Making IT good for society

we've got a vision and it's big as it should be we're here to make IT good for society it's what it says in our Royal Charter and it's why we exist and everything that we do has to drive that forward so how do we turn that vision into reality we bring people together we bring communities together and we help them play a leadership role to make IT good for society as we've gone out and talk to our members about that new purpose and that refreshed vision we've generated a new sense of excitement and expectation of what we're going to be doing together because our members are at the heart of this are members of the people who have the power across the UK and the world to affect real change only if they work together only if they work knowing that this shared purpose is what's driving all of us together so we're setting out for challenges with goals where we think that society needs something from this community so for education will be giving every child the opportunity to study computing and an exposure to computational thinking that will equip them for the digital society they'll be living in it on Health and Social Care we're going to be bringing people together to create an environment that's centred around individual to not organisations to address one of the biggest social problems that our country faces we're going to be making sure that personal data works for people and for our society as well as organisations so that everyone can benefit from it on capability we're going to be looking at what people need in order to really make IT work for every part of society but we're just getting started this is a journey that's just begun it's a journey we need to go on together we've shown with RIT impact debates that we can bring together our members experts people from all walks of life to look at problems in new ways we don't just want to inform people we don't just want to inspire them we want to send them back into their workplaces in their communities doing things differently and thinking differently when our BTS voices initiative we want to take those debates and go wherever members are we want to give people the tools and the support to deliver those events to have it ran a kitchen table in a pub in a cafe in the local canteen not only with other IT professionals but with people who are in the community with something to share because ultimately what we want to do is take those thoughts take those ideas and use them with the power of a chartered organization to change the course of governments to change how organizations work together to change the profession get all of it working better for society so this is your chance your chance to get involved to lead the debate to lead the communities to set the agenda and together to make IT good for society

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