greetings welcome to Floral moon wellness and spiritual consulting to those of you new to my channel feel free to hit that like button and subscribe as we'd love to have you and to those of you interested in joining the tribe and becoming a moon bug the link to do so is down below not only are we lit we blossom and do we bloom so if you're looking to do the same you might want to hop on board we do much more than two row and oracle card readings okay so get into it if you're interested in personal readings and all other booking information and my services and just to get to know me again all of that can be found down below so let's go ahead and get started this is a weekly so this is for the 10th of June to the 17th of June checking in for collective energies clear and concise messages please letting all that is needed be known clear and concise clearing concise message Chiz and we start out with the two of clubs this is going to be a strong focal point for this for this week here okay there is a connection here with someone okay a connection that is really untouched unmatched in some way or another for the both of you this is a mutual intensity here between the two of you hmm clear and concise please clear and concise love love an exchange of emotions but then we also have something here in the headspace that's getting in the way so really making sure you're aware of yourself near to your self-talk there's something here we'll find out what it is that's what we're doing this for okay but there's something here that's coming in between this connection and what you guys can build together what you guys can create and how you can move forward seven of Pentacles so there is some something that's occurring the waiting period there's something here that's fun to hold okay okay we got the seven of swords here so we've gone from the nine of swords to the seven of swords we'll find out what that means but I'm not picking up deceptiveness what I'm picking up is someone not being well it is deceptive someone not being honest with themselves in some way or another here this week it's it's okay we'll go deeper one more card for well they gave me two so we'll go we'll go with that I just want to make sure I can get them all on screen here so we got the three of logs so there is again this waiting period taking place here something's being waited on and you could be dealing with a fire sign here we have a strong masculine presence this could be Aries I just heard Gemini so this is not a Gemini card but I just heard that in my head so it could be Gemini but this could be Leo areas or Sagittarius for dealing with or just somebody who's simply very passionate about you in the connection that you all share together okay clear and concise messages please ask you clear and concise messages for the second column the Emperor so someone's definitely coming in very strong okay very strong very uh this person that has it is in a position of authority in their lives so they may own a business okay they may run companies be the directors of companies or in a managerial position in some sense or another I hear supervisor something here as far as someone who's in a position of authority is coming into this new opportunity this new this is for you this week you guys are coming into a new position of authority authority over how you enter this this new opportunity that you're being handed some of you aren't being engaging new partnerships too but also choosing how you want to enter this relationship you have the option here okay so now it's starting to unravel you have the option to be honest with yourself okay honest with people around you or you have the option to do not okay and and remain in your head about something or another there's there's a new direction that's being opened up to someone here okay this could be you or your partner place the energies as they apply these energies can be interchangeable but we have the six of cups so there's definitely some past energies here coming in okay this could be someone that you've known from childhood or it could simply be someone that it has a soulmate connection okay it feels like you've known this person before and perhaps you guys share a past life connection here but this is a very strong connection someone here is coming in and wanting to to build wanting to create something but the headspace is suffering the headspace so someone is choosing to to suffer okay and it's because they have not realized that that suffering alone is in this situation is absolutely their choice so the headspace because the hardest pool okay the the passion is is operating at a very high capacity here but when it comes to the headspace there is this stuck energy and there is this deceptiveness deceptiveness towards yourself deceptiveness towards what it is you truly want this could be the person you're dealing with doesn't have to be you take the energies as they resonate this is a general reading for for quite a few people okay okay but there is something coming in here so again there's this pivot there's this pivot point gives it shift in direction and that direction is going to allow you this power to take authority over what it is you two you want to do how it is you truly want to do it how it is you want to love how it is you want to receive love that's coming in how it is you want to communicate that love are you going to keep it from from yourself this person is keeping their love from from from someone from from the person they truly want to be with this soulmate here or this can be you are you keeping your love from this person but there is something here that's that's coming in you could be dealing with in Aries as well lots of passion when it comes to this person lots of passion oh my gosh yes lots of passion okay so we got the hangman and we got the Queen of Rods okay it's like I hear standstill sometimes at a standstill we'll find out what that means we'll find out but we got counterparts here okay counterparts some of you are definitely coming into a space where you're able to start investing from your work you're making money now to the point where you can actually start to invest and put some money away into your savings and start to handle your money differently so if you're coming into this new opportunity with your Pentacles okay coming into this new position of authority over your life right now and in a new way there's a need here to really make sure the way you're investing yourself is beneficial it's going to really serve this this ace this spark let's go back to the counterparts for a moment right I'm gonna see if I can put these right here counterparts that love each other actually I'm gonna put it right above the two you guys can't see it there and so I'll just put it back where I was gonna put it in the first place so counterparts that love each other that love each other deeply very much so have a new opportunity here this week to break themselves free of their own mind the prison of their minds hmm what is the two of crops okay yeah hmm you both make each other very happy and this masculine is coming in here this week for some of you not all of you okay and it's because they've seen something they've seen something that the Sun has risen on a very significant portion of their consciousness there is light where there was no light before so again this person is now seeing the light if you will and they're coming in with that they're coming in with that new perspective on something they're coming in with that masculine capacity that they didn't hold at one point because they weren't yet fully lit they weren't yet filled okay with what it is they have now this cup is filled with something that is much more significant it's worth it now as they come in you could be dealing with the Leo what's the nine of swords here there's something here that they that that needs to be persevered through something that needs needs to be counteracted um also there needs to be a space of compassion this person someone is beating themselves up about something as well there's just there's there needs to be this space of compassion and understanding vulnerability understanding your own vulnerability and your partner's vulnerability and coming together in that space with compassion holding that space for one another so that that you feel safe so that you feel trust okay and you feel stable someone here has had a very difficult childhood – someone has dealing with with trauma or not necessary doesn't have to be trauma but there is something imprints from childhood that they've had to persevere through that's still linger in the headspace here okay and they're pushing through with this ring card okay I want to clarify what this with this seven of swords is then what's the seven of swords though it's very clear and concise [Applause] so we got the three of Wands again strong Aries energy here with that something is it's there was okay so there's multiple things going on and I'm trying to tune into each individual thing which is not gonna work so I need to kind of summarize it in a holistic way for all of you someone wasn't being honest initially about what it is they possessed when it came to their financial okay earthly possessions their their financial status okay it may have misled you to think that they were you know in a different position when it when it comes to their monetary value and what they can bring to the table okay they they kept that from you or presented a notion of something that was was not was obsolete wasn't forthright but now they're waiting on something so someone is waiting on on them they want to approach you but they're waiting on something to come in before they can make that happen it's like they're waiting on the right moment it's like having a cake in the oven or something and it's like okay 15 minutes until it's done you gotta wait wait until that cake is done right you gotta wait until the batter is completely formed into the actual cake until it's finished so it's like that that moment that that period of waiting for that completion waiting for that moment to where you can finally take the cake out of the oven when it's done when it's ready for the frosting when it's ready something is not quite ready however the intention the intention to build the intention was always there the intention the dream the desire was always there this person wants to build but they may not be in a position to show up in the way they want perhaps they want to come to you as the Emperor yet they're not quite there or perhaps this is where they were this is where they were right let's clarify let's see where's the seventh pencils now what's going on here where's the seven of Pentacles whoa okay definitely and this person is in reflection deep reflection on what they can give what they can build how they can plant seeds so this may be past energy okay and and now they're coming in like what okay they are in a different position things have balanced out so this person can now actually give they can give to you for real for real instead of just kind of like putting on this this front they're in a position okay now to give and they want to give it's a very generous energy they're giving to something that they want elected to so they weren't giving to you in the capacity that they they could or they desired you take it as it resumes let's see the ace of rocks all right so things have truly balanced out the gavel has landed justice has been served tickets have been served out okay and now this new opportunity is allowing you to move into balance this week focus on balancing things out this week you guys it's very good what's the wingman here okay so there's something that definitely needs to be addressed sorry something needs to be addressed something needs to be rectified is what I hear something needs to be addressed if I just keep that's what I hear and it needs to be done so and very direct direct blunt manner straight to the point no frou-frou flowery language it's just something needs to be pinpointed and directly addressed here to release this hangman from their slumber is that you or is it a situation a circumstance okay a job whatever it is you need to focus this week well I invite you because you don't need to do anything it's up to you but I invite you to focus this week on what it is you can be very direct with practicing mastering this energy of the queen of swords where there's just that direct forthright addressing of things that need to be addressed looked at assessed examined also some of you may need to organize this week focus on how you can organize the things and really cut through the fluff getting to the point when this communication comes in taking on that queen of swords in a balanced way where it's just very direct getting straight to the core getting straight to the point it looks like there is something here coming in from the past someone here wants to now share with you okay someone is in a different position here literally they're taking on their authority they're taking on their power because justice is here so it's like the a lot of karmic cycles have closed out for many of you and now you're generally taking your authority over this new start this new life you're in a different position in a different perspective here with the hangman you're seeing something differently so now because you have gone under a higher dimension of understanding you have space there to be very direct and concise with what it is you want how it is you want it also with yourself how do you want to show up now being very clear with that holding true to your standards that you set for yourself in this new cycle moving past karmic stagnancy into this new space taking authority over it of what it is you want what's the Emperor really strategizing and planning this week can you guys just randomly that came so someone was dealing with a very unstable person in the past before they cleared out a cycle kids could have been a mother figure there's some sort of force here in maternal force that comes in Reverse so someone was definitely not stable at some point or another this may have affected the way this person was brought up or you were brought up whatever this feminine energy is okay earth sign it could be earth Virgo okay Capricorn or Taurus whoever this is I feel contributed to the headspace not being able to find it's it's forward movement it's healthy forward movement it's I'm picking it up right now it's very spastic energy here is very sporadic and all over the place so that's for a small group of you understanding that that energy whoever that is for you in your life needs to be maybe put at a distance in some way or another okay with love with compassion balanced queen of swords where it's just keeping it real right and really clearing out the thing things that are not serving this this pace of rods and this justice if it's not righteous if it's not serving righteousness if it's not serving you be direct with that and this can be yourself just not being stable not having plans on how you're moving forward not grounding yourself in your in your in a practical way right not really taking into account the logistics of your life whatever that is right that energy for you needs to be cleared out what is the infrared or I invite you to clear it out okay again you guys don't need to do anything so we have the emperor here it's very beautiful the emperor and the six of Wands so victory someone here you your counterpart okay the collective in general has risen to a higher authority over your lives here over what it is you do over what it is you pursue okay this is success this is calling the shots this is your rising and also some of you are rising to a taking ownership of something I hear so entrepreneurs taking on on new pursuits here new new endeavors entrepreneurial endeavors or partnerships also receiving attention some of you you're following is growing okay you're receiving more attention something here is very good this week so understanding that that is coming from releasing whatever contributed to stagnancy in the past cycle being very direct and concise with that right precision honesty communication is very important this week – we'll pull one more on the 8 of lawns a long piece so there's there's a new direction here that's coming in for a lot of you a new direction a new path most definitely a new direction a new path for sure very good so there's a pivot point that's really exciting I'm excited for you guys I really am I really am we'll go deeper into this these counterparts I want to look into these counterparts okay and I want to see how things are gonna pan out for these counterparts moving of the floor and we're gonna do a totally new spread on the on the counterparts but in general you guys are moving into a very positive direction this week okay stay with it I love you guys so much feel free to join us on patreon by clicking the link down below and if you'd like to just purchase the extended instead of you know signing on for the subscription then feel free to do so as well that information is down below I love you guys so much I'm really excited for you feel free to leave your comments down below and I'll see you all in the next video bye


  • If there are 3 Geminis in my life 😒😒😒😒 but I only care about 1 of them and are truly concerned and give a damn about 1 and most of these describe that 1……they are still just about him right?????

  • Ahh I’ve been seeing 22:33 everywhere and here it is again lol This resonates so much thank you 💜💜

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