Long Range Pursuit | S4 E17 Brotherhood Bull

most people would just call it a rifle but a gun works we call it a tactical killing machine gun works long-range pursuit Namjoo headed down I 15 it's 1230 in the afternoon super stoked get the opportunity to hunt with plant we grew up as kids hunting with my father this is just a great hunter and you know Clinton I grew up like brothers so I'm super excited we don't get get to hunt every single day that's for sure so hopefully you get done next 72 hours we're going to spot a long way out tonight just try to cover as much ground as we can see if we can even locate some elk that moved down out of these big canyons and this kind of really rough thick pines and stuff like that moving down into these faces so I've located a bowl up here he's a long way out there he's probably 2,500 yards maybe 2,000 yards he's definitely worth getting some footage of here if we can get it before he slips off into the trees ok so we spotted six bowls in here none of them are really worth worth you know going any further looking at I don't think we've got some footage but we're going to load up and go move down here about three miles and you know taking another big chunk of the man get another bowl Clint despot of this bowl of I think we pretty much ran out of life so we'll be back at it tomorrow got some big plans for tomorrow hopefully we can you can see a lot more get some bigger ones I can't really spot any in here surprises me um might be just just a little bit lower so we're gonna pack up we're gonna go gonna go back to the truck drive down just a little bit and then spot back up into all this country and get some good elevation be able to kind of look at where they might be in the elevation because I know they're in here there's a lot of sign in here chance gun works weapon of choice for the hunt was a 300 caliber remington ultra Magnum lr 1000 this long range rifle delivers a 190 greenberger fie LD at a muzzle velocity of 30 250 feet per second this combination produces enough kinetic energy to not only take down the biggest trophy bull but to devastate it you we're just driving around we're scouting some new area kind of waiting for it to be prime time it's 250 in the afternoon we're down around 70 100 see that seems to be roughly about where the elk are so think soon as it gets a little bit better opens right so Clint just spotted whole herd of cows over here I saw a lot of bowls in hair early on in the year so we're just gonna keep on moving it looks like they're coming out to feed for the evening so okay so we got we got to mature bowls the good news is we're getting great footage of them we're going to hurt you quickly move down so we don't lose our light we're going to lose it here in a minute so we want to see if we can cut some distance out of them and get a better look at them looks like a big big five by five this bowl is the bowl that we saw I'm very confident because his back end is you know looks like the one I was looking at up on top is this the one that you're talking about yeah see you're on the one that I just saw just to the way mine's on the other side we've got a six by seven it's a really nice bowl Clint's got a really really big five there's just a lot of good bulls excited for tomorrow you'll be able to break out the rifle hopefully put it to put it to good use on some of these bulls this is just made for long-range rifles a lot of distance in this big country so that'd be fun kind of a slow morning we're going to go down regroup have some lunch talk it over with the guys see what they found comparison notes and figure out a game plan for this afternoon seen in one decent mole that we think we can get consumed is right as light was coming up we got into the trees before we could get a good good look at him and then we've seen a group of about 50 or 60 cows calf spikes rag horns we waited out that big bolt so you can come out either direction he never did so we know he's better than there so grab a quick bite d then go sit on see if we can turn tonight this is the area where they saw the bowl this morning 636 yards over there and they're just going to work in and see there's just a little neck of pines are just going to see if they can push him out into this face and and if so we can get a better look at him and and possibly a shot if he is a big bowl so they're coming back really fast are they yeah so we didn't get it done tonight um he just never came out um that's what those big balls do I think he's just laid down in there so we're gonna come back into your first thing I morning we're gonna get it set up way down the road get some different angles on him see if we can't get him killed I have him doing right now just walk through their real small just off he's not still in there we still have supporting left-hander whoa Chris that's gonna run up here and drop Cody and Clint off not gonna drop in at the head of his Canyon and just start entering into where we saw him and he's got to come out this way so we'll get we'll get to look at him our thought process on that is that if he's not in here that we go and we we hunt and we don't waste the morning I'm wondering if we just bumped him a little bit maybe a little bit too hard those old bulls are smart you know I'll get out of here so my guess is he probably fed up and went right over to talk that we're gonna drive around here go over on the other side glass up see if we can catch him on the top and like yep just hire you so we just ran into chris and clint they they saw a few elk nothing big mostly cows and some small bowls so we're going to we're going to go in regroup there's some areas over here that we're going to go look at this afternoon like we saw some bowls over here last night when we were looking at that other bowl so we'll probably check them we'll probably check those areas tonight so we just located about 10 10 head of cows up here we're going to continue a little bit further south and glass the whole face here looks like the elk are starting to move so so hopefully we'll find a bolt we just got to change it up we got to find them we got to find the bowls not just not just all the cows and spikes exciting way to end the afternoon here we we located five bowls there's some average bowls starting probably high to 70 to 80 s all maybe up to 320 was about the biggest bullet we saw but like I said there were more there more in there in they were all holes so Simon wait in the day and we will give her hell tomorrow saw a bunch of cows in here this morning saw one bowl we're locked onto him with a camera and we've got some hunters that are trying to make a stock on him they think he's big enough that they're going to shoot him so we might get this on film over here we were watching that bull he got shot so we're going to kind of move out of this area and kind of move a little bit more south glass allow the same country that we're in same elevation and see if we can turn up another Bowl so we spotted this bowl actually we saw a bowl a nice bowl kind of started looking a little bit closer found out that there were two grapples and and move down move down saw these guys they were set up the full set their own point honestly honestly honestly 30 minutes and finally they took their shot over here miss this bowl like where they're at it's probably about a six or seven hundred I shot but they just flat-out miss this full never even got the bowl excited enough to even hit a jog so he moved over in the timber he's probably long gone grateful the other Bowl kind of worked off the top he was down in the pine so he's still in there we just had a good chat with them they were they were sure wanting to borrow that gun of ours I think could have killed that bowl for sure he got four shots off missed my long long way but good guys everybody has a story that's the thing 13 years to draw this tag for for him and everybody has a story it would've been neat to had things to be able to be different and see him shoe that bowl we went back to the hotel and put the footage on our laptop so we could do some slow motion and size the two bowls up they're both great bold they're definitely bowls that we which you reviewed the footage we can see where the other guys hit where they were missing we're hopeful that we can tonight just step here and have these bowls work without down into this face Quint and Chris they're just going to kind of gold in some other areas that are jacent to this and and just see what they can turn up okay so I just spotted a bowl up here in the edge of the mahogany he's a mature bowl his frame looks surprisingly like the bowl that we saw this morning I mean he's still a long way out he's about 1,500 yards and he's kind of in the timber but we're going to try to ease up here get a different angle I'm and see if we can see him and more importantly see if we can get set up okay so I've got the old spotted just ranging with my BR to 812 one site 796 shooting solution so I'm ready to go I've measured my wind I've got about a five mile an hour wind out of the South all this Bulls got to do his move to his right or straight uphill and we've got him he's gonna start moving getting ready move he's getting up going uphill mana kill him hit him again knowing him shoot him hit him again I'm knowing him shoot him down he went he's done he's done boy this right here is the most invaluable tool that a man should have if you have one of those need one of these Oh good night Lorraine guys right up there almost right where he was brother congratulation yeah yeah awesome I was just giving you guys kudos thanks for sticking with me ready thank you so much okay thanks I can't thank you guys enough honestly I can't everything loyal enough he always gives me his best guy you know Chris Chris and claim they hunted their tails off everybody everybody that contributed to this like I said my wife she spent a lot of time on mountains with me my boy Braden just awesome thank you very much guys wapiti Wapiti on the Wapiti Wapiti / here's thanks Chris for real better thank you thanks buddy hunting apparel for long-range pursuit provided by Sitka and can attract boots of Montana license applications made through cabela's tags brought to you by gun works g7 optics nightforce hornady flatline ops and Caldwell shooting supplies

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