Make A Shed Into A Cabin

make a shed into a tiny house cabin remote Alaska off grid cabin build a tiny house Alaska prepper bug out location cabin hi it’s AlaskaGranny there some exciting new adventures at Granny Camp this year got a killer deal on a shed moved out here to turn it into a cabin it’s been a
lot work clearing the area shed is a blank space all I have so far is toys to lure the little ones and I am going to spend the summer making it a comfy cabin instead of staying out in a tent you can see it
has a lot of room so I want to set it up benches cots will be in here counter area storage fire pit it been plowed flat not to be deterred AlaskaGranny got her shovel out and dug it out again and we’re in
business I found an old gate and decided it would
make a perfect little patio I even took the gate latch and turning
into a hook one of the kids brought this machine and leveled and poured some fresh
topsoil in Granny Camp we’re on our way to Granny Camp I couldn’t do any more myself so one of my
friends came out to help me with some of the big jobs to get Granny Camp exactly how we wanted nice tricky yeah I noticed that very nice bunk bed number one tough stuff I see that beautiful it is perfect I love it we have bunk beds we have a sink I have a little table and chairs I have
a shelf for all kinds of things and even a dresser now I just need
to get everything ready and put away so we can enjoy spending our summer at Granny Camp Please subscribe AlaskaGranny channel

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