Lorelai 010 – Pact with the devil

the life of my own away from that toxic place I called home it sounds about right I was ready to work hard to commit to accept that I'm just this insignificant tiny thing in the world that doesn't care but for me it would have been enough job in the place of my own one day family I would have built a good home for my children somewhere that wouldn't feel scared when I can't did a place full of love no booze and microwave dinner isn't fair but what does it matter I can't tell back at the time no but with my head there is still something you can do let's take a little more shall we I don't know shall we guess there's not a choice I don't like the laughter it's a trap yeah very funny this last memory of your life pretty dreadful even for my standards what's he doing to Beth you'd like to stop that man wouldn't you yeah but how it's too late and what if I told you that it was not what I'll bring you back to life you kalyan right thank you can pull Bethany out of that evil man's fingers sounds good doesn't it it does partly sound good I would say you think about it would be nice I guess the perfect way will be to just have your piece finally if you go back you see that's a friendly neighbor that your mom that you can try and get your sister out of that idiots hands and try to somehow start somewhere your own life well that's going to be tough and yeah then the thing with can we trust this woman it really I'm gonna guess if if I go for this answer in the end it will lead anyways back to the fact that we will get revived I'm gonna yes well that's just yeah let's just do that I'm not sure if I can trust you you have got nothing to lose now alive at least the first time you do this well maybe how would I know it's easy anyone can do this I want you to fetch something for me mm-hmm of course all right what is it I just need one final ingredient for my stew a fifth of shark just a slice really you want me to kill a shark oh this one already dead not far from here where look for the lonely seashore doesn't sound too bad so far I guess oh I can go there maybe I don't want to go there it always makes this place look like home it's burning nicely mm-hmm still creepy oh yeah sure I remember totally forgot in a while these flames seem so fragile I guess wait what a lonely sea sure she talked about that through the painting all right it's so weird oh god this is awesome nice and calm okay using an Exxon is the same oh you poor thing you belong in the ocean here very true that's the thing all right well I'm glad that we did it with or without comma someone digging here but now I'm afraid to do something wrong I know that's a huge padlock for such a tiny Shack do we nope no okay we don't this could be useful cute it Judith you small looks sturdy enough the music is still kinda nice and calm and relaxing blah I don't trust this game okay uh-huh I think there's something inside the shop strong there's something inside the shop Oh do we but that's not nice get it on please okay can we take that thing out again please it's not mice then yes but I only need to slice I'll meet something to cut it off well the shop right that's not gonna work okay what do you have the camp can we watch something I can okay I guess we go there I saw this spot on the video of them could there be something buried underneath it take me ages to dig oh sure sorry he's my hands oh no can we undo that I mean that's the knife but this skeleton looks ancient can we buried again live at least not respectful stabbed right Monica take us quicky can we please bury the skeleton yes that's enough can we do that so dear okay so sorry this is what I came so how do we leave this place that is actually a good question no God I said it and trust this game but I forgot again about I'm sorry for the shark and I'm sorry for the skeleton I tried Lorelei doesn't want to do it what aggressive calm down girl is it you're very strange Oh true we need to keep up oh then this is also the accent right that was kinda slow to be honest just check-in everything's done alright could this be my way out of here Kurt but this game and Hall all right let's go okay that was one of those doors it was well I guess then we were one point also figure out what these two doors are there for especially the one with a sign on there I've got it yes put it in the pot would you I guess I don't have a choice do I what eat my child this house you will make your heart beat again I don't know it's quite nice indeed and should you ever come back says plenty left for later it would be a shame to waste it it's time for you to have you whose brain god I hate our place but I'm ready this is your second chance don't just wanting to try out if I could do anything I'm coming to save you back me I don't know what to think about this what what my confusion I'm what yeah let's sure I guess only logical thing I can't even call the police they'll just take Bethany and put her in foster care I can't take that risk just look at her she needs me let's just try to calm down I need a moment to collect my thoughts and figure out what to do next I guess that's some responsibility I actually thought Zach died nevermind done I mean Gert thought he did it how's your head sac it's alright I think it was just a little bump really and my glorious hats of most of the impact sue you saved us back there me nah I just shut up you did if it wasn't for you we'd all be dead now let's just agree it was a team effort except you really had no business in helping me well maybe I did I'm running away tonight with Bethany but where are you gonna go are you sure it's a good idea what choice do I have they'll take Bethany from me if I stay we won't let that happen you're her sister and you're an adult on you only just it's still pretty obvious that she'd be better off in your care I mean she's got no one else left in the world has she oh I just don't know if that's if I will be in this situation I probably wouldn't say that but it's so cute and I kind of like it somehow I just have a feeling it's weird but this is also not true because I would say she still has him and I can't remember the name of the other woman from her workplace or was that was she alive there I'm so confused right now but let's let's go for this one because I really don't like the fact that she says that she also doesn't have anyone let's go for this let's see what happens actually no we have you Thank You Zack it's okay for you eyes say it yeah I just think you deserve better that's all this is a cool place what do you actually do oh I make video games that's awesome well they're pretty sure to be honest they can't be that bad I mean people are buying them right some people enjoy them that's true but I'm hardly Hideo Kojima well I don't know who this Heidi Kachina is but I'm sure one day you'll make a great successful game you reckon well of course as long as you put your heart and soul into it in my experience the heart and soul means nothing without a million dollars spent on advertising mmm maybe you're only saying that because your hearts been somewhere else why are you being so nice to me Zach cuz you know everyone else seems to be a twat lately you could have said no when I came asking for help but you didn't why well therefore lifetime of playing video games teaches you one thing it's that the hero always rescues the princess I know that's not the only reason though is it oh man I don't know Zack you know you do do you really want me to say it I first thought the whole time now till just now they're probably having feelings for each other romantic ones and now I just don't trust this game anyone I will see a he's gonna say something that's gonna destroy all of that and be like I'm your actual father or no of that but not but I don't know something that just the stories that little dream of mine it's alright so I like you too bad timing Bethany well can you not smell it Jesus did they feed you that stinking party for dinner – yeah code Brown situation and I'm guessing you don't have any clean nappies in your flat anywhere sorry I stopped using them a long time ago what do we do well I can't get them from my flat cuz I really don't wanna go back there we'll have to improvise we need to clean her up and change her nappy sounds tricky look I've washed a bunch of old women today how hard can it be with a baby well I don't know I'm a total noob with babies remember do you have anything here I can use other than my beanie hat nope I don't think sorry your beanie hat this could totally work yep no it's a limited edition breaking bad beening you're gonna say no to a baby fine right it'll work I just need to make some adjustments do you mind watching her while I have a look around no go ahead he looks so damn different without beanie

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