Lord of the Rings: Kin-strife (Gondor Civil War)

Following the devastating wars of the First
Age, humans who supported the Elves against the dark lord Morgoth, were rewarded with
a new homeland on the island of Numenor, becoming tallest and wisest of their race, with many
living over 300 years. Numenor thrived throughout the Second Age,
but eventually fell under the influence of Morgoth’s former lieutenant Sauron, who
came to be known as the Second Dark Lord. This corruption led their King to foolishly
attempt invading the Undying Lands of Aman, but instead caused the destruction of Numenor
and the death of most of their people. The few who survived and remained faithful
to Eru, the creator of the Universe, fled to Middle-Earth where they founded the realms
of Gondor and Arnor. And while Arnor was eventually destroyed by
the Witch King of Angmar and the forces of Sauron, Gondor thrived for centuries under
Dunedain Kings. Meanwhile, the humans known as middle-men
who stayed East of the Blue Mountains during the first Age, and did not participate in
the wars of the west, had established their own homelands, including the kigndom of Rhovanion. The people of Gondor remained on good terms
with these people who they recognized as sharing ancient kinship, becoming allies throughout
the third age. As a result they fought side by side against
the Easterlings who invaded from the lands of Rhun, with their bonds of friendship growing
so tight, King Valacar, son of Romandecil II, married a Rhovanion Princess named Vidumavi. When she gave birth to their son Eldacar,
many the people of Gondor were outraged that the blood of the Dunedain was being diluted
with that of common men, a sentiment which was seized upon by Castamir the Usurper, a
distant relative of the royal family who started gathering support for his own faction. After the death of the King in 1432, Eldacar
inherited the throne, leading to open revolt against his government. For years they fought a brutal civil war known
as the kin-strife, in which the capital of Osgiliath was burned, causing one of the ancient
palantir created by Feanor in Aman to be lost when the Dome of Stars was destroyed. By 1437 Castamir had taken control of the
kingdom, killing Eldacar’s son and heir Ornendil, though the king was able to escape,
taking refuge with his mother’s people in Rhovanion. For 10 years, Castamir ruled as a cruel tyrant,
until the people rebelled against him, allowing for Eldacar to return to his homeland with
a Rhovanion army to take back the throne. Although Castamir was killed in the Battle
of Erui, his sons escaped with the help of the navy they controlled, retreating first
to Pelargir and then to Umbar in the South. Amongst the people of this region which consisted
of long time enemies of Gondor including the Black Numenorians, and Haradrim, Castamir’s
sons established their own independent lordship. In the years that followed Their descendants
never abandoned their hatred for Gondor, supporting pirates raids against them and becoming known
as the Corsairs of Umbar. King Eldacar went on to rule for over 40 more
years, however Gondor’s golden age had now passed, with the civil war as well as a terrible
plague, greatly weakening the realm and ultimately leading to the lessening of defenses around
mordor, allowing Sauron to rebuild his forces throughout the rest of the third age without
heavy resistance.

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  • I mean, the Gondorians were traitors from the start. Given that cunt Meneldil's actions. Is it any surprise they were hilariously racist as well?

  • I always thought the kin-strife and the whole "the blood must remain pure" aspect of the dunadain was stupid and shitty

  • Sad that the fools who were against the Dilution of Dunedain blood were themselves intermixed and eventually assimilated into the lesser peoples of Umbar.

  • really good video .. a middle earth big fan but i never knew there a civil war on gondor that really good information.. keep working

  • I really love how Tolkien portrayed Gondor as the most idealistic “western kingdom”, with strong kings accomplishing great feats. But at the same time he highlighted the many flaws of man in them, such as their greed, pride and racism (which caused the kin-strife). Which in turn lead to their enevetable decline, which they only really have themselves to blame for (Sauron did not stand when they were unified and kept a watch over Mordor).

  • Another fine edition of LOTR lore. Thank you for keeping it true and fresh. Looking forward for more to come.

  • Good job my lad, suggestion of gondor! If you're not doing my valar suggestion let us know what's next

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