Making of “The Hope in Healthy Soil” Video Series

the hope for healthy soil campaign has been one of the biggest projects I've been on every day we're learning more about our living and life-giving soil I totally feel comfortable with USDA and promoting their cause and I really hope that this project is going to you know bring a lot more awareness to the hope and healthy soil and just the hope of the world changing for it I'm Courtney I'm the film volunteer hi my name's be a red man I am an anime or an earth team volunteer my name is Phillip ill and I work with the nrcs earth team we've just completed a video project combining animation in the live video and utilizing the skills and the volunteer services of a couple of animators and a filmmaker who we recruited into the earth team volunteer program it's provided great skills that we don't have in-house and opportunities for the volunteers themselves to get experience in an office are working on a professional product like the hope and healthy soil 03 that we just have completed here I didn't think I'm a new a light went into the planted seeds and things I didn't know to the damaging of the soil so principal that can help better grow things I think the most challenging had to be coming up with it creatively because you can you say to your mind but I actually putting it down on video happy one first happy want to see as you as you doing so that was that was challenging but it was fun though because it was a good challenge I like design things it's been an awesome experience and I worked with really great animators and they knew what they were doing and you know the it was so awesome plugging in their animations and then looking through so much footage that was clue and you know all the other videographers of you know NRCS had for us this was a little very learning experience generally I would recommend anyone to come to NRCS this just taken started getting some experience in their creative field and it was it was a great opportunity to actually work on a very on a big project I'm very enthusiastic about the earth team volunteer program and happy to have work with these students in particular and looking forward to seeing the impact of this project as we go for it I'm totally one of those people now is like you know we hold our living soil let it live and you know support USDA so it'll be great and I really hope everybody can watch it you you

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  • Thank You for all your hard work and efforts. The quality of your work was very professional and I now have a far greater understanding of soil. I hope to see many more…

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