Make More Money Working Way Less

So, to kick off this conversation of
“Making more money with less time”, I decided to actually bring in the
individual. I’m like the parasite leaching on this man’s life. Who technically is
actually working when I’m not. So, this is a Carson. He actually runs one of my
companies. -Yep. Hey there. -Freaking brilliantly. -Yep. -And in
actuality, there’s a lot of benefit you get out of that too. -I was going to say that I
have learned the way that you delegate and have passed that on to the team. So,
yeah. Working when I’m not working. -So, guys. Today what are you talking about
4 specific secrets. There’s 4 things that you can do where you can
make more money but actually work less. Pretty cool, right? -Yeah. -It’s almost as
cool as this socks. -I’m rocking my lumberjack… -I didn’t know if you would actually show these on camera but you’re doing it. -What do you call this? -Lumbersexual is what they’re calling it. -Lumbersexual. I like the sound
of it. Alright. So, there are 4 of these
awesome secrets. And listen, you guys don’t really see Carson a lot. But behind
the scenes he’s like the ninja that gets stuff done. And the reason why I wanted
you here was for because all 4 of the things I me talked about today
you’re actually rocking in your own way. And the first one is becoming a business
owner versus an operator. Like when you first came on 6 years ago, I was that
80-100, 120-hour week guy that like… I was non-stop. And
you guys always made fun of me like, “Oh, Kris never sleeps. He’d send emails or
3:00 in the morning.” Like my brain just didn’t know how to turn off. And I went
to a Tony Robbins seminar where I felt like I got spanked. And he’s like, “Dude, if
you have achievement without fulfillment, you’re not happy. There’s no success.” And
I remember calling you up and basically saying, “Okay, Carson. On Monday, when I get
back in the office, I am firing myself. Write your acceptance speech because
you’re taking over everything and just do it way better than me.” -What’s funny
though is I had a very similar journey about the same time. Do you remember and
you first pitched me the idea of hiring some people in the Philippines to help
out with our video work? -I don’t remember. -You don’t… Okay. You don’t remember this
but it was really hard for me to like relinquish control because at the time, I
was editing, shooting all of our marketing content at the time.
-Carson kind of started out and kind of came on in like the video editor and all those
years ago. And now he’s like… -Like Monsters Inc. Started in the mailroom, worked their
way by the way up. -I want to say something on this. Like there’s nothing more than I
love than an underdog story. Because that’s exactly how my journey started
out. Underdog for me was this whole idea that no one believed in me. I was being
super aggressive. I wanted to do something that I didn’t even know if I
can do. And then the end, when I made it, it was just like, “Hey, I may not have the
degrees. I may not have you know, the things that you think I should have but
I have results.” And with that came respect and things shifted. And you know,
I’ve I found that with you. And if you’re watching this, I want you to know that
wherever you’re at, don’t limit yourself by your current career path or what
other people tell you that you can’t do. Really, we live
in a world today with technology, with so much opportunity. You can be and do
anything you want. And understand that when we talk about the there’s… And a
business owner and an operator, I’ve heard it said that business operators
get tired and business owners get rich. And since I’ve handed things off to you,
financially I’m actually significantly better off. But I’m actually working
less. So, the whole idea of delegation and you should always be training your
Protege. You should always be training someone that you believe can do the
business better than you. And if you don’t have that in your life right now,
then you’re confused. -Yeah. I was going to say it to any entrepreneurs out there or
entrepreneurs or anybody who wants to be the owner of something, you got to get it
out of the mindset of doing it alone. Like you. You give me tons of credit for
the success we’ve had over the past few years. And we’ve seen a lot of success.
But it’s not me, it’s not you it’s all of us together. It’s this idea of a team
effort because like you said, “There are times that if you take a day off, the
team continues working.” And so, when you have a team it’s just… It’s synergy.
You’re able to do so much more. -So, you needed insight up front that what you’re
going to do is that you’re going to be a business owner instead of an operator.
Because operators get tired and owners get rich. I wanted to kind of dive
around this next one. The second thing that you should do from what we’re
talking about here in this video is you totally need to focus on purchasing
assets that pay you money, right? So, you can reduce your expenses. Obviously, real
estate is a really awesome way to do this.
Carson actually… You’re accessing all of these different things.
-Yes. -After you were here for a short while and you got into your first deal,
right? -Yeah. Yes. We’re following your same path. We found a home that we could live
in the top, ran out the basement and the rent from the basement pretty much
covers your mortgage. -And my path, my wife and I were doing some math recently because
there’s like… There’s personal finance books that they recommend. Your
mortgage should be no more than 25% of your expenses each month. -Right. I guess my wife did the math and we’re about like 5%. -What’s up! -And I’m telling you…
-That means you can save like crazy. -That’s I was going to say, is we save money like crazy and we’re
actually shopping right now looking for our next house because we want do it again.
We’re not going to sell the asset when we move. We want it to work for
us. And it’ll probably, it’s going to cashflow something nice, Kris once we
move out. And then we’ll do it again, we’ll buy another house with a basement
apartment and we’ll have three rentals. So, your message, right? By assets that pay
you. Most people don’t do this. They’re busy put money in a 401k or IRA or the
stock market. None of these things pay you. By the way, if you want to touch them
or access the money out of them then you get spanked. You get penalized, you get
taxed. And so I’m like, “Dude, isn’t this just stupid? Like, if you save money then
shouldn’t you buy things that pay you so that you work less and make more?” I mean
that’s the title of the video is. And by the way, almost every day I’m
buying another property. And every property I buy, it adds to my net worth;
it increases my value and in many cases increases my cash flow where it gives me
more freedom. So, evaluate what you’re doing with your excess money. And you
should be purchasing cash flowing assets. If you’re buying an asset and it’s not
cash flowing, I call that gambling. Or some people would actually call that…
What do you call it when you buy something and only can make money that
goes up over time? -Yeah. -There’s a word for the that thing. But bottom line is
it’s not paying you, it’s just not worth it. -Even still with rentals though. I wouldn’t
discount the principle pay down. -No. -Because some people were like, I
think of my rental property as a piggy bank. -Yeah. -Like every month, we put money
in, right? And when the day comes that we sell it… -All comes back. -All that comes
back to you. Like none of it’s gone. And so to have a tenant who is putting money
into our piggy bank every month and then all that comes back to me. Like… -Yeah. -It’s
a no-brainer. -By the way, at the end of this video, if you want to learn more
about what we’re talking about on just item number 2 here, there’s this video
that I created that millions of people are ended up watching and it’s helped
create financial freedom for a lot of people. So, that videos going to appear up
here in the corner. Watch that it’ll actually take you through my journey of
how I became financially free. Retired, technically at the age of 26.
Then it got bored out of my mind, I started working again. Started working too
hard again. And then I was like, “Oh, retirement, financial freedom are not the
same thing.” -Well and you not being officially retired as blessed a lot of people. Me
among them. So, I’m grateful. -Alright. Kumbaya! Number 3, mindset. Okay,
this is going to seem a little bit weird. Make-more-work-less mindset. Carson, I
remember shortly after you came on board, you’re like, “Listen, I’m just the camera guy
but I’m actually going to try some of Kris’s mindset voodoo that I’ve been
recording in all of these events of his that I’ve been recording.” And I remember
when you set the goal to double your income and actually got curious whether
you could do it yourself. -Yeah. So, I watched a video of yours. It was actually
an audio training at the time that I was editing and you talked about your
experience where you just said, “I’m going to double my income and see what happens.”
And I sort of set that goal and just committed to do a really good job at
work and put in the time and effort and focus. And more importantly put in the
belief that it was possible. -Yeah. -And it was a year later, we did our taxes. And on
paper, I can show you I literally doubled my income. And it wasn’t… It wasn’t from
any one place. It wasn’t like some magic thing that happened. I got some bonuses
and some raises at work that was really well. And at the time I was doing
freelance video work. And it sort of gives you this… It’s this realization
that you’re like, “I have a lot of control over what I bring in depending on
how I leverage these different things.” -And here’s something that I want you to
be aware of: When you in your mind create absolute certainty around an idea, that’s
when this spiritual creation can start turning in from an ethereal place into a
material place. And you can actually see it starting to show it physically. Like
right now, we’re sitting in a multi-million dollar studio event center
that I have built. And it all started from an idea curiosity. I said, “Man, I’m sick
and tired of… I put on these life-changing events. I’m sick and tired
of renting out the Marriott and hotels and all that. I’m like… I just wish I had
my own place.” And then I thought about that more and I thought about it. And I
remember that nothing’s going to happen with a positive thought until you pour
faith in. There’s only one way to know whether you have faith. And that’s if
you’re putting an absolute certainty things. So, the moment I declared and said,
“This has happened, this is done. I’m going to have my own event center.” And I
actually woke up to that mindset then it’s sort of materializing. And so, you
know, if you want to double your income just by shifting your mindset… I always
find that doubling your income is actually… It’s a great way for most
people to start. Doesn’t matter how much money you make right now. Just imagine if
you could hold space to actually believe and develop certainty around an idea
that you’re doubling your income this year. -Well, let me ask you something Kris.
When you sat down and said I’m going to double my income, did you just sit at
home and say, “It’s coming. I’m going to double my income.” -No, no, no. This isn’t the secret movie where you just… -And even the secret movie I don’t think that was the message they were trying to portray. I think some people
interpreted it as, “This is magic.” -Right. -it’s not. -Because when you believe
it, when you believe and you’re like, “Oh, if I go out today I’m going to close
that deal.” Or “If I go out today, I’m going to find my next client.” -Yeah.
-It changes your whole approach, your whole confidence and that alone opens
doors that wouldn’t be open if you didn’t believe it was possible.
Most people let doors close and assume they’re not even there before they’ve
even given them a chance. -Well… And speaking of that, this is
actually what brings us to number 4. The fourth thing that I want to share
with you here is that if you actually… You know, the best tip I think I could
give you frankly on working less and making more is it comes down to your
standards. There are standards that govern our life. And the bottom line is
we get what we tolerate. And when you really start wrapping your mind around
that, like for like for just a moment, think about the last crappy thing that
happened to you that has happened before. Just for a moment. Think about the last
crappy thing that’s happening that’s actually happened before. Why does that
crappy thing pop up from time to time? Why does that happen? Even though
you don’t like it, even though you don’t want it; you tolerate it. So, guess what? It
gets to show up and it actually gets to be a part of your life. I’ve been messing
with this because I have had standards on my personal morals and ethics and
business. I’ve had him on what kind of husband and father that I want to be. But
I didn’t know that I could actually apply standards to business. And
once I started doing that, everything started changing. And the best way to
measure my standards in business when it comes to make more money and work less,
is I actually do a real simple calculation. For whatever activity I’m
doing, how much am I getting paid? And I started doing that. I started
playing this game. Now, by the way, my first year that I worked, I made like
less than $20,000 of my first full-time working year which was
more money than I’ve ever made but it was actually also disappointing because
it wasn’t enough to pay off my bills. And I tolerated that until I sell them that
a double my income. I’m going to raise my standard and then my income doubled, then
I doubled and then I doubled. You know, now, I make a lot of money and it all
comes down to the sciences standards. And so, I remember when I would do this…
One of my mentors… You know Ed Wyer. -Uh-huh. -I paid a million dollars to Ed
over those 7 years to teach me and mentor me. And one of the things that he
would do is he would laugh at me and make fun of me because I insisted before
a convention on making little PowerPoint slides. -Yeah. -And he’d always say, “Kris,
you can hire somebody to do that.” And I was so anally like, “I want all the
pixels to line up.” Like I just being so… Like in my way. -Going artist mode. -Like
the artist mode. -Instead of a business man. -Instead of business man.
And so, I was doing this thing and I was actually just talking Ed. He lives out
of state. But he was talking to me yesterday. I was just thinking. I said,
“Thank you for all the times that you harassed me because I finally years later
listened. And now, I know what every activity is worth.” And I’ve got a
standard. Like for me for some activities, I’ve got to get paid $2,000 an
hour or else I’m not doing it. I have other activities where I got to
get paid $10,000 an hour or I’m not doing it. So, here’s what it does: When you talk
about doors opening and closing and our mind, our perception and like take some
billions of bits of information every second. But the countless doors that are
available, the ones that we sieve are based on the ones that we tolerate. So, if
I have low expectations like in my mind, I’m like, “Ah! I just want to make 50 grand
a year as a business owner. Oh! I just want…” Guess what opportunities will
filter and come my way. The ones that will make 30, 40 50,
60 thousand dollars a year. But my standards can’t tolerate that. Like if I
do business and can’t make 50 grand in a week,
like… I get sick inside. So, now all the sudden when someone… I can hit up. Like
yesterday, someone reached out there like, “Hey, Kris. I wanted to introduce you to
this thing.” And I started looking into it. For like 30 seconds, I’m like, “No.” -Just
standard wouldn’t… -This doesn’t meet my standards. So, thank you for the offer.
I’m just going to say, this is the same principle is the reason that we don’t do
or don’t prescribe flips –fix and flips in our model of doing real estate.
Because usually someone will do a flip and their like, “I walked away with 20k in
cash. That’s awesome .”But if you ask them to do the math on the hours put in to
making that happen, it gets painful. And you star to
shift your standards. -Do you know what’s really funny about that? Like literally
today, I took a 5 minute drive to go look at a flip that I’m doing with my
brother. -Yeah. -And I’ve put one hour into it. I just got it funded, I’ll put
probably 30 more minutes into it. And I’ll make about 50 or 60 thousand dollars. But
there’s only one reason why I said “yes” to that. Because $60,000 divided by 2
hours is $30,000. That matches my standard. So, you need to know what your
standards are not just in money but in time. What is worth your time and what
is not? How many of us are you complaining about? It’s like, “I hate it
when I have to do this thing.” Can you delegate that? “Oh! This thing happening.”
And it’s like, “Dude, you keep getting and then whining and complaining and
reinforcing and putting attention on the one thing you don’t want in your life.
You need to shift your standard.” If you’re complaining about it, it is
beneath your standard. So, you know what? Do this: Make a list of the 5 top
things you complain about and then create a new standard that says, “I no
longer tolerate these things.” Then guess what? Your perception will change, your
opportunities will change. Now, you can make more money and be more effective. -And my
guess, there’s another factor in that and this idea of delegating. And that is that
most people start to feel guilty. -Yeah. -Like I’m delegating the things I don’t
want to do. That means I’m not a good business owner. I just say “rethink that”.
Because what is your highest and best use as the business owner? And to make smart
decision, snot necessarily be in the weeds. -I just
had this conversation 2 days ago with a very respectable businessman who has a
lot of pain in his life right now because the amount of
workload that he has and he’s trying to train people to do some of his stuff. And
it’s just painful. He’s like, “I give up. I’m just gonna do it myself.”
And you know what? You need to understand that the difference between a business
owner and an operator is that an operator used to work for somebody else,
went out on their own and now they’re working likely harder than they were
before. Because business owner has more responsibilities. And you have to create
this idea that says, “I’m going to become a business owner which means I’m going to
hand everything off. And I’m going to make the money. I’m going to take the risks.
And if I hire a really great team…” You like.. For example right now what am I…
This is a little tip gold nugget for you is if you’re a business owner, if you’re
not satisfied with your results; I want you to ask. How are you paying your
people? And are you buying good talent or you buying cheap talent? Because cheap
talent means that you’re paying for their learning curve. And by a good
talent means that they come in as the expert knowing how to serve create and
build. -And a good talent solves problems before it even gets to you. -So true. So
true. -So, my friends. Today, these were 4 secret tips. Dude, Carson. Thank you for
being here bro. Appreciate you. Dude, this man is living it in his life. So, running the
companies. This guy’s not working really hard but he has his team he’s delegated
to. He gets financially rewarded for that, he’s purchasing assets they’re producing
cash flow for him. You’ve built the mindset where you’ve been able to grow
your income. Dude, you’re living and breathing this. So, thank you for being
on the camera to share your perspective on that. So awesome, super valid. For the rest
of you that are like, “Okay, Kris. I do want to make more money with less time. What do I
do?” I created a video just for you. In fact,
it’s popping up right over here. I want me to click and watch this video.
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