Make $100 A Day TEXTING PEOPLE With This 1 Trick

I’m going to show you in this video how you
can make $100 a day online just by texting people. This is a very simple
method that you can do no matter what age you are. If you’re 13 years old, great.
No matter what country are from. If you’re from Zimbabwe or wherever that is,
great. And you can do this for free. This isn’t going to cost you any money. And
if you come over with me right here to my computer screen, I’m going to show you
how step-by-step to put this method into action. So, this is going to be a fun video
because this is another free traffic method that works all over the world. And
if you come over with me to my computer, I’m actually going to show you two methods
so that you can actually make money texting people even if you don’t have
any people to text. That’s going to be method number 2. But let’s start out
with method number one. So, what you’re going to want to do if you’re from almost
anywhere in the world, you’re going to want to sign up with Clickbank. If you are
from somewhere in sub-saharan Africa or North Korea or like Bangladesh or
something, you’re going to want to use a different site. I’m not going to show it too
much but just pause the screen and go to or use the link in
the description to sign up for this Affiliate Network. But bear with me.
Everybody else, we’re going over Clickbank right here and you’re going to
want to sign up. And all you do to sign up is circle right here this button,
“account creation”. We’re going to create an account. And once you’ve created an
account, you’re going to go over to this link which is the affiliate marketplace
right there after you’ve signed up. Now, within the affiliate marketplace, what
you want to do you’ll come to a screen that looks like this. Now, you’re going to
scroll down to the e-business and emarketing category. Okay? We’re going to
be selling online educational products. Now, an interesting fact is that online
education is one of the fastest-growing, fastest spiking exponentially
naturally increasing industries around. People all over the world are starting
to doubt the efficacy of going to college and who can blame them. You know,
that many of the professors are old boring they don’t even do what they
teach and the costs are astronomical. Now, after you click this button, you’re going
to go down to the second top product right here which is mine. Which is John
Crestanis auto webinar system. That’s me. And what you’ll do is you’ll click this
button that says promote. Now, if you make a sale, you’ll make roughly $500. And
you’ll get paid that one of 2 ways. You’ll get paid that either to your bank.
If you have a bank account, the money will be sent directly to your bank every
2 weeks or if you have a home address, you will have that money sent via cheque
yo your home address every 2 weeks, okay?
The checks come every single Wednesday. Now, we click this button promote and you
put your account nickname in there if it isn’t already in there. (it should be) And
you can ignore all these other links. All you’re going to click is this button which
says “generate hop links” and you have your link right here. What you’ll want to
do is you’ll want to copy this or click this button to copy it. Now, after you
copy your link, what I do is I’ll paste it into a notepad and I’ll just say
Clickbank link. Just so I can easily reference it later on. The next step is
we’re going to go to a site called bitly, okay? And B-I-TL-Y, okay? And
we’re gonna scroll down where it says shorten our link. And we’re going to paste
our link in here and click shorten. It will give us a new prettier looking link.
And we will copy that. We couldn’t even copy it that way or you can just click
this button. And I’m going to go back to my notepad and I’m going to say, “Just bitly
link.” And I’m going to paste it right there. Okay? Now, the next step is we’re going to
want to replace our bitly link with some of the proven message examples that we
are going to be texting to people. So, we’re going to take this link and I’m going to
copy it. And here’s some proven text message example
for marketing this product. What you’ll want to do is you’ll want to highlight
where it says “link”. And you’ll want to paste it over there, okay?
Copy where it says link, paste. Copy, paste. Copy, paste. Copy, paste and copy paste. Now,
each of these messages is a proven text message that you can send to people that
you know to get them to click on affiliate links and you can make money
with. So, what you’ll want to do is you want to go right here. And let’s say you
want to use this message. This blessing is all use. Enjoy it and use it for
whatever. And you’ll copy it and you’ll go on your phone. Where’s my phone?
Where’s my phone? What’d you do with my phone? Oh, here it
was. I was sitting on it. Now, just decide. Look. Look who just… I don’t
know if we have any ninja fans. But look who I was just talking with just a
second ago, Kevin David. Do we have any Kevin David
ninja fam in the house? Guys hashtag ninja fam on this video in the comments
if you follow Kevin David. And also, if you’re getting excited about this text
message money, type in “text money” in the comments right now because we’re about
to get to the point where it explodes. And if you are committed… If you are
committed to making this happen and putting this in action not just being
one of those people who sits like this and watches from the sidelines. If you’re
committed to actually putting this in action and actually making money like
tens of thousands of other students of mine have. Type in “text money” in the
comments below. because that is a commitment to both yourself and to me
that you’re going to put this in action. You’re going to make some money. Let’s get
it. So, you’re going to bring out your phone and you’re just gonna copy this message
and text it to as many people as you possibly can, okay? Message as many people
as you possibly can with whatever message. And you can vary up some of the
messages but text this message to everybody you possibly can. You want to
text this to at least 100 people. Because at about a hundred people is the
point where you should back to see a sale which is $500.
Now, the next step of this is you want to text everybody you know. And the reason
why this works… Let me explain to you quick bit about marketing. Marketing
is like putting a key in a lock and you got to have the right combination to get
it to turn. Now, there’s three things you need: One is
you need the right message, okay? You need the right message. And the second thing
is you need the right offer. The product to promote. So, if you don’t get both of
those exactly right,. it won’t work. Because if the message is not congruent
with the product you’re selling, then it’s not going to work. So, you need to get
those both right or else it won’t unlock the money. Now, we talked about texting
people you know. I’m going to go over the second method which is texting people
you don’t know. But just a quick word of advice is this will cost money, okay?
Texting people you don’t know, getting those lists you either have to
advertise or you have to buy a list. And I’m going to show you a place where you
can buy a list of people which you can text if you want to. Again, make sure
you’re always following all legal laws in texting people you don’t know. So, keep
that in mind. Text people you know, do that but texting people you don’t know
there may be certain laws in certain countries about doing that. So, I’m not a
lawyer, so just just be aware of that. Now, the site you would go to to find
databases with people’s cell phones that you can text is a site called US biz
data. US business data. And you can see that right there.
US biz data. And you can see you can buy databases of everybody in the US a cell
phone number right there and you click that and you can buy the full United
States database of all text message which is over a hundred million of cell
phones for about $300. Or you could just focus on a particular
state if that’s the way you want to go and you could buy each state for $47. But frankly, it makes more sense to buy $297 for the whole US. But
who has $297 just to spend, right?
Boom! Now, if you’re doing this correctly, you should start seeing hops. Now, how
this works is you will log into your Clickbank account and you want to verify
that you are receiving clicks. You want to check a couple hours after you send
all of your text messages. And you’re going to check under the reporting area
right there, okay? Now, once you’re logged in your Clickbank account and we’re
gonna zoom in and see it brings us under the analytics area. And you’ll be able to
see your… Your thing will look something like this. So, I did this method and we
see 266 clicks or hops is what Clickbank calls them. Then
you’ll see… We scroll over and we see 139 order form
impressions, okay? And then we scroll over and we see ten sales. So, these are
generally good numbers. But hopefully you would expect at least 1 or
1 sales or even 3 if you sent that many hops. And what we see here is we
made over $2,000. And we have $591
of recurring revenue right there. So, you can see the numbers. The math doesn’t lie.
There’s a lot of money doing this. And this is really exciting. And the way
Clickbank sends out its money is Clickbank sends out its checks every 2
weeks if you’re new. Every week if you’ve been working with them for a little bit.
So, I hope that was exciting. Make sure to type in “text money”. If you are committed
to making this happen, making some money from the internet,
using these sweet juicy free traffic methods. Now, make sure if you’re want to
go deeper into this, I’m releasing videos every single day on how you can make
money online. It’s pretty exciting. There’s so many ways. It’s unbelievable.
But so make sure you subscribe and hit the notifications so you are notified of
when new videos come out. Train your brain. And next is if you want to go
really deep in affiliate marketing and learn how it is that I make tens of
thousands of dollars a day, you can join my money Club. I know that seems unreal
but you’ve seen around here you see the money. And it’s happening. It’s happening
for a lot of people around the from spear countries making money in
their pajamas or in their loungewear. Whatever it is. So, hit the subscribe
button, join the money club. If you’re down, $50 a month. You get access to 40
hours of free training and talk to me. Twice a month, I do live streams. And as
always, remember drop out of school, quit your job. Take back control of your time
on social media and all of these mediums. Don’t be reactionary to your smartphone
or to your TV or do your desktop. Make sure you don’t let social media use you.
But instead, you can use text messaging or emailing or you know Facebook or
YouTube. You can use these as tools to make you money, to give you your freedom.
You can do this. But if you will let the technology companies suck you in with
all of their blings and Boop’s and rings and notifications, you’re not going to
win. They are controlling your brain. Don’t let that happen. Use it as a tool
to make some money. And let’s live free. Let’s take back control. And if you’re
also committed to taking back control with me type in “take back control’
because I want to know who is my take back control fam right here. We’re
starting a revolution. This is the best year ever. There’s more job opportunities
to work for yourself than ever before. So let’s get it. Be free. Spend more time
with your family, your friends and in nature. I love you. I’ll see you in the
next video. See you soon.

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