hi I'm Mike from heavy TV we're at Download Festival and I've got the pleasure talking to Sammy from Law Society Sammy thank you so much so hard to say thank you so much for having me right your new single after three years of touring and songwriting and everything else that goes into being in a band you've just announced today that your new single has been released it has the lowdown on it I mean I'm pretty much speechless at this point because as you said it's been three years three long years and you know the feeling that you know no absolution it came out today but we've written the song quite a long time ago and the feeling that when you've been sitting on a song for so long and just hoping for the moment that everyone hears it it's pretty fucking amazing when it finally happens and from the looks of it people of people have taken it in very well excellent can you describe it – is it still the old usual old-school press well you know it's a it's old school law society you can definitely hear it's the same band but we're bringing in more new elements than ever before and I'm sure actually as I have seen today for many people there's a lot of different elements that people can you know pick and find something that they love about it which is of course we love hearing that stuff but the most important always is that we love what we do and we're definitely doing that right now as you just been talking to my friend Steve he saw you support an exodus three is exactly three years have you got anything planned up to come back to the UK oh you know we hope so we did our first headlines who are in the UK and Ireland about four months back and it was a great success you know we didn't know what to expect because it was our first headline tour here but you know the places where packed people loved it we got a bunch of good feedback from it so I'm sure we're gonna be coming back very soon no kidding look at in the blind or nothing lined up you know after the show today I'm sure someone will want to book us here we'll be back I'm what about a new album obviously you've written quite a few songs in those three years we have a new album you know I can't I can't disclose the date that it's coming out but there is an album of course that's gonna be on the way and for everyone you know tuning in check out our social media platforms will they'll be the first to hear about all the new stuff that's coming out I kinda just overheard you saying that you've written 50 songs we've written close to 50 songs cuz how difficult is it choosing heaven T's gonna be on the album it's hard no absolutely it's it's it's one of the hardest things you can do as a musician because you know there's no such thing as like an okay song when you write a song you you put your you know you pour your heart and soul into it and you love hearing it and you love playing it of course some songs like jump up as better ones from the get-go like obviously no absolution in my opinion is like one of the best tracks that we've ever written and thus was the first single but you know there's gonna be a lot of cool songs and it's definitely gonna hurt the heart a bit when you have to you know drop a few songs but you know there's not a rule that you can't release them later but you go that's a good thing because I mean I think you know there can never be enough music and cuz you know we're gonna be here for a long time still and that's a promise so you know people will hear a lot of it when it is released is it gonna be on every platform you can release vinyl I hope so I hope so because you know for me vinyl nowadays is more important than CD I love vinyl you know I got I got that shit at home and I love listening to it so you know I was looking through my old record collaborating very old record yeah the other day and how flimsy some of the Bible today right right the vinyl that's released now is just so it's like it's it's a product exactly exactly it's it's built to withstand the heavy listening right we do actually have long something so what we're gonna do I've got I've got some random questions here but you need to roll the dice to see which to see which question you're going to graphics I'm good at this usually let's see we're gonna go all right let's see we have a nine nine what is your earliest musical memory it could be cool any pretty cold I have actually two that I have to say the absolute earliest thing I remember hearing was Stan by Eminem and my sister introduced me to that song and you know I was about five four or five years old no idea what was happening but let's fast forward to three years after that I was seven years old and my brother made me a mix tape of music that he loved to listen to and the number one track on that mixtape was the prisoner by Iron Maiden and you know all cliches decided that changed my goat goosebumps when he said the prisoners that's what a number of the Beast is one of the best records period and you know Iron Maiden has always been the biggest operation you have that song did you further up the beginning obviously I wanna go straight into the news 8 no it's just oven I was hanging out with my brother you know and my parents place and he turned it on and the intro is playing I'm like ok so what the fuck is this then you know the laughter and then the fucking the drumbeat that hits it I'm like ok now this is something bigger than what I've ever heard before and you know by the end of the end of the song you know we're playing air guitar and just fucking you know it was the coolest thing in the world right let's throw one more dice let's do it anywhere we go alright let's see let's see it is who is the greatest type of player of your chores and instruments now you play guitar and sing ok so he's either that's a hard one dude that's a fucking hard one I'm gonna choose the best singer in the world or I mean it we just talked about Iron Maiden so I think it's stupid to say by mean Bruce Dickinson is the all-time best singer but if I gotta say someone else Corey Taylor is one of my absolute biggest he's the best rock in the world but then you know it's a close second with phil anselmo who's who delivers like more than well in that stuff and well then I mean for more modern things the architects Sam Carter I think he's in that genre he's the best metal vocalist in a long time so there's a lot and you know then there's one guy who kind of who kind of plays for both things all XLR home from children bottom who obviously for me has been like one of the biggest inspirations so we answer Alexi Laiho because that's guitar and singing so choice there we have a choice right wait one minute chairman pleasure mom thank you very much thank you so much about with the single of the album when it's released thank you so much man

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