MA Program in International Relations and Cultural Diplomacy

my name is Katie Russell and I'm from the United States my name is Rama Malik sir my name is Khun Berlin my name is Lina I'm originally from Ireland my name is Serge anniversary I'm from Turkey my name is Abdeslam Padre I'm originally from Morocco but I live in Berlin right now I live in Cluj the mission of this university its first of all cultural and educational mission but we are among the best universities focused on research in this country so our mission is a general scientific and cultural one the Faculty of European studies with Dean Babbage boy university was created 20 years ago with the support the European Commission the prestigious European universities Minister University Strasbourg University Utrecht University Nottingham University université libre de Brussels – Italian universities católica estatal in Milan and so on I know masters students here this program is actually a collaboration between the Institute of cultural diplomacy and babish Paulo University last year my faculty initiated an international master degree in cultural diplomacy in partnership with the Institute for cultural diplomacy of Berlin practically this is the first program that offers a specialization in cultural diplomacy and we are lucky to have as part on the Institute of cultural diplomacy from Berlin I see D pluses were like more hands-on practice 70% of the things we did at ICD were more professional development and practice practical things here we take a out say like more of a theory but theory in a very interactive dynamic way I think it is quite great the part in Berlin was actually education plus internship for us and we had the opportunity to experience this NGO I'm very happy to be in this program because this program has been offering very interesting courses we learned a lot and now we have a lot we have a lot of knowledge about culture diplomacy the second part was going to spend here in babish Paulo University Faculty of European studies the classes were taking they are just an extension to what we took at ICD which is actually very great we have the best teachers ever I can say we have european union negotiators and so I'm going to the classes I realized that my professors were not only awesome but also professional very flexible they have deep knowledge about cultural diplomacy we have been learning about cultural diplomacy and it is very important subject in the international law in the international world today the field of cultural diplomacy gives new opportunities for students at Butler University I think that cultural diplomacy it's a very important topic today especially because the classic way of doing diplomacy and politics is changed we are learning about the soft power how you can apply soft power instead of had power when we come to the international issues I mean the world has moved from the period of using hard power and now we have to use soft power Cluj is one of the multicultural cities from Romania so here we have a tradition in managing if I may say the cultural diversity also now there is a competition for clues to become youth cultural capital of Europe given the fact that this area of the world has been through like different phases of history and it was at some time in history like the center of the decision-making of European history we are in the heart of Transylvania well the heart of culture of literature of Arts my interest in cultural policy I'm really focusing on the film aspect of culture policy so in my opinion I think the film was the best kind of vehicle or way to conduct current policy between all the arts cameras and music theatre like sculptures paintings everything I think film is in my opinion just the best way to do it I really enjoy life and flu so far it's loads of fun it's a really big student city I think a hundred thousand students so it's always something to do there's always new faces to go out you can basically do everything so they have all kind of sports from swimming to squash the horse riding enjoyable city and I really like this city and I really enjoyed the time that I'm spending here people here are really awesome very helpful very nice very warm they remind me of people in my home country it's really easy to meet people you need to get along with people the Romanians are always willing to lend a hand and luckily everyone speaks English though so far there hasn't been any language barrier it will not take you even a day to feel you're already home the city is amazing tons of people arrive with beautiful streets the visual scenery around is really cool maybe to say to a sentence you never get bored in Cluj that's the thing you

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