MadByte Games Geliştirici Günlükleri: Kız Kulesi

DEVELOPER DIARIES – The Maiden’s Tower Map Hello, I’m Yunus Emre Yaman. I’m a Lead 3D Artist at InGame Group. Why are you making the Maiden’s Tower map? When we decide things for Zula projects, we consider what the players want first. Actually it’s all about what the players want. Players asked for it, we’re doing it. Will the Maiden’s Tower map be an exact replica? We worked a lot on this. At first we made an exact model of the Maiden’s Tower. But we had some problems because it’s originally a small map. For example, stairs. It was hard to move on the stairs so we had to make them larger. But then the map was still so narrow, it wasn’t fun to play. So we redesigned the map, therefore it’s not an exact replica. But it’s the same in texture quality and model structure. Just a different design. Which modes will be played in this map? We designed it for Team Deathmatch, but Deathmatch can be played too. Are we going to be able to get on the roof of the Maiden’s Tower? Normally, it’s not possible to get on the Maiden’s Tower’s roof. Like I said before, we paid attention to this when we were redesigning. We wanted it to possible to get on the roof. We changed the Maiden’s Tower’s structure so that the players can be more flexible, and also see the Bosphorus and the details. For example we paid attention to this when we were redesigning; there wasn’t any window that would allow climbing on the roof on the Maiden’s Tower’s second floor. We decided to put a window there to get on the roof because we had that freedom when we were designing. Secondly, we wanted to show the view and the ferries. So it’s possible to get on the roof. Will it be possible to fall into the sea in the new map? I’m Deniz Ezgi Onur, I work as a Junior 3D Artist at InGame Group. Our programmers have already made this possible in Zula project, so it will be possible to fall into the sea in the Maiden’s Tower map. But we should warn beforehand, our characters still don’t know how to swim. Is this new map’s layout similar to your other maps’ layouts? If we get to the map’s layout, we designed all of it ourselves. We also designed the vantage points ourselves. When we were designing the vantage points, we got proffessional players to test it at Nonstop Zula E-Sports Center. We bettered the map with their feedback and we’re sure you will enjoy playing inthis map. So we made the layout ourselves. Which programs are used to create the maps in Zula? I’m Begüm Mutluer, I work as a Junior 3D Artist at InGame Group. We use 3DS Max, Substance Painter, and ZBrush on the Maiden’s Tower map as we do on all of our maps. We use 3DS Max for low poly and high poly models. We pay extra attention to topology in low poly because the number of polygons affect the optimization, the number shouldn’t be too high. We use ZBrush for organic models like rock, and fabric. The reason we use ZBrush is to give detail to this models. We increase the quality of the texture when we put detail. We use Substance Painter for the textures of the models. We use PBR technology while doing these textures. The reason we use PBR technology is to increase the realism in the game. Do the ships in these images you shared have any features? We had problems with spawn point. For one, the spawn point was in the open and it was hard to hide it. Then we had the idea to use something we’re familiar with while going to Uskudar with a ship. We wondered if we could hide spawning points if we were to start inside the ship, in the middle part. Whe managed that when we tested it. That’s the reason of placing the ship there. Another problem is the one we have when we try to sneak underground in the Maiden’s Tower. The problem is that we can’t hide. So we decided to use the ship’s engine room to sneak into the other side. So the ship is critical in that place. That’s the reason we decided to place it. What kind of problems you had while creating the Maiden’s Tower map? We had many problems with the Maiden’s Tower, one of them is about its sizes as I mentioned before. We had problems with both about the gameplay and about the technology, because there are too many objects in the Maiden’s Tower. Having too many objects means we have to put too much effort for the map to have a good performance. These are the problems we had, but did we solve them? We did, so the players will be able to easily play the map with even the computers with lowest specs. What’s the feature that excites you most in this new map? Hi friends, I’m Batuhan Akın. I work as a Junior 3D Artist at InGame Group. We have a mysterious surprise for our players in the Maiden’s Tower map, but I can’t share it at the moment. We will see it together when the map gets released. I can say it like this, you will learn the mystery underneath the Maiden’s Tower with us.

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