Ludwig Acrolite at Goodwill?!?

all right so today is actually Christmas Eve and I was out getting dad and I'll let you know there's a good little fun Menace down the street so you know let's go check it out and usually I don't go to the skin oil just because it's like in the country and mainly like old people type stuff but I like you know I got time to kill Christmas Eves I'm not really doing anything just hanging out and I guess Santa Claus came early Ludwig alright so here's the big reveal we'll take a look this case big enough you think alright so there is something loose let's take a closer look alright so at first glance the shell seems to be in pretty good shape the hoops they're not really in that bad of shape there is a little bit of a pitting up here this is probably the worst spot well that'll clean up pretty easily but the show is pretty clean all the hardware on it is clean the lugs are fine and Sharad seems be fine the throb is overly but it works so yeah and then this is probably the most interesting part of the drum we got a happy birthday are you looks like Bill Q or something else scratched up and then a to Kayla from Big Poppa or Pepe and then the Rezo head is a little bit dented up but I'm planning on replacing their heads anyways and then the stairs are in decent shape there's a one wire that's a little fence up so I'll probably just clip that and I'll use that for a while and then if I decide to sell it I'll probably sell it as it is but if I decide to keep it then I'll change the snares and then all of the mounting hardware is in place and the sound you were hearing was that thing so that piece is for the internal muffler which sits in that little notch right there and it is missing the thumb screw for it it will go right in there like one of these things or this right here so if I need to I can probably buy one of those or to try to cobble something together so I probably should have said this earlier but this is a load of wood acrylate and the reason I'm singing now is because I honestly didn't know what kind of snare this is I'm not too good with vintage drones but one of my buddies knows a lot about it he's a drum nerd so you know who you are so thank you so he helped me out and I dated the serial number and it goes back to 1966 and this is in fact a law book acrylate so 14 by 5 it's an aluminum shell this is a magnet and you can see it's aluminum because it does stick and it's the powder-coated version because apparently natural aluminum was you know considered ugly back then so that's why the same color as my walls so that's kind of cool matches the studio but I'm going to do a few things this drum get it tuned up and then I'll play it alright so if santa came early twice actually I bought these hoops on eBay a while ago for another project but he threw in the tape because he said he didn't need it so onto the drum it goes so I found this knob which actually think it came with that kid if I remember correctly and then there's knob which I don't think goes to the drumset but who knows I might find a use for it but I was going to use this just temporarily for the internal muffler but it turns out that these threads are too big for that so it ain't going work and I thought about wrapping one of the knobs from this kit just because I never use them on the time but I think I'll be fine without it for now alright so I'm going to slap everything back together I've got my tension rods right here and then my white lithium grease as always in this little container that I made so let's get to it and also right now the snare is under tension but you can see it really needs some alignment because this is resting on the bearing edge also it's using rope which likes to stretch out so that could be the case so I'm going to replace it with a strap also if your drum uses the cable or a rope like this and the shell is wooden there's a chance that over time the cable will dig into the bearing edge and cause it to dent a little bit so if I ever get a drum that uses cable or a rope no matter if it's a wooden shell or metal shell I'll switch it out with a strap and I think I have one in here yep these will do alright so change of plans actually on the throw off you'll see that it's missing the little backing plate here where it screws together to clamp down so I can't use a strap now because there's it's missing and right now the rope is just going through the mounting holes so I can't use a strap but this throw up is actually a little bent I think and also the p85 throw off is pretty ugly and a lot of people hate it like myself so I plan to replace it at some point but for now this we know realign the snares and make it work and I know you all are saying Dave how much did you pay for that thing well check it out 22 bucks and this is one of the better deals I've ever gotten so I put it on the bulletin board of whatever niss allright so adjusting the snares are the complete bitch just because of the missing piece on the throw off and it strums still needs some work and I need to change the bottom heads and change the snare and do some lot of the little things so if you want see me you know fully restore this drum then uh be sure to let me know but I got it tuned pretty decent and I'm shooting and using a little muffling thing so let's actually play it now these may sound that has been missing from my arsenal of snares so almost like we keep it there and I'll probably try to fill the cave and who knows I might sell for 20 bucks I doubt it but any money that I make off it makes that snare that much cheaper and I was going to do a high medium and low tuning demo which is why you saw that first little clip in the beginning I can do that with hot medium and low but I did the high tuning I was like damn I really liked the sound so it's kind of scare to tune it differently because I thought if I tuned it different then I wouldn't be able to get back to the house sounds now which is how I really like it and again if you want to see a full video of me fixing up the snare then be sure to let me know because I'll probably do it anyways no matter what you say but yeah let me know

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