I really will appreciate that no unfortunate word do you know gypsy Alex
from conquer flea market covered in tattoos young guy kind of clean-cut he
wants you to so you go it depends right now it’s an upward trend and I kind of
like that I do have a nice go piece out there it’s heavy it’s a little cross
thing you might wanna invest into that nice and I gotta go for sale too
yes lots of gold no he’s button a lot Carol Miller amen Joe Russo stalker
David works for him and his family I couldn’t have said it better myself
appreciate that yeah so we’re deep into the live it’s already been an hour
um I think I’ve covered all bases and what this light was about as well I will
give a shout out please check out what the Hales is video on what happened then
with life storage hit that video share the love share the video comment below
and their video is what you thought of that because I think that affects all of
us storage buyers anybody in your loving storage is anybody who loves anything to
do with storages give your opinion on that Jill Presley would like you to
share your ebay link in there if you could Benji so that’s what they said
could you mention the cross Mary can you share Benji’s the ebay link please Mary
we would love you rich Rob please thank you what is the eBay under hey man great
show and I thank you rod Grimes is on next yes Grimes is as long as someone
learns what is the problem I have that handgun in the hammerless model snw
model 15 I’m a Chicago police officer Jeff
let’s F shout out to you I commend you I’m gonna have to go on a limb and say
that is probably one of the roughest cities to probably be a police officer
it I’m just gonna say I commend you shoutout to you for doing what you do
most people don’t want to be a cop they want to talk bad about the cops but they
do not have the balls to put on a badge and uphold the law love you for that
straight-up I love you I don’t care what anybody says I got your back tough with
all the politicians what’d they do to you guys amen
that’s all I gotta say about that I have watched it and I don’t think it was the
right way the life story cam amen what is your link pirate keep going you’re on
that you are the one I love it like one person doesn’t realize I’m the one Zacky
I mind I’m trying to fit in the state of California technically you’ve already
committed a felony you’re in possession of unregistered firearms so this video
they could actually use it as evidence against you Joe I don’t know why your
heart is so consumed with hate but I hope somebody gives you a hug
I really do I feel you need it um like I said I won’t be hearing much for you
anymore because you don’t seem to have much love in your heart and that don’t
stick with the pirate oxygen anonymous will be hosted by story hunters Vega so
thank you George you’re always on top of things I need to get me a George like
not you George Podesta you’re already Jeremy’s but I need to get me a you to
help me with that process thing like that straight-up wise woman go tomorrow
and register as soon as possible taking the gun shopping and we’re already on
top of it we’re like we’re aware almost there basically we’re on our way now
it’s Sunday and guess where I’m gonna do already tonight it’s gonna be all done I
do have friends who are inside facilities so yeah yeah that’s why I
have been G here because I only like to do things the right way anyway uh I love
y’all I love y’all I love y’all Mary some people have a hard way of learning
you can only do so much he just found it cheese give it a break
he’s doing this payment um videos tomorrow there will be
the final video in this unit trust and believe if you like the things that I
search for little hints you’re gonna want to watch this one
Wednesday storage hunters Vegas I believe George said was the meeting last
night last day for the pirates booty auction is tomorrow so you want to check
that out hopefully Grimes shared a link I don’t know if he did but you’re gonna
want to I’ll put it in the comment section or the description of this video
so if anybody comes back and plays it you’re gonna want to watch it and I’m
Carlos if you want to see go to about 45 minutes since the end of the video no
one’s gonna flash for to see that go to 45 minutes replay the video I don’t want
to force you to watch the whole video but I promise you probably enjoy
watching the whole video anyway because I like to think that I’m entertaining I
love y’all I’m out

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