Making Eye Contact with People then Locking My Car Door

american alligators right there he has like a maggot hat on work he's obese alligator hat on Merc because of all the hunters they have a sign facing the other way that says beware of humans and it's like us with a gun then here it's like no and it's showing like activities that alligators engage in and says no sunbathing no no death rolls I met this girl at the gym DMD on Instagram in her profile it said that she was an equestrian and an animal lover so I said oh that's cool you're in a question so you only eat horses but she literally she didn't respond for like like three or four day and then the next picture she posts is her like petting her horse talking about how much like she loves her horse and I was thinking a commenting mmm like the fork and Nagi excuse me I don't know I don't have my calculator to figure out my tip off anymore I was wondering what's up what's 3% of 23:46 what is what person do you know what 3% of this is 3% yeah I just don't have my calculator up I was 21 I know sixty cents oh three percent yeah that's what it is sixty cents yeah okay all right thank you three percent okay appreciate Robert come playin with you now he's gettin with it you're like you guys can leave okay that's a better plan when I'm in the crowd and there's a speaker on stage I'm really bad with public listening I get anxiety so bad oh dear it's gone yeah I was actually there this is a dear we ran into a deer when we're walking like [Laughter] there was two girls and I then when I went to look it's just so growing on a hamburger one of them I guess turned into a hamburger or something Oh women are so unpredictable one minute she's a girl that she's the handbag one thing was that I didn't I didn't do it like all this isn't gonna be a funny thing I'm going to do like I know you notice yourself doing it yeah it's you gotta take it more like like a figure eight almost it's me time today we were just in the store and got some new shoes okay we get it you have nice ones too okay Wow it's just so good I got like the totally wrong size because I haven't bought them in years it's like it's like little kids because last time I bought them I was a five they're nice I like them I'm Way faster now hey oh my speed went up fuck your stats increased on speed yeah well then they go down an agility cuz the wrong shoes by oh I'm out of breath I'm not impressed this is literally a brand new mop bucket instead of thrown in the dumpster I figure we'll just set it next to their dirty mop bucket whatever gave them everything brand-new mop bucket and mop I don't know I guess it's better than just throwing the dumpster you're welcome business welcome direct we're gonna rent a car we're waiting on the rent a car or we're writing on the salesman the car renter my associate Oh feels good it's Chris would say we're here it feels good busy okay no worries take Tom big people are out okay for uh he started that breath no it's the Roman oh so none no it's these ten oh yes honey I thought view is 5x is 10x existential no we don't have reservation we have some reservations about renting alright yeah we're not sure if we want to Keith Keith paperwork in the keys you just let me do it like it looks like an idiot he just wanted me to look like an absolute fool yeah calm down Dave dude who's a reaction yeah he helped me out it's really hot out so I brought my car door so I could roll the window down we're gonna leave this here while we go look for people because it's way too freakin heavy well we got a lock it make sure it's locked yeah we don't wanna break in that Bella what's your name I thought I locked my door how'd you get in my car where you'd lunch and this homeless people come up to us and they're like you guys have any extra change like hello do you see my car you really think I have any extra money this is obviously the car we were rented I didn't this is my car it's the rental companies car it's Chris's car oh this isn't mine it's Christmas I wasn't one of you guys that think I'm cool it's that between 3:15 and three and 3:30 is when it's gonna rain looks like it's about to be true so we had a small window of opportunity to record that locking the door pranking and what do you know it the forecast in Florida was right for once in my entire life well I guess it's gonna come this way and then be like maybe I shouldn't we put an engine on shopping cart that'd be awesome bring it to a store take it to the mechanic it's like I need to go grocery shopping this weekend I gotta get it fixed so I can't haven't been able to go grocery shopping for like two weeks it's a gas powered shopping cart we take you in the store and go shopping they probably mmediately chicken salad truck it's so funny to try you're gonna go on a date here soon Cole finally found a girl I wanted to put lipstick on a pig for so long dude it's a great car when I walked on a lot I knew instantly I was like that's definitely the one that caught my eye you know it's like a chrome lock compared to the other ones we're like black and they kind of blended in with the rest of the car this one just stood out an inch inch and a half tall and then that's the sound it makes listen hold on enough listen the sound yeah we wanted the most basic car on the lot but the only car there that had this lock that was like the most visible was this Challenger so I had to get it dude like it's a joke but it's not a joke we'll stop somewhere you gotta go really bad yeah hey what do you know Chris is doing think'll you can call him fear by the Dozen colas sneezer body doesn't that's pure by the dozens my name is Chris I like to pee and think of good ideas then pee some more I have another one I say when he's not around my name is Chris oh is Pete it's so annoying and I hate him I mean I hate myself all right spot brain we gotta go talk to you later

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