Magic Square Toys Light Of Freedom (Crate Reviews 23)[MP Optimus Prime Pt. 2 von 3] (Dt./En.)[HD]

Yo, mornin´, friends. Welcome back to the Nerdcrate. Tim here. So today: part 2 of the Masterpiece Primes I´m allowed to take a look at. No. 1 was Transform Element OP Leader, over at my profile too. Link down below and you can compare right away and check it out. And No. 2 today is Magic Square Toys. But first things first: no finagling the moustache anymore. That had to go. Moving on. Let´s start with the box. We got a nice G1 Masterpiece box art… …and you´ll see everything in the 360. Nicely drawn, looking top notch. Nicely shaded, you see all of the details. Partially varnished Optimus Prime on the front then, Magic Square logo… …partially varnished, nicely G1 colored… …and the logo: MS-01 Light Of Freedom partially varnished. Rotate to the left we got warning messages, Magic Square and such in…well, let´s say middle grey on dull black, looking good. Again rotatet to the left: backside. With a few, let´s call them “action shots”… …but no accessories shown, found that to be a little dry, which I also said in my photo review, linked below. So a good comparison there too. Again rotated to the left again dull black with a medium grey. …depicted there. Top and bottom a simple MS logo Not much…but so that you´ll see that. But it´s a nice box, I gotta say. No other way to put it…cat hair… …they´re back, even though the cat´s less in here than before. Moving onto Prime himself Directly, one´s gotta say,… …when you pick it up first: he´s very light. And especially in comparison to the TE Prime. But that´s not a bad thing, cause the craftmanship on this is top notch Cause the plastic, all around, is really nice. Very dull and it´s the typical Magic Square plastic, as I was told. Feeling beautiful, I like that feeling. Pretty velveteen And all around, like underneath it´s even a little metallic Works nicely,… …and the color that is applied, like the arrows with stripes on the arms… …is done nicely. But there´s not much more, although… …the silver on the back of the arms is painted and the grey stripe around is painted too. I´m not entirely sure about the grey area on the chest, but… …in any case, that guy doesn´t feature loads of paint. But like I said: that´s not a bad thing. Looks very, very nice. And the whole bunch, like accessories, articulation and such…we´ll look at, as always, in top down view… …and we´re back. There we got the good man, zoomed out fully. Looking awesome. I really like him. Although I´m a bigger fan of the Transform Element Optimus Prime. But nevertheless the… …Magic Square is done nicely, no other way to put it. And like you see, it´s very dull. Hope the pearl effect gets captured a bit. The legs, anyway, look nicely metallic too, nice details on the sides. Silver on blue. Little difference here. Slight color difference here too. And on the back this breaks it apart a bit too. Breaking lights you´ll see nicely in alternate mode in a bit. And a nice headsculpt. Nothing to complain, I think. Nicely painted eyes. Looking awesome. But onto accessories: Articulation in a bit. So we got his energon axe. Attaching that…is done a bit differently, but not bad by any means… Let me show it with him lying down. That works best. You open the hands. Keep the thumb in. And have the fingers angled like this, to be able to peg the axe in… …close off the hands… …and you just slide the ball, fitting to the form… …of the axe over. Tip top and also nice and clear, as you should see. Looking good. Wrist swivel intact. I gotta say the axe ended up a little small… But that´s no big deal. Same manner is, of course, be used for the weapon. Looking good, gunmetal. Not fully black, hope this comes through. And a little bit of grey on the intakes here. Pretty simple. Unfortunately no trigger and that´s why I have to say that it doesn´t look as cool in hand… …of course you can fake it, by bending one finger and it sits in hand just fine… …but as you´ve seen, this finger opened up, those are a little loose. So you open up the hand very easy. That´s ok, but could´ve been a bit tighter and I think it comes down to tolerances, as I´ve already said in my photo review: I think the tolerances were introduced differently and that colors may have been in the talks. Who knows. As a last accessory, last real accessory, we got those plates here. I´ll do those pair-wise. Cracked windows like in TF The Movie (1986) And like you see: they´re lookig very nice Sorry. Those cracks are very deep in there… …bullet holes are looking nice. Nicely sculpted. Exchange is pretty easy. You take these out, put the others in. And you´ll get a nice BD look. No other way to put it. And the next accompanying parts complete the look. Would be nice if they would´ve brought a BD helmet too, instead of this one, but well… …features the same plastic. And in here we even got a few tech details in there. Looking good and how those are attached I´ll show in a bit… …cause it´s done best during transformation. Last real accessory… …that´s don´t in the box, but installed, little stupid of me… …is of course the matrix. Looking nice too. Nothing too spectacular and a very nice cat hair in the front… Nicely translucent, coming through like a champ,… …so nice. Tip top. And as you can see: Matrix chamber not nearly as cool as on the Transform Element. I always think I put this thing in the wrong way around. Doesn´t this side come up?! I think it does… Anyway, those are the accessories. Not a fan of those instructions… …just a big poster thingy. Not digging this at all. Gives you everything you need, but I think there are way better ways of doing it. Well…and a nice card. Also very good. Debit card format Sturdy plastic, box art on the front… …alternate mode iin the back, with some cell shading around, so to speak. And some tech specs. Tip top, I´d say. Let´s continue with the articulation. The head does a great up and down, I think. He´s looking way better like this, than he does like this, I gotta say. Does a nice 360. Antennae are articulated too…due to transformation. This one´s a little looser, don´t know why. But still good. Let´s come to those arms: when you pull those out you got an awesome butterfly. That´s working like a champ and as I´ve shown it in my photo review… …please excuse the whiste, but you can do an awesome dual wielding pose. Very nice. All the way around, but it´s friction. But no ratchet, which we got here though, which is a soft ratchet. Gives you everything you need. Tip top, nothing to complain. Then we got a bicep swivel, as well as an elbow swivel But that´s due to transformation too and a wrist swivel of course too. Give you everything too and the fingers… …with the thumb on a ball peg and a middle pin. and the remaining fingers on a base pin and a middle pin. Which gives you nearly the full articulation. Very nice too and the same on the other side. Then, as you´ve seen, waist swivel, all the way around. And an absurd ab crunch, that´s of course for the transformation, but… …works very well. But even only from the front, cause it totally breaks the sculpt apart from the side, as you´ve seen. Let´s get the arms out, hip skirts come to the outside well Side are fused with the back, which I find a bit odd. But you get a great range to the sides. To the front he does it fully, to the back not as much, but it´s more than you need either way. So that´s good. Thigh swivel, built around the universal. Double jointe knee, gives you the full range. So REALLY the FULL range. And some nice details in here, with a cable there… …and a nice bolt in here, looking awesome. And it even collapsed nicely. And this part is fixed, a few people complained about this on the TE, about that being unrealistic. But maybe they needed to do it differently, due to the transformation. Then we got a nice toe tilt, no ankle tilt. And a really extreme rocker, gives you way more than you need. And an additional…whatchamacallit…heel tilt? Let´s call it a heel tilt So that´s really, really enough… …then onto the transformation: please excuse the cut, somehow this guy is giving me a hard time. I don´t know why. But we´ll do it… Angle the antennae a little and bring the head… …in, to the back and it really needs to… …angle in and square up nicely, so that you can close it off. See what I mean? Didn´t sit in square and also in level… …there it is. Little weird, but ok. Pull the arms out fully… …really fully. And also use a bit of force too. That´s gonna keep you from the pain later… Then you open up the arms, which is a bit tricky too, but we´ll make it work. Then you open and fold in this panel… …give a little space with the fist… …and get… …the door out, using this joint. Open up this panel and fold this out… …so you got it like this and fold the hand in like this. And then you need to fold the arm in, but not using the elbow, but the other hinge. And rock this whole piece to the back. And here you got this peg and this needs to peg in to the arm here. Little tricky… …but works…there. So that the arm´s looking like this. Let´s try the other side. Open that panel… …let´s fold this down. There. Open this panel, fold it in… …get the fist angled a bit… …and then you rock this whole panel out… …and see that you get the door… …out…with this little…armature. Then you take this panel in and the fist… …bring the arm back, using this joint… …but make sure to rotate it, not like me and then… …you adjust this and bring this panel out… …and align all of this, so it roughly resembles this. Important later. And then you rock the panel back… …and peg this into the arm, back here. There´s that and that´s pretty much the most horrible Then we open up the matrix chamber Pull out this whole ordeal… …just to do it now, extend the whole hip area… …and then you bring, as with MP10… …get a little clearance… …this whole part down. Turn it around, same here. Rotate this down… …and the bumper part 180. Bring this to the front, adjust it… …same here and as you can see, we pretty much do the whole front. Adjust it, in front o the grill… …be aware of all the fittings…and the angle. So that those…plug in to the sides…of the bumper… …nd is angled… …so that you can collaps the grill back into the sides. Then you close of… …the matrix caps… …flaps…not claps… …there…not fully in yet. A few problems there…there… …see that everything really fits and then it closes off nicely. There´s that. And now…we bring the arms back in here… …angle them…to the front… …slide this in, using said slider… …and adjust the door, once it´s in. So that it ends up being a pretty gapless truck Same on the other side. To the back… …rotate the arm…to the front… …adjust the door… …yeah, the pressure may cause the windows to pop out. Bring those back in quick, same on the other side. Close it off and bring the arm back in… …collaps it to the front… …so that it fits and the door pretty much closes itself, to call it like that. There goes the window again, that´s a bit annoying… …but get´s sorted quickly in the end, nevertheless This back in, door too and there you got the front…then you turn it around… …and bring this panel… …quick, with the spudger…down…somewhere in that angle… …bring this down, so that this panel, with these edges… …slide into these ridges… …and sits like this and there we got the truck form. Pretty important, then we turn it around and open these panels… …left, as right and pull this out. And you accordion this whole piece out. Same on the other side. At this point, bring those back in a bit… …this whole leg assembly comes apart… …and you pull all of this out… …this far, so that you got clearance… …the tank and the steps. Bring that to the front and same on the other side. Starting to “combinerwars” it, to call it like that… …bring this to the front, so you got the clearance… …bring the tank..and the steps to the front. Then you combinerwars the leg… …to the front… ….on both sides… …and now we assemble it back together. So we need to that…forgot a little something… …rotate these flaps. Then combinerwars all of this… …and we got this. Then you bring… …the wheels in here. Same on this side. Collaps this down… …and again onto itself… …so that this…slides in here. Same over here. Collaps it double, slide in here. Fold the small panels down… This panel down, this panel down… …and then you can peg those together. Then you bring these panels to the front, re-adjust the truck… …peg it in here… …and in here. And the only left to do then… …is to collaps those feet (I said wheels) These pegs disappear in the back, so a bit angled… …there. Same on the other side…saw that? Let´s do it again, so you see it better. Take this and rock it back, so it disappears. And rock the foot down accordingly and it can even be connected a bit. And collaps down, so it´s nice and leveled. And then we got… …a very nice truck, that really works. Little thick in the back, but crafted nicely, all the details come through nicely. Chrome comes through nicely… …no wait. Needs some more. Wanna present Prime from his best side. There, way better. Nice chrome. Looking really awesome. Yeah……there we have the truck mode… Yeah and we´re back. Let´s adjust myself a bit. I rotated this, it´s nicer to actually see someone, right? So with that: nice truck mode. Really like it, details come through nicely… …the feature that you can open the doors is nice and many nice details come through The steps at the sides…oh. Some orange reflectors on the sides, just see that now… …I hope the 360 captures it somewhat. Otherwise I gotta capture that for you… Nice detail, I have to say. …handles on the front, headlights, chrome, the different shades of blue, the break lights… …really coming through nicely, really have to say that. All in all I really have to say that it´s nice truck Really, but my problems stems from the fact that it´s just that thick in the back. Transform Element really did this better looking and to me it also then means better. But what TE didn´t do, is to give this guy some break lights too. Magic Square did this though and they take the cake on that… Nevertheless a nice looking truck, with a few minor weaknesses… …but which doesn´t really add up to a real cut on the score. Only real thing is, that it doesn´t come with a trailer hitch, but on that… ..I heard that these slots are supposed to be for a hitch and that MS may work on their own trailer. We´ll see, but sounds good so far. But that´s it, for today, concerning that guy…did I miss anything? I don´t think so…I think I got it all. Yeah, you can extand the smokestacks… …but I think that it looks a bit ridiculously long. Bit too crass. I enjoy the G1 look more, meaning a bit shorter. Anyway. Photo review with many pictures, somewhat in the 30 is linked in the description below,… …had a lot of fun shooting this guy, together with the other 2. Very cool and I wonder if MP44 is rolling out on schedule, if I can get it anyway. Who knows. Apologies for my lights breaking down in the middle off it. Lucky it worked out with daylight… …new lamps coming soon. These are still the ones I use for my photos… …so with that: next up the newest video about my Mortal Kombat diorama. We´re continuing there… …and we finalize the floor and soon a new 5min1stlooks. Gotta see what topic, like to wing it. And…as soon as possible, I believe coming weekend…the triathlon: Prime Prime Prime. In that sense: have a nice week, see you next time. Be well. Bye.

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  • Na lief doch smooth durch, die Transformation! Teile alle Lob- und Kritikpunkte. Die Verwendung nur eines Kühlergrills in beiden Modi finde ich noch außergewöhnlich gut. Top Review, freue mich auf den Dreikampf.

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