LoN Star Pact Wizard 2.6.4 with Gameplay

[Applause] [Applause] hey guys this is Bishop doing another build guide for the star pecked wizard this time the original build that I did that was the the Firebird wizard back for season 12 13 14 and 15 season 16 brought us new some new set changes primarily the tal Rasha set and the legacy of nightmare is a whaling Holsten litany so I wanted to talk a little bit about the build what it does when it's capable of maybe a little bit of the numbers behind it and what you can expect this season if you haven't already gotten into it so real quickly the way LAN works is it's based on LAN legacy of nightmares it's based on the amount of ancient or primals that you have on your character boost the amount of effective damage that you're doing and and toughness that you're receiving so instead of for example with tal Rasha set your your needed abilities are based on the amount of elemental stacks that you generate which kind of gimp's your ability to gain damage because you have to primarily you have to stack element damage in essence 2,000 per stack per element that you have you have to do things like using like a frost Nova or blizzard or there's number of variations that you can do and play with but all of them in essence are kind of wasted skills the way LAN works legacy of nightmares the way it works is it's actually giving you a lot more arcane ability so we're still utilizing that star pack we're still utilizing arcane attunement we're actually utilizing blackhole now and we're using a rune in the disintegrate that is intensified which and boosts our arcane damage for four seconds it's almost twice as destructive as the tal Rasha set which is even more destructive than our old Firebird set item wise death wish at sigil orange text is is key you really need that orange text roll death wishes until you're out of mats basically illusory boots or no furs bows whatever you have better of pants you got to get a witch doctor so make a witch doctor and then make a couple of these and then use mats to roll these that's the easiest way to get them these are not best-case scenarios so arcane intimate armor is what you would want with two sockets similarly illusory boots these are not rolled best but you would want int bit armor meteor here you can roll honestly like you can do a number of things you can go ten percent damage seven attack speed area damage elite damage there's a number of combinations but in essence if you had a primal best damage that you could possibly get would be ten percent damage elite damage and twenty-four area damage the Etzel that you want is actually a quad so you would want really good average damage you would want perfect crit chance area damage four percent a POC and you would also want meteor damage you would also want which this is another roll so it's a quad we're now getting into two five rolls that we need here that is a secondary role of maximum arcane power which matters drastically in this build and a really high orange text for the helm I'll jump right into it so you want maximum arcane power here as well but velvet camera allows it to jump additional times we're using surge of power which is granting additional arcane power there's two runes that you can use for that surge of power or Chain Lightning unless you have perfect crit I would not recommend getting into Chain Lightning use serger power it's just gonna grant you more in general best rolls here would be meteor crit chance in a pock it's incredibly hard to get but so all of those three with maximum secondary arcane power so rings crit crit area Creek area belt mine's not rolled well but intimate life armor with like a primary or a secondary you would want like you know a resistance roll ancient part and defenders that honestly like this build is relatively squishy this is this is a main piece as far as your toughness so arcane in fit crit with a secondary res and a very good you know very high-end orange text role moonlight Ward is a source big source of our damage we're not really worried about the orange text on this to be very honest with you but you want as close to 25 arcane crit crit and socket you really want to have unstable anomaly or prodigy if if in fact you're running with a Hellfire shoulders as as close to 25% on the orange text that you can get but intimate armor and area a cool is curious very important that you get a low primary resource cost but you've got some some options a little bit of flexibility in fit you could go armor you can go reduction from elites resource cost is not that effective there's a reason that we're using life in the hell and not topaz get into that here st. Archie's gauge is all right so there's not a whole lot of options for gloves because we're arcane we're not using mage fist we're not doing any of that into crit crit area damage there's some option here to get into a quad with with attack speed but to each his own I don't have that ability yet Micra chance is relatively low for this build you want to maintain 60% plus it's very important because of the amount of a pack that you have so you want to aim for 8 a POC that's basically a mainstay you must have that you must have a 12 on signature spells from your belt because we're not running prodigy now the reason we'll get into skills here the reason that we're gonna be looking at maximum arcane power on both our offhand in our and our helm is because we're running energy armor energy tap that increases your armor by 35% but it also gives you maximum arcane power by 20 we're also running ask for presence which gives us another 20 the reason that we go as high as we possibly can in arcane powers because I hit 192 as far as like 193 I believe is the cap so yeah 193 would be your cap on arcane power and the amount of arcane power that you have allows you to so because we're running the belt we're running and both the helm in the offhand giving us the arcane power the way that Star pack works it says that for every point of arcane power spent after the initial 40 20 percent increased weapon damage as arcane happens at the end of that so if you have a full arcane pool it functions the same way that it always did the more arcane that you have that you spend the more damage that you actually do to get into that real quick and explain something resource cost only affects the amount that you actually spend for the initial cost of it I end up putting bit points from Paragon not that much but but some I would recommend 750 + as far excuse me as far as bit anything less than that you just fall over and I mean I'll I'll show you and some of the gameplay you literally just like fireballs will kill you and impaler's will kill you and things like that unless we're set up and being healed by the monk you're just gonna fall over it's not a very tanky build now there's some options to create a little bit more tankiness and so on and we'll get into that but as far as other skills and went over the the passives arcane dynamo is a mainstay has to have that odd audacity is relatively important we're doing everything all of our damage within that net 15 yards astral presence is a must increasing regen increasing the amount we're buffing ourselves through spell steel which is the number of enemies that are affected by that and the number of enemies that are affected by this increase the amount of damage that this does and then while you're hitting you're gonna be boosting the amount of arcane damage to those enemies specifically that are affected its but it basically functions like a burn in an arcane burn end of end of my fire are going to be dropping my black hole then I'm gonna be waving a force then I'm gonna be generating dropping meteor generating and dropping or using my my disintegrate and then similarly wave of force generating star pact generating and then disintegrates again so you're gonna hit that and then you're gonna do this and then you're gonna go like that and drop it and we're gonna do it again and drop it so then you're going to be waiting off cycle go like that go like this another one drop it and hit and then another one drop it and hit so that's gonna be your typical rotation I'll show that again here so we're gonna be doing that and then we're gonna normal cycle again here hitting in our cane and then we're gonna hit on our cane again I typically do another one and then another one and then I'm gonna use my black hole hit our cane again this is my rotation that I typically do inside a rift if you're following me here I'm gonna do three cycles and one more here so this is maximizing the amount of meteors that you're dropping just by doing all of this I'm not gonna show you any perfect play or perfect Maps or any of that stuff just your your normal honestly this is one 19s but you'll see we're completing rifts in seven minutes six seven eight minutes it's kind of the norm right now that's creating somewhere around 1.2 to 1.5 trillion exp an hour doing 119 with just you know just a relatively standard lawn whiz I'm somewhat geared but I'm not amazingly geared I don't have any primals in my whole set so I'm not I'm not doing anything that's not we're we're midseason right now I'm 2300 Paragon I'll say it again to watch that whole screen just get obliterated have fun with the build guys as always like subscribe see you next time

14 thoughts on “LoN Star Pact Wizard 2.6.4 with Gameplay

  • nice build i liked tal rash but like this one is still stonger and going for this one season 17 . is it good for group ? or does it need changes then ? i do always play in group whit a supp monk .

  • hey, great guide, im planning on playing wizard this season (17). but i have a question, that amulet doesnt seems "optimal", i mean, isnt better to roll for a hellfire amulet with a decent extra perk? (same stats as the one you have).

  • How he can have 300 Mio Deff while he just stay in Town ????
    I have 1500 Paragon and have 60 Mio Deff… waht is wrong with me

  • If you play LoN play archon LoN. That's the only optimal choice for season that competes with Tal rasha. In this build replace WoF or black hole with archon (ofc you need swami and fazula) AND IT IS DAMN FUN. For NS any LoN build is good basicaly.
    For a real optimized LoN build watch https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=r0t26zoAHzI

  • tal rasha + traveler > LoN
    Simple maths.
    I'm a bit higher in paragon than you but i casualy do 135s with tal grandeur. Don't succomb to the fashion, LoN is for NS.

  • Great guide. I run tal sp. Working on my LoN sp. I have a primal amulet. It rolled elemental crit chance and intelligence plus a socket. Should I roll intelligence into area dmg or crit hit dmg?

  • Do you have to manually cast arcane wave to get the buff or does it just cast when using your channeled spell?

    I'm still trying to learn the playstyle of this build. Dont really understand the rotation yet.

  • lol the quadrillion dmg numbers are insane. I got lucky on drops and I was able to build this as well as getting a perfect primal moonward and aquilas. I'm missing a ton of area dmg however… both rings, deathwish and sigil. 191 arcane power total.

    Do you have any variations of this for solo pushing? I don't have a fix group yet. Took me a week to finally test this for the first time. It's very satisfying to see the screen wipe out with a comet.

    What do you think about the archon variation? It's not as fun as this, but I wonder if it's stronger.

  • A little map dependent, but my team and I are doing 129s in under 10 minutes regularly now. 5-8minutes for the rift and 2-3 minutes for RG.

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