M11: Freelance means freedom, but it also means poverty; this will change, thanks to Zerocracy!

Hey, I got an email this morning from one of my readers on the blog Paul he’s saying that That let me call that My manager is run out of work for me to do I get paid to wait around with my expertise until it’s needed I’m bored. So I have to make up work or study my own things However, I have a harder time finding useful things to do in my own. Yes. This is my weakness Paul this is not just your weakness. This is the way full time employment works this is full time work by definition and the many or the vast majority of those full-time employment are the bullshit jobs as This famous book just published this year and I call them office slaves, which is the same bullshit jobs office slaves a strong name for the same problem That’s by definition. What happens if you employed full-time then? Then your life is in the hands of your employer your time your life your income your future everything the employer take control Takes control of what’s going on. The employer gives you what to do the employer Decides whether you’re going to work tomorrow You’re going to not work tomorrow Whether you’ll be busy or you’ll be just sitting in the office doing nothing and then you start complaining about that You start complaining saying that you’re bored. You are not you don’t have enough interesting work You don’t you want to be useful, but you can find those useful things What can I suggest the only way to solve that is to move from the full-time employment to freelance mode? so start taking control of your life by becoming a freelancer what I mean by feel answer the Freelancer is the person who chooses which project to work for you have no guarantee that you will get the next You know piece of work tomorrow You have no guarantee that you will stay in the project for longer than a few days There is no guarantee about anything but you have multiple projects. You have the freedom to move from project to project It’s your decision which job which system which idea to contribute to in every particular moment of time The question is how do you do that? That’s you know, it sounds great. It sounds interesting Everybody would say yes. I need that. I want to be free. I don’t want any employer to control my life I want to control but what about money? We need to be sure that the same or bigger amount of money will come in when we switch from full-time Guaranteed bullshit job with the office as an office slave to to the freelance more mode where we are free We just you know swinging from project to project deciding where to help and Being paid a $200 an hour That’s that sounds like a great idea but in reality it’s not gonna happen because we have not enough platforms in the world Which will help us to do that We have upwork which is a great platform for you know for some so some jobs for some assignments But it’s still quite small. They announced. I remember the news in their IPO Announcement that they have 400,000 Freelancers registered. I’m not sure how many of them are active freelancers, but still 400,000 Sounds like a very small number keeping in mind that they’re not only programmers there. There are many remote assistance translators graphic designers, whatever and at the same time we have about 20 million programmers in the world So compare the numbers 400,000 and 20 million and me and keep in mind that 400,000 are not only about programmers. So it means that up work as a primary, you know number one platform covers only a fraction a small fraction of the entire market That means that we’re still in the era of full-time employment and the majority of us. Most of us are actually Sitting in the office and doing the bullshit slavery jobs that’s the reality unfortunately, but it will change I strongly believe that the world is moving towards remote work and freelance work and Statistics say the same. I was preparing some you know business document just a few weeks ago, and I found many numbers saying that statistically speaking People are working remotely More and more often and more and more people decide to stay home instead of going to the office But keep in mind that remote work doesn’t mean freelance mode because working remotely you can still be Full-time employee. You can still get your salary every month The true freelance is when you choose where you work and how you charge and you work at many projects at the same time that’s freelance mode and you charge for your Results not for your time. That’s the ideal the ideal formula I believe that the future for freelance and the future for employment in general will not Contain companies anymore and I said that one of my Presentations I think three years ago where I was speaking about no office mode and no company mode My message is that in the future will not have companies will not have well offices will maybe We may still need because we know we need like safe place and comfortable place to work But there will be no companies. There will be only projects instead of being assigned to a company from this day to that day for three years as a Company employee employee. I will be an expertise provider an expert who is Moving from project to project and when the project needs me I get in I stay with the project for some time. I Contribute to it and then I move to another project There will be multiple projects available in the market there will be multiple employee employees and programmers and experts available in the market and there will be platforms which know how to connect them together for for a Part-time assignment when the project needs us we join in when the project doesn’t need us anymore We move to another project. We will not be fired anymore. So I’m going to be a traumatic event in our lives There will be just a moment of time when we are not needed there anymore for some reason maybe because we’re not good enough maybe because the project has finished me because they ran out of money maybe because the market Moved somewhere else and and the market demand is somewhere else now then we just move to another project The better the expertise the more professional we are the more the higher is demand for us The easier for us to find the next project the more the project will pay when platforms like zerocracy will be Way more developed than now way more professional and ready for that new market the market will change and Paul will not be that frustrated about the situation Paul will know that if he staying full-time and he’s bored because the day Employer is not giving enough tasks he can move to the freelance mode and become demanded by the market and become well compensated and Become in charge of his own life and his own time So that’s how the future will look no companies. No offices No, full-time employment just projects who combine expertise combined experts for part-time endeavor then finish that that deal and then let the people go How soon that will happen? I don’t know. We’ll see. Thanks for listening stay tuned

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