LOS 10 EDIFICIOS MAS ALTOS DEL MUNDO 2019 (English subtitles)

Hey guys. Nowadays, several countries are involved in a competition to have the tallest building in the world. These architectural giants have a huge variety of attractions within them: luxurious hotels, huge malls and casinos, offices, supermarkets, apartments, and more. These are the top ten tallest buildings in the world 2018. Let’s begin. TOP 10 TALLEST BUILDINGS IN THE WORLD. 1587 feet. This 108 stories skyscraper, formally called Union Square Phase 7, is located in Hong Kong. Construction began in 2002, and it opened in 2010. By its base it features the “dragon tail”, a crystal structure at which the facade curves and stretches horizontally, appearing to fall from the top of the building. This edifice is used for multiple purposes, such as observation, business, parking, and retail. The top 15 floors are occupied by a luxurious hotel. Today, it’s the second tallest hotel in the world. 1614 feet. This 101 stories building is the icon tower of Shanghai, China. Its main feature is the aperture at the peak, which makes it one of a kind. Its innovative design has won multiple international awards. Its construction started in 1997, but due to an economic crisis in 1997-98 it was halted until 2003. The construction was resumed in that year and finished on August 28, 2008. Even though this skyscraper is constituted mainly by business space, it also has a hotel, conference rooms, shops and observation decks. 1,671 feet. It’s located in Taipei, Taiwan and comprises 106 floors. 101 above ground, and five underground car park levels. Construction began in 1997 and it was inaugurated in 2004. The approximate cost was 1.7 billion dollars. The building’s shape represents the bucket of rice that’s sold in that city. Its smallest base faces downwards, leading to a phased symmetry. The construction is composed of a total of 11 buckets. Thanks to its tuned mass damper, a giant 680 tons golden ball of steel suspended from the 92nd floor, it can withstand earthquakes of up to 7 degrees on the Richter scale and winds of over 280 mph. When it was installed, its elevator was the fastest in the world. It can reach a speed of 1010 meters per minutes, carrying up to 30 people from the plant 5 to 89 in less than 40 seconds. 1738 feet. It’s situated in Canton, China and consists of 111 stories. Its construction commenced in 2010 and its inauguration was in 2016. It cost an estimate of 1.6 billion dollars. This tower is composed by 2,247,806 sq ft of office space, 760,000 sq ft of residencies and 440,000 sq ft of hotel floors. To reduce its environmental footprint it employs several energy efficiency tools, like efficient chillers and solar panels. It’s connected to public transportation through underground links. Currently, this skyscraper has the fastest elevator in the world. This lift can reach the extraordinary speed of 1260 meters per minute more than 44 MPH. carrying its passengers from the floors 1 to 95 in 43 seconds. 1776 feet. Originally it was named Freedom Tower. It’ s the main construction of the rebuilt complex World Trade Center located in New York City, USA. Its 94 stories reach a height of 1,368 ft and it has a 408 ft antenna on its top. Its construction began on April 27, 2006 and it was inaugurated on November 3, 2014. Its height in feet, 1 776, is a reference to the year of the Declaration of Independence of the US. This structure had an estimate cost of 3.9 billion dollars. 2.9 million sq ft of its surface are destined to office space. It also features two observation decks, a first-class restaurant and transmission antennas. 1820 feet. It’s located in Seoul, South Korea, and it’s made up of 123 floors. Construction began on November, 2010 and finished on April 2017. This architectural giant is constituted by office space, a seven-star hotel, a movie theater, an aquarium and even a concert hall for up to 2000 people. It also has a wide observation deck with capacity for 900 people situated at 1640 ft above ground. The employment of solar panels, wind turbines and other Energy Efficiency systems turned the construction into an example of modernism and an Eco-friendly building. 1965 ft. Ping An Finance Center is located in Shenzen, China. It’s a 115 stories building. Construction began in 2010 and ended on March, 2017. At the top of the tower, the facades taper to form a pyramid, giving the tower a prismatic aesthetic. The estimated construction cost was $1.5 billion dollars. In addition to office space, its more than 100 floors feature a shopping mall, a conference center and a multi-story atrium that works as public lobby providing retail, restaurants and meeting space. 1971 ft. The Abraj Al-Bait is a complex of buildings in Mecca, Saudi Arabia. The most extravagant complex ever built. All the construction covers 16,961,930 sq ft. Its estimate cost was 16 billion dollars. Construction began in 2004 and it was inaugurated in 2012. Its highest tower has 120 stories. Abraj Al-Bait’s constituted by residence areas, a five-star hotel, a shopping mall with parking capacity of 1000 vehicles, and prayer rooms capable of holding more than 10,000 people. The hotel tower is topped by a four-faced clock, visible from 16 miles away. With a size of 141 ft it’s the biggest clock in the world. A 232 feet tall spire has been added on top of the clock giving it a total height of 1,972 ft. 2073 ft. Shangai Tower is a skyscraper located in Shangai, China. It has 128 stories, a 4 520 842 sq ft surface and it cost an estimate 22 billion dollars. The construction of this project began on November 29, 2008 and its inauguration was on September 6, 2016. Its layout consists of nine cylindrical buildings one stacked upon another and covered by a glass facade. A third of the site is “green space” with landscaping to help cool the building. Its numerous sustainable technologies allow the tower to slash its carbon footprint by 34 000 metric tonnes yearly. 2716 ft. Before inauguration it was named Burj Dubai; this key term wasn’t modified in either of the names because in Arabic it means tower. It’s located in Dubai, United Arab Emirates. It has163 floors which make it the tallest skyscraper in the world. Its equivalent to three times the Eiffel Tower and two times the Empire State. It can be seen from 60 miles away in a clear day. Construction started on September 21, 2004 and it was officially inaugurated on January 4, 2010. This tower features office and retail space as well as a five-star hotel. It also offers recreational and leisure facilities that include four luxurious swimming pools, a smokers area, a library and an observation deck. This skyscraper cost an estimate of 15 billion dollars, almost a third of the One World Trade Center’s cost. Amazing, isn’t it? It was first called Kingdom tower. It will be located in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia. Its construction started on 24 June, 2013. By November 2017 it had reached the 813 ft. but it has been halted due to political or economical problems. It’s expected to be finished by 2020. Initially, the estimated cost of the project was 1.2 billion dollars but it suffered a huge increase due to the passing of time and the fall of oil prices. At present, It´s believed to cost approximately 2 billion dollars. It will have a residency area, office space, a 200 rooms hotel, and the tallest observation deck in the world, with an outdoor platform of nearly 98 ft in diameter. When It´s finished, it will have 200 floors, be 1007 meters height and be the first skyscraper to reach a full kilometer into the air. If you liked the video, please like it, leave a comment, and subscribe. That’s all for now. See you in the next video.

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