Louis- The door of Reconciliation

in 1492 two of the great Irish families the butler's who are the Dukes of almond in kilkenny and the Fitzgeralds who are the areas of Kildare were fighting just outside the city wall which is where the cathedral was located realizing the fighting was getting out of hand black James who is the nephew of the urine of orland took sanctuary in the chapter house within the cathedral now the Fitzgerald family followed them in and banged on the door and asked them to come out and make peace but that James suspected that if they came out that they'd be slaughtered so though there was no way they were budging Gerry Fitzgerald ahead of the calera family got one of his man to get an axe and they cut this hole in the door with an axe and he put his arm through to shake hands and make peace so black James took his hand they shook the made peace at least for a short time normal hostilities resumed about a month afterwards we're told and that's where we get the expression now to chance your arm because obviously Fitzgerald's arm could have been cut off and he put his arm through the hole the door is also known now is the door of reconciliation you

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