Locsin: Diplomatic protest vs. China fired off

for the first secretary Teddy boy looks and says the country has fired off a diplomatic protests against China over the alleged swarming of Chinese vessels around the Forgotten island but for senator Joel Villanueva the face secretary locks in must publish the contents of the diplomatic protests Jessica Sacco with report foreign affairs chief deity boil obscene tweeted God had already sent a diplomatic protests against the presence of Chinese vessels around PAGASA Island National Security Adviser – esperen said that some 113 Chinese boats were seen in the vicinity of the island that's July 24 and 25 he also confirmed that Chinese warships sailed along cebu 2 straight of tawi-tawi two months ago without informing the Philippines espero an added that the Manila had sent a note verbal to Beijing regarding this incident diplomatic protests on that and then we simply have two relations military-to-military and ambassador to ambassador so pretty nothing but was happen or eaten it's a common practice and customary for military assets when they pass we simply have to get diplomatic leaders senior Susi justice and Tony Carter believes that fallen a diplomatic protests versus China as a right move knowing that the Chinese must recognize and respect our territory so I think we should protest that because that is our territorial sea the tribunal said there's a territorial sea around PAGASA and they cannot first of all those fishing ships fishing vessels of China cannot enter a territorial sea to loiter if they want to pass through they have to pass through and their innocent passage rule that means they have to pass in a continuous an expeditious straight line they cannot loiter that's prohibited because it's a territorial sea meanwhile senator and joyfull Villanueva calls unlock scene to also reveal the concerns of the protest especially with National Security Adviser aspirin Racing the alarm on threats to our country's national security senator Reese Ontiveros also hit the administration so called a doormat foreign policy she's urging utility to put his foot down and officially bring this matter to the Chinese government earlier defense chief defender and sana called China a bully for its aggression cabinet officials have chosen to stick to the dramatic channels and dealing with China president the 30s repeatedly said that war is not an option espero and shares the same sentiment the tear gas turned her words as East Asian neighbor ever since he took office despite the pivot aggression by the Chinese in the country's waters persist arguably the most and famous one was the ramming of a Filipino boat in Iraq Toback for news 5 JC Corsica we are one news

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