Make A Difference 317 June 2016

>>hello and welcome to make a difference, a show about how volunteers are making a difference every day in montgomery county. I am your host, lorraine driscoll. We will talk with the tournament director of quicken loans national. It is operated by the tiger woods foundation, which provides career development and scholarship support for area youth. We will also talk with a longtime volunteer who would tell us how fun it is and shows how every area dollar goes to help area kids. You will learn the different ways to help in the second loans golf tournament. First, look at the other volunteer opportunities available in our community. Do not go away. We will be right back. Lorraine: welcome back to make a difference. I am your host, lorraine driscoll. Joining us is like santorini and ted ross, who is been volunteering at the term and for several years. We will talk about how to volunteer at the tournament. Thanks for joining us. I want to start with you to talk about the tournament itself and then talking about how much fun the volunteer roles are. So the quicken loans national is in montgomery county again. Tell me why montgomery county is a great place for you to host a tournament. Mike: the tournament started in montgomery county, the congressional country club in bethesda. We are celebrating our 10th anniversary this year. We have received so much support from the local montgomery county community, year after year. It is such a great place to come back every June 20 through 26th, with the world’ s best players, playing inside the ropes. All of the opportunities like mont — like volunteering, outside of the ropes, as well. Lorraine: so the quicken learn — quicken loans tournament — mike: June 20 through 26th, monday through sunday. It is that congressional country club, one of the crown jewels of golf in the world right here at montgomery county. It debuted in 2007 as the home of the quicken loans tournament. Lorraine: how is the tournament changed over the years? Mike: I mentioned the support we received year-over-year continues to grow. When we look at the tournament and the planning, it starts with the experience, from the players inside the ropes, the experience outside the ropes for the spectators, media, volunteers, barbara partners. We tried to ask ourselves how can we provide each person who comes and is a part of the quicken loans national with the best possible experience. Lorraine: tell me what is the connection between quicken knowns — quicken loans national and the tiger woods foundation. Mike: the tiger woods foundation hosts the tournament. We run an operate the term and are also the beneficiary. Since the tournament started, we have been able to generate nearly 25 million dollars for the local tiger woods foundation. We have three area D.C. Learning areas in warts six and seven and in quantico, virginia. We also have a scholarship program. We have 30 local scholars who have either gone through the program or are in the program. It is underserved what high potential graduating seniors in college. We welcome them into our program, our scholarship program. 90% of these young men and women are first generation college students. We provide them with the support to help unlock their potential. Access to internships and workshops. Dedicated mentors that works with each of our scholars, help navigate through the journey of college and beyond. Lorraine: sounds wonderful and really impactful to give these kids what a lot of other kids have your other connections. To really give them a chance to compete on a level playing field. Mike: it really is. Intuitively, you would not connect golf and professional golf, an event of viewed by billions worldwide, with education. But at the tiger woods foundation, we use golf and events like the quicken loans national tour fuel and drive our mission. For us and everyone associated, whether volunteers, spectators, cleaners, it provides great purpose for what we are able to do through the tournament. Lorraine: that is great. I love the fact the scholarship is named after tiger woodss ‘ father. There must be leadership he felt he wanted to share. That is neat. So if you want to volunteer, is there a minimum age, certain days of the wiki or looking for in particular for volunteers? Mike: we have used volunteers as young as 12. They are walking inside the ropes, updating players scores. We have committees inside the ropes, like hole marshals. We have our corporate hospitality greeters , spectators services volunteers. You need not even know how to play golf or be involved with golf to volunteer. We actually find that many of our volunteers for you being outside at the sun as a great platform to help the tournament, meet new friends, volunteer, spend time with your friends and family and really have a unique, fun experience that does not come around often. Lorraine: and at the same time, none of this work with the scholarship and everything else could happen without this teamwork. Mike: that is right. and we have more than 1400 volunteers. They are the true backbone of the tournament. It is not an exaggeration to say the tenant would not be able to take place at the stature it is without our volunteers. They are part of our team. We look at them as real ambassadors for the tournament. Lorraine: so if you are a retiree, student, worker who can take time off, you can volunteer. Mike: that is right. The tournament is a week long. We asked each volunteer commit at least three days. The shifts are about half days. Six to eight hours. They go by fast. We certainly feed you. You get a great uniform and great credential. You can come back and watch the tournament the days you’ re not volunteering. You have week long access to the tournament. Lorraine: a lot a special assets for volunteers. That is great. If someone is interested in volunteering, how do they contact quicken loans national to volunteer? Mike: the easiest way is to visit qlnational.Com. We have all of the information to learn about the volunteer program on our website. If you are on social media, we are on twitter @qlnational, facebook and instagram as well. Lorraine: ted, you have been involved several years. You have a leadership position in the player shuttles. ted: it is a great experience. The players show has to transport players from the driving range to the 10th tee, about a 12 minute drive. As a volunteer, you are in the car with the pga tour players, two or three, and eukaryotic conversation. Some of the stories are tremendous. It is stuff you do not get in the news. As a volunteer, it was exciting for me to hear all of those things. And my committee of 15. It is a lot of fun. Lorraine: is there a certain thing that stands out for you, a certain memory? Ted: I have many. One involves Mr. Woods himself. In fact, at rtj, he was almost forgotten. You cannot have the players Miss Their tee time. Because it is not our fault, it is their fault, it is therefore. We have to make sure we get them. We have to drop them off and pick them up. Fortunately, we were able to work well with pga tour staff. Lorraine: and teamwork. Ted: it is quite an integration between the pga tour staff. Once the first round starts, that is run by the pga tour. As a volunteer, even though you are inside the ropes and get to watch the tournament up as an personnel, you still got to remember, you are not running the tournament you they are running the tournament. when I was doing marshals, I had to tell marshals you cannot make a ruling. Also note the — always know the rules, but you cannot make a ruling. Lorraine: it sounds like whoever volunteers, there is a clear volunteer leader that people can ask a question. Ted: each committee has a committee chair. The committee chair is trained by either the tiger woods foundation or the pga tour and has a certain guideline of an shush and they are supposed to follow. Each committee is different. Currently, we are looking for marshals, hospitality host, special services assignments. There is a lot of criterium. Experience is not necessary. We can train you. Lorraine: and it is a joy to be outside and a new experience. That kind of thing. Volunteers are asked to pay a fee to cover the cost of the volunteer role. Can you tell me about how that works? Mike: volunteers are asked to buy their volunteer uniform. The great thing is you are getting a beautiful nike-l ogo’ d uniform. You get a great nike-logo’ d hat. You get lunch and breakfast the days you work. You get a credential good for the entire week. and you get a guest credential. On the days you are working or are not working, you can bring someone to experience the tournament as a spectator. All told, more than a $400 value. This fee is $75. All of that information is on our website at qlnational.Com. We are always looking for ways he can continue to enhance and thank our volunteers. They are vital to our operation. They are a part of our team. We are continuing to find ways we can just say thank you during the week and really listen to them and help make this program as fun as it can be. Lorraine: you get to watch the grade tournament and meet people. Ted: if I can add, I can’ t not make a charitable donation, but I can volunteer. My 75 dollar donation, if you will, gets me a hundred dollar value, uniform, credentials. Those are great deals, as a volunteer. As someone who has been at every tournament in the washington, D.C. Area, I have invested money volunteering, I enjoyed it. Everyone on my committee comes back year after year. We have a great foundation of volunteers. Lorraine: so you have a community of people who are staying attached. Ted: and they establish relationships. We have come over the years, have several that have developed — lorraine: there is a side benefit. Any other things you want to talk about? What makes it fun for people? Mike: I think it is the opportunity to not only witness a global sporting event and community event, but to really be a part of it. Ted mentioned the memories and bonds forged through volunteering at the quicken loans national. It is just a great opportunity. Lorraine: and be part of the scholarship program and supporting that. Though more people who volunteer, the more dollars you go into that. Fun and purpose. A combination. Thank you for joining us. I really appreciate hearing about this and telling the people in montgomery county about ways they can get involved. Today, we talked with mike sant orini, quicken loans national tournament director and ted ross, a long time volunteer. You can visit their website at montgomerycountymd.Gov — montgomeryserves.Org. As a volunteer, you can make a difference. window.NREUM||(NREUM={});{“beacon”:””,”licenseKey”:”2fdd6b8d1a”,”applicationID”:”2651201″,”transactionName”:”YwdbYEZTVxYHABALW1pNbEZdHUkECAYXTVdYC0lXVUJNDAkNF0xEXBI=”,”queueTime”:0,”applicationTime”:50,”atts”:”T0BYFg5JRBg=”,”errorBeacon”:””,”agent”:””}

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