Looking For Down Payment Assistance In Florida?

Looking for downpayment assistance in Florida my name is Dennis hearing licensed loan officer with Caliber Home Loans And I provide assistance with the down payment assistance programs in the state of Florida Florida housing offers downpayment assistance and closing cost assistance in the form of a second mortgage loan To assist eligible homebuyers with their down payment and closing cost needs Down payment assistance is only available when used in conjunction with the Florida Housings first mortgage loan down payment assistance is not a standalone program There are four options currently available in the state of Florida one the Florida assist Borrowers purchasing in Florida may be eligible to receive down payment assistance or dpa through the Florida assist second mortgage Program the Florida assist offers the following options up to $7,500 as a 0% deferred second mortgage Florida assist is not forgivable repayment is deferred except in the event of the sale transfer satisfaction the first mortgage Refinancing in the property or until such time the borrower ceases to occupy the property Meaning you rent it out at which time the Florida assist will become payable in full to the hardest hit fund down payment assistance program or HHF dpa this is only available in Brevard clay Duvall Hillsborough Pasco Pinellas bulk orange, Osceola st. Lucie and Volusia counties bars purchasing in one of these counties may be eligible to receive down payment and closing cost assistance through the Hhf DP a second mortgage program the h hf d p a second mortgage program offers up to $15,000 as a 0% deferred interest five-year grant Meaning the hhf dpa second mortgage is forgivable at the rate of 20% per year Over the five year term of the loan provided you’re never in default third option 3 % hfa preferred grant Borrowers utilizing this down payment and closing costs program can receive 3% of the purchase price of the home being purchased in the form of a non repayable grant and It may be combined with the mcc or mortgage tax credit program This is one of the only DPAs that can be combined with the mcc there are there’s one other 1/4 option The ona home opportunity program Which actually has two programs? It’s available as a second mortgage loan, or as a 3% 4% or 5% Forgivable grant which is fantastic 5% forgivable grant so just fantastic the Program is only available in the following counties however Broward Charlotte Collier, DeSoto, Lee Sarasota st. John’s Palm Beach in Volusia Now qualifying for these programs can be easy as 1-2-3 First be a first-time homebuyer meaning you have not owned a primary residence in the last three years Unless your active military or veteran and then it doesn’t matter you could have owned property in the last Three years to earn less than the maximum allowed income for your county and every county is different So you have to call me on that one? Three have a minimum credit score of 640 and over based on the program choice some of the programs require 660 and 680 and of course complete a HUD approved housing counseling class For more information on any of the florida dpa programs that you may be available to you Give me a call at 954 six four eight Four nine four nine or send an email to me at Dennis dot hearing at supreme lending calm and if you’re ready to go you can click the button below and be Connected directly to my secure website and begin the process and then send me docs. Thanks. Have a great day. Bye You

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